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Explorers! We are excited to bring you the 1.12 community tier list results! We did things a little differently this time around. Instead of doing the community tier list vote after we had released our official one, we had you vote at the same time as we were working on ours! This was to help get a real view on where the community thinks creatures should fall without the bias of our list already being published. We also did not disclose these results or use them during our discussions so we wouldn't be biased either. Make sure you click the link below to read up on how our tier list discussions went. 

1.12 Community Tier List

The idea behind the community tier list is another way for you to show your thoughts on where you think creatures should fall. We love our community and we love the opinions you have. We can't let everyone actually participate in the official discussions so this is our way of letting you voice those opinions. We appreciate every person who completed the survey and we also read every comment that was made. 

As mentioned above, we actually had you vote at the same time that we were discussing ours. We also changed things up this time around as we decided to split Tyrant tier into High and Low Tyrant so everything that was Tyrant needed a new spot. Most people didn't vote on anything past the Apex tiers so we aren't going to include Alpha in the list below (even though it was in the survey). So without further ado, here are the top Tyrant and Apex tiers for 1.12 according to the community! 

Community Tier List - High Tyrant

Dinosaur Community Voted Tier Percent Vote GP 1.12 Tier
Ardentismaxima High Tyrant 87.50% High Tyrant
Erlidominus High Tyrant 54.90% Low Tyrant
Geminititan High Tyrant 86.10% High Tyrant
Indoraptor Gen 2 High Tyrant 81.50% High Tyrant
Magnapyritor High Tyrant 49.00% Low Tyrant
Smilonemys High Tyrant 58.70% High Tyrant
Trykosaurus High Tyrant 64.00% Low Tyrant

Community Tier List - Low Tyrant

Dinosaur Community Voted Tier Percent Vote GP 1.12 Tier
Entelomoth Low Tyrant 40.00% High Tyrant
Grypolyth Low Tyrant 54.30% Low Tyrant
Mammotherium Low Tyrant 57.10% Low Tyrant
Phorusaura Low Tyrant 65.30% Low Tyrant
Procerathomimus Low Tyrant 49.70% Low Tyrant
Quetzorion Low Tyrant 51.30% Low Tyrant

Community Tier List - High Apex

Dinosaur Community Voted Tier Percent Vote GP 1.12 Tier
Carnotarkus High Apex 76.20% High Apex
Diloracheirus High Apex 59.30% Mid Apex
Diorajasaur High Apex 60.50% High Apex
Dsungaia High Apex 70.10% High Apex
Erlikospyx High Apex 54.50% High Apex
Indominus Rex High Apex 67.80% High Apex
Indominus Rex Gen 2 High Apex 78.50% Low Tyrant
Indoraptor High Apex 54.70% High Apex
Monostegotops High Apex 63.90% High Apex
Pterovexus High Apex 68.50% High Apex
Spinoconstrictor High Apex 43.20% Mid Apex
Tenontorex High Apex 62.30% High Apex
Thoradolosaur High Apex 51.10% High Apex
Thylacotator High Apex 62.10% High Apex
Tryostronix High Apex 69.20% High Apex
Tuoramoloch High Apex 51.00% Mid Apex
Utarinex High Apex 65.30% Mid Apex
Utasinoraptor High Apex 67.80% Mid Apex

Community Tier List - Mid Apex

Dinosaur Community Voted Tier Percent Vote GP 1.12 Tier
Alankylosaurus Mid Apex 69.80% Mid Apex
Alloraptor Mid Apex 59.70% High Apex
Allosinosaurus Mid Apex 84.20% Mid Apex
Ardontosaurus Mid Apex 57.60% High Apex
Bajatonodon Mid Apex 64.70% Mid Apex
Brontolasmus Mid Apex 73.50% Mid Apex
Carbotoceratops Mid Apex 72.20% Mid Apex
Dilophoboa Mid Apex 51.70% High Alpha
Diloranosaurus Mid Apex 85.20% Mid Apex
Diplovenator Mid Apex 77.00% Mid Apex
Dracoceratops Mid Apex 51.10% Mid Apex
Edmontoguanodon Mid Apex 76.50% Low Apex
Megalogaia Mid Apex 31.70% Low Apex
Megalosuchus Mid Apex 64.70% Low Apex
Purutaurus Mid Apex 45.70% Low Apex
Sarcorixis Mid Apex 50.40% High Apex
Skoolasaurus Mid Apex 71.30% Mid Apex
Smilocephalosaurus Mid Apex 73.70% Mid Apex
Spinotasuchus Mid Apex 75.70% Mid Apex
Stegodeus Mid Apex 75.70% Low Apex
Stygidaryx Mid Apex 50.80% Mid Apex
Suchotator Mid Apex 74.30% Mid Apex
Tragodistis Mid Apex 77.90% Mid Apex
Tyrannolophosaur Mid Apex 75.00% Mid Apex

Community Tier List - Low Apex

Dinosaur Community Voted Tier Percent Vote GP 1.12 Tier
Allosaurus Gen 2 Low Apex 78.00% Low Apex
Ankyntrosaurus Low Apex 82.50% Low Apex
Carbonemys Low Apex 58.30% Low Apex
Diplodocus Low Apex 80.20% Low Apex
Erlikogamma Low Apex 66.70% Low Apex
Gigaspikasaur Low Apex 82.50% Low Apex
Monolorhino Low Apex 61.90% Low Apex
Paramoloch Low Apex 68.50% Low Apex
Scaphotator Low Apex 74.60% Low Apex
Woolly Mammoth Low Apex 73.00% Low Apex

Contested Creatures

In our normal tier list, we pull the results and look more closely at the dinos that did not get a 65% majority vote. Those dinos would be considered "contested" and we would put them up for discussion. Then all 30+ people involved in the tier list would discuss why they thought dinos should be in a specific tier. According to the community, the following dinos would be on our "contested list" and would be up for discussion. 

Contested Dino Majority Voted Tier Next Highest Voted Tier
Erlidominus High Tyrant (54.9%) Low Tyrant (41.2%)
Magnapyritor High Tyrant (49%) Low Tyrant (47%)
Smilonemys High Tyrant (58.7%) Low Tyrant (34.7%)
Trykosaurus High Tyrant (64%) Low Tyrant (32%)
Entelomoth Low Tyrant (40%) High Apex (32.4%)
Grypolyth Low Tyrant (54.3%) High Tyrant (28.5%)
Mammotherium Low Tyrant (57.1%) High Tyrant (30.6%)
Phorusaura Low Tyrant (65.3%) High Tyrant (21.3%)
Procerathomimus Low Tyrant (49.7%) High Tyrant (29.8)
Quetzorion Low Tyrant (51.3%) High Tyrant (42%)
Diloracheirus High Apex (59.3%) Mid Apex (30.3%)
Diorajasaur High Apex (60.5%) Low Tyrant (31.3%)
Erlikospyx High Apex (54.5%) Low Tyrant (31.3%)
Indoraptor High Apex (54.7%) Low Tyrant (32.4%)
Monostegotops High Apex (63.9%) Mid Apex (25%)
Spinoconstrictor High Apex (43.2%) Low Tyrant (32.2%)
Tenontorex High Apex (62.3%) Low Tyrant (17.8%)
Thoradolosaur High Apex (51.1%) Mid Apex (34.5%)
Thylacotator High Apex (62.1%) Low Tyrant (17.2%)
Tuoramoloch High Apex (51%) Mid Apex (35.9%)
Alloraptor Mid Apex (59.7%) High Apex (36%)
Ardontosaurus Mid Apex (57.6%) High Apex (36.7%)
Bajatonodon Mid Apex (64.7%) High Apex (24.3%)
Dilophoboa Mid Apex (51.7%) High Apex (23.4%)
Dracoceratops Mid Apex (51.1%) Low Apex (28.5%)
Megalogaia Mid Apex (31.7%) Low Apex (29%)
Megalosuchus Mid Apex (64.7%) Low Apex (27.2%)
Purutaurus Mid Apex (45.7%) Low Apex (44.1%)
Sarcorixis Mid Apex (50.4%) Low Apex (31.8%)
Stygidaryx Mid Apex (50.8%) Low Apex (23.8%)
Carbonemys Low Apex (58.3%) Mid Apex (32.3%)
Monolorhino Low Apex (61.9%) Mid Apex (21.4%)

Breaking down the Dinos

Based on the list above, we would normally put these up for discussion and spend a lot of time trying to figure out where they should go. Sometimes they stayed and sometimes they moved. Obviously we can't get all of you together to discuss all of them, but we will acknowledge that there are some dinos that you think need to be moved. 

And if you notice, many of the creatures you didn't agree with, were ones that we spent a LOT of time talking about. Things like Tuoramoloch, Utarinex, Utasinoraptor, and we can't forget Thor. It looks like you agreed with the democratic majority on Thor being High Apex, however. The community Mid Apex tier was also quite large. We actually did a total re-work of that tier and had multiple votes and discussions on it, so that is why you see so many differences in it. 

Other notable creatures are the new hybrids such as Spinoconstrictor and Dilophoboa. We placed them much lower than the community voted for. And there are still discussions on our discord about Spinocontrictor in particular. While we like the idea of these new hybrids, in most cases they were too situational to be effective in a majority of matchups. Dilophoboa, in particular, was very disappointing in the friendly battles we ran and just dies way too easily. We hope the snake hybrids get some reworks to make them more viable in the arena, but right now we just don't see them as high as you put them.  

It's also important to note that the official GamePress tier list is based on no boosts and all equal levels. But we also understand that doesn't 100% reflect the actual arena. And each arena has it's own little "mini meta" where a dino that doesn't do well higher up can be absolutely wrecking people in the lower arenas. So the community list reflects that in a way because you have players from all arenas and voting based on their personal experience. 

In Conclusion

Thank you to everyone that filled out the survey! We read all of your comments and take encouragement that you appreciate the work we are doing. We love hearing the opinions from our readers and discussions that come about based on our tier list. We will always keep you in mind as we are working on content and future lists. As we start looking forward to 1.13 and wondering what that will bring, we are excited to see how the meta shakes up again and what might change. Make sure to join our discord for more discussion and let us know if you would change anything on the tier list! 

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