1.8 Updates - Sanctuaries and Season Trophies

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1.8 Updates

1.8 has only been out for less than a week, but there have already been some changes to a couple of the features (whether intended or not). Specifically, we have received some updates regarding Sanctuaries as well as the Seasons Trophy system. 

Sharing Sanctuaries with your alliance

In or original article regarding sanctuaries (see link below), and in the original post on the Ludia forums, it was indicated that a player must place a dino locally in a sanctuary to continue sharing that sanctuary with their alliance. There was a lot of confusion around the feature of sharing sanctuaries and alliances were scrambling to try and coordinate between their members to maximize rewards. In a tweet today, Ludia said they pushed some tweaks to make it easier to share sanctuaries with your alliance. Now, anyone that places a dino in a santuary will automatically re-set the 24 hour timer. It does NOT have to be the person that originally started the sanctuary. They have updated their forum post to reflect these changes. 

Trophy Grace Period

In addition to the sanctuary change, it seems like there has been a change to the trophy system for the seasons. In our article regarding seasons (see link below) we reported that there would be a 50 trophy "grace period" between arenas. It seems that feature is not working correctly as people are getting knocked down to a lower arena if they fall 1 trophy below. They reported they are aware of this discrepency, but aren't sure yet if it will be fixed before this season end. The post on tournaments on the forums is now updated now to reflect this new information as well. 

In Conclusion

We will keep you updated as we get more information about these 2 features (specifically the trophy one) or any other changes that might come. Join our discord for up to date information!

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