JWA Patch Notes 2.14: QOL Updates

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Explorers! Patch Notes for Update 2.14 are here and as always we have all the coverage on everything. This update is dubbed the Imperatosuchus Update, and we have the info on that as well as other new features summed up for you here. These are the things designed to improve Quality of Life within the game!

Stat Boost Tokens

Perhaps the most anticipated addition this update is that of Stat Boost Tokens. Boost shuffles and resets are distant memories an replaced with this new concept. What we find extra interesting is the notes specify these are here "for a limited time". We don't know exactly what this means but we speculate this means it's more of an experiment at this time. Does this mean a possible return of boost shuffle or reset events? Unfortunately, Ludia's lips are tightly sealed on this matter, so we can only wait and see.

How will these work? As was already announced and discussed here, a single token can be used to revert all applied Health, Attack, or, Speed boosts on a creature with no refund penalty. It does not matter if you have 1 or 20 of that enhancement, it will cost you 1 full token to refund them all without penalty. For now, tokens will only be available as Alliance Championship rewards (starting from a specific tier) but will not be available with every AC.

There will be a limit of ONE of each type of token stored in your inventory. Fear not, you are able to hoard unlimited Tokens in your mailbox, and you will not be lose any tokens by collecting them when your inventory is full. Those that exceed the cap will go straight to your Inbox. They do carry an expiration time of 30 days, so be sure to use them before time's up! 

Stat Boost Tokens

New Achievements

As has become the norm with updates, we will receive some new Achievements to pursue. These are as follows:

  • Nocturnal Playdate – This is a puzzle achievement! It's objective will remain hidden until it's completed
  • Legendary Flock Victory - This is a puzzle achievement! It's objective will remain hidden until it's completed
  • Sky Snake Fusion - Fuse to create 500 or more DNA for this hybrid: Troodoboa
  • Patient Mentor - Have 1 Recruit complete relationship Milestone 7
  • Mentor of Champions - Have 3 Recruits complete relationship Milestone 7

It's been awhile since we had new puzzle achievements and will be fun to discover what each is. Nocturnal Playdate has the feel of possibly Playing with a specific creature or perhaps any that are night only. Legendary Flock Victory seems to be either defeat something with a Legendary Flock or could be to defeat a Legendary Flock with a particular creature or move. Or we could be way off in our guesses, as you never know with Ludia!

Other Improvements

Recruit a Friend Improvements

Probably one of the least used parts of the game, Recruit a Friend receives new rewards and Achievements this update. The links to recruit will also be usable by multiple players rather than just one.

New Creature Rotations

The new Epic Anurognathus will join the Event Exclusive club, so we'll need to keep our eye out for special events to collect this DNA. This also implies the new Unique Ardontognathus will be a future Alliance Championship reward being comprised of an Exclusive component. The new Rare Preondactylus will be available in the wild, though you'll need to stay tuned to our Spawn Guide to find out where (because we don't know until the update is live). 

Bug Fixes & Known Issues

The below information is straight from the notes. It's nice to see some bugs fixed and also to know they continue to work on others!

About 110 of those pesky bugs have been squashed for 2.14! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • Roar’s attack buff duration should now match it’s description in the PvP context.
  • Course 22 Mission 2 INTERMEDIATE special mission Replaced a new special objective to not take more than 5000 damage and win. Course 18 Chapter Swap Prevention Mission 2 INTERMEDIATE will now have Use Group takedown 2 times.
  • Albertospinos boss’s ability Evasive Group Wounding impact dodges at 100% and damage of 66% instead of 100%.
  • Loading of the Achievement screen improved to prevent freezes.

We’re currently working on solutions for the following known issues:

  • The Progression Info cards available after a level up in the News tab of the mail are only available after the next time the game is launched
  • The tooltip stats information is not updated as soon as the associated buff/debuff has ended during a Raid.
  • Apple device players may receive offline / push notifications while online.
  • Raid invite push notifications are only in English.
  • Icons and buttons are all displayed on screen after a drone session or opening incubators on a 1 gig Apple device.
  • Expired DNA Donation Requests Remain in Alliance Chat.

Parting Words

This update sure looks to bring some nice new features. We especially look forward to the Stat Boost Tokens. What do you think about the new features? join our Discord server and let us know!

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