Jurassic World Alive Celebration Tournament

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Celebration Tournament

Ludia announced another tournament slated for this weekend. It’s called the Celebration Tournament and it will run from Friday, July 5th to Monday July 8th. This tournament is separate from the regular season going on right now (see link below for information on seasons). 

Requirements and Prizes

This tournament will be limited to common, rare, and legendary dinos. This is not skill based, so the dinos will be the level you have them at and boosts will be enabled. The entry fee is 10 in game Hard Cash (HC). 

The rewards are based on rank and if you can at least place in the top 20,000 (which is very doable in my opinion) you’ll get your entry fee back and then some. If you are able to place in at least the top 500 you will get an incubator along with a cash and coin prize. Top prize will receive 10,000 HC, 500,000 coins and a Premium Incubator! Here is a full list of prizes.

tournament rewards

Dinos to Use

You have a wide variety of dinos to choose from this time around, but you are most likely going to see Legendary dinos being used. Especially unique hybrid components as those have to be at level 20. Expect to see a lot of boosted Dracoceratops running around (check out our guide below on good ways to deal with DC). Other good options include Monostegotops, Utasinoraptor, Stegodeus, and Tragodistis. Those are more likely to be levelled and boosted compared to some of the other legendaries available. 

Of course with boosts enabled, it all depends on what you have on your team. You should play what works best for you based on level and what typed of boosts you have invested. But, even running a team of all level 15-20 legendaries should give you a good chance to get ranked in the top 20,000 to gain a little bit of HC. Just don’t forget to change your team back up before you head back in the arena! 

In Conclusion

This is the first tournament of 1.8 so we are excited to see how it goes.The new tournament was announced in game at the reset time, but the forum post is currently hidden and we don’t see it in the game anymore. We will keep you updated if there are any changes! Also check out our Discord for team help and discussion on what dinos will work best!

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