Jurassic World Alive: NEW Tier List (Update 1.9)

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Tier List Preface

Explorers! After many hours of hard work and heated debates, we’ve finally got the 1.9 Tier List ready for you. We are extremely excited to get this list published for you guys. But before we get into it, we want to thank everybody who was involved in making the Tier List, because it was an enormous group effort.

From GamePress: Bbell99, Castal, Chrispychris27, CincyD99, DadJokes, Ethan, Heather, Jimbohi, Kelociraptor, MypNN, Somerandompoke, Steph, The AquaDemon, Thedqk, Bart, Dr. Reebecca, Piere87 and MNBrian

From Apex Predators: IDGT902, King Dreadnaught, Legomin1314 and Practicekat

And of course, a special shout out to Matt from the JWA Field Guide for assisting us with his awesome Battle Simulator and to our incredible artist Orange Rex for creating those wonderful Tier List infographics you can find a bit lower in the article!

Once again, it is a real process to undertake a Tier List, especially with 20+ people working on it! However, we all agree that this Tier List is as accurate as it can be. We’re all pretty sure we got every placement right. And trust us, there has been a lot of discussion on some dinosaurs! Looking at you Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex and Dracoceratops!

How do we determine the tier list?

Our Tier List is based on even levels and no boosts taken into account. This is a very important piece of information, because eventually, you’ll be at a point in the game where you’ll get your dinosaurs to Level 30, and boosts will be maxed out too (even if it is in a couple of years). So this is also why our Tier List is so important: to find the best creatures to invest in for your endgame team.

This also means rarity is not taken into consideration when discussing the tier list. Spawns change. Arena exclusives become not so exclusive. And now sanctuaries even opens up a new world of possibilities for people to attain DNA that was previously impossible to get outside of featured dinosaurs or incubators.

Our tier list is based on discussion and matchups. We run hundreds of friendly battles on our own, determining what is working and what isn't. We have a comprehensive combat simulator created by the JWA Field Guide that helps us see how every single creature stacks up against every single other creature and we run every 1v1 matchup 4000 times. 

But this is not a simulation tier list. If it were, we'd have it ready for you on patch day. This is a tier list that 20+ wonderfully talented and intelligent individuals have discussed a lot on to get to the bottom of each creature, using ALL information at our disposal (friendly battles, simulation results, our own arena experiences, etc).

The dilemmas we had to face

As you will see soon, there have been some serious changes at the top of the Tier List. Please take into account that these decisions were not taken lightly. Our entire team has discussed every dinosaur on the top of the Tier List, and we are certain that the placement we gave them are considered valid. So for example, Thoradolosaur and Dracoceratops have received their spots based on everything: discussions, Friendly Battles, Simulators. The whole bunch. There have been some big changes, but we are certain that these changes are the changes that we needed to make. That being said, here are some of the hottest debates we had to face!

  • Tenontorex and Thoradolosaur: These two chompers were greatly affected by the rise of the Immune Sauropods and the various Immunities that were introduced. However, they still are solid powerhouses that definitely deserve a spot on your team. So we had some serious discussions about these two and where they were placed.
  • Dracoceratops: This little vermin has always been a hot debate on the Tier List discussions, and this time was no different. The rise of some Armored creatures and High Health pools make Dracoceratops a bit less effective in its role than it used to. Still, this little rat has the capability of taking out a dinosaur before you can do anything about it. So it was definitely a hot debate to say the least.
  • Pretty much the entire Tyrant Tier had to be re-evaluated with this meta change. And spoiler alert: there have been some major changes. However, we decided to not put a tier in between Tyrant and High Apex to fit some old Tyrants in there. This is because we believe that the Tier List is based on usefulness, and that in each Tier you have different levels of usefulness. As an example: We got Quetzorion in High Apex, but Grypolyth is also in High Apex. Both are very different creatures that you might not have any problem with yourself. However, both are very useful in their own role, and that is why they are in High Apex. We believe that the Tyrant Tier is pretty much the best of the best in the game, and we wanted to keep that tier exclusive by not splitting it into a High and Low Tyrant, or putting a new tier between the two.

Where We Go From Here

We will try and add explanations to each placement, later on, to further explain our choices. We will also be releasing Counter Guides to some of the higher-ranked dinosaurs. Yay for the return of Counter Guides! We will incorporate our Battle Simulator results into them to truly determine the best counters! We will also release another Community Tier List again in the future, so keep your eyes peeled on that one! For now, take a look at our OFFICIAL 1.9 Tier List!

Tier List Images

Back again, we’ve added the Tier List Infographics. We want to thank our wonderful artist Orange Rex once again for creating these awesome infographics! Check ‘em out!

Tyrant 1.9
Apex 1.9
Alpha 1.9
Beta 1.9
Survivor 1.9
Scavenger 1.9
Hatchling 1.9
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