JWA News Update: Next Hybrid Pursuit, Giga Scent Update, Spawn Rotations, and Tier List 2.0 Information

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Hello, Explorers! We are now in a new season, in week 2 of the new update and it looks like things have started to settle down a little bit. There was an issue with Instant Invincibility moves when the new season launched, but they got that patched pretty quickly. The next season and championship was announced and we can look forward to Haast Eagle rewards for the arena and a Quetzorion Championship. The first tournament for the Championship began today with and Epic and Common skills tournament. We will have 5 tournements this month so hopefully more alliances will have a chance at a higher tier reward. 

In other JWA news, the next hybrid pursuit has been announced, there was an update to Giga Scents, there was an update about Spawns, and we have some news about the 2.0 Tier List! So Let's get to it. 

Next Hybrid Pursuit

We are finally done with the pursuits for the 1.12 hybrids so now we we on to the 1.13 creatures. Starting next week we will have 3 weeks of pursuit for Testacornibus according to an in game infographic. 

Testa Pursuit

This is a pretty exciting pursuit as Nasutoceratops is exclusive, and the other 2 components, Eucladoceros and Carbonemys, are global epics that can be difficult to specifically hunt for. We should see Nasuto and Carbo the next 2 weeks but we don't know the exact order yet. Usually the pursuit goes in order from left to right based on the image above, so we are assuming we will be seeing Nasuto next week. So make sure to get out there and stock up as you might not get a chance to dart it again any time soon! 

Giga Scent Update

Giga scents were introduced in the game back in March as a response to the global pandemic everyone was experiencing. They were only supposed to be around for a shot time, but Ludia has been extending them every few weeks as they realized that COVID doesn't seem to be going anyhwere anytime soon. The last deadline was supposed to be on July 31st but there was another announcment about extension, this time it has been extended until further notice. The forum post states:

Hello fellow DPG members,

We hope everyone is staying safe during this time. As we have previously mentioned, Jurassic World Alive is adjusting the game to make your playing experience a good one from home. Here are some of the new changes:

  • The Treasure Chases have been replaced with a weekly Rare reward available to all players. Check your in-game mail on Saturdays for your weekly surprise!
  • We have increased the drone range for everyone to make creature collecting easier. It’s increased to 200m for Non VIP players and to 266m for VIP players. This range extension will be valid until further notice.
  • The Giga Scent and the Pile of Darts offers that we added last week will also remain valid until until further notice.

Happy playing!

In addition to the Giga scents being extended, the weekly incubators we receive on Fridays will be Rare incubators instead of the rotating ones we had previously. While we are dissapointed we won't see any premium or epic incubators in our inbox any time soon, we are excited about the Giga scents. It's a great way to farm DNA when you can't get out of the house. We will make sure to keep you updated if an end date is ever announced regarding these extra in game perks. 

Spawn Rotation Information

When we looked at the spawn mechanics for Update 2.0 we were so excited to find out that zones had actually rotated as that is something we have been asking for in the game for a while. We enjoyed our new local zones until the new season started on August 3rd and then everything seemed to go back to "normal". Later this week, Ludia made an announcement that the zone rotation was, in fact intentional and something they plan to continue. Here is the full announcement:

Hello DPG members,

As you know, since the release of Raids, we’ve been hard at work addressing the different issues that were reported by our community after the launch of the 2.0 Update.

While working on those fixes, we’ve also been paying attention to your feedback and saw that you really missed the regular rotation of creatures on the map. While we had planned to release this in our next Update, it unintentionally found itself in one of the bug fixes.

This feature is intended to rotate local creature spawns on the first Monday of every Month, which is why you noticed the change yesterday, the first Monday of August. The next rotation will happen on the first Monday of September.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope that you’ll like this new feature.

Happy playing!

That means the zone you are currently in now is going to change on September 7th to a different zone. The creatures in each zone will not rotate (unless they do another migration in a patch), but you will see different creatures every month. This is exciting news and will really help  those that might still be stuck at home. For a full list of all the creatures available in all the zone, make sure to check out our spawn guide. 

Tier List 2.0

We have had a LOT of questions about Tier List 2.0. How it's going to be organized, when it's going to be done, and if we have even started on it yet. We wanted to clear up some of those questions and set some expectations for Tier List 2.0.

First of all, we have decided on a format and how we will be ranking creatures. Since 2.0 is such a big update, we are pretty much starting from scratch and forgetting about any placements prior to this. We are going to take this opportunity to complete rethink how we do the tier list. That means it is not going to be the same list we have produced all the patched prior to this. We can't go into any more details right now, but we can tell you that it will be multiple lists and we are taking raids and arena into consideration. 

Because this is such a big update, this list could still take a while. We are working on plans on the best and most efficient way to complete it, but remember we now have 210 creatures we have to place and that takes some time. We are going to try and get it out as soon as possible, but have a little patience with us as we work through it. If you are waiting to boost based on the list, you might be a while. 

If you have any thoughts on the tier list or placements, make sure to head on over to our discord where we have a channel dedicated to tier list discussion among our members.

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Below is our code for this week. It will be active until Sunday, August 9th at 12 PM EDT

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Wrap Up

It's been a busy week and we are excited to produce more content and articles related to Update 2.0. With a new update, and a new season the arena still seems a bit crazy so try and be patient as everyone settles and finds their place. Make sure to join our discord for all things JWA and chat with the largest JWA community out there! 

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