JWA News Update: Birds coming to Sanctuaries, Indoraptor Gen 2 Pursuit, and 1.10 Tier List!

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Welcome back, Explorers! We know this is the second news round-up of the week, but we've had a lot happen in the last 3 days and we wanted to get back to our regular schedule. First there is a rare skills tournament this weekend as well as exciting event dinos to dart (Hello Blue!). Make sure to check out our articles below so you know what dinos to use in the tournament and what do dart! This week we got an announcement and possible tease about Patch 1.11, the next hybrid pursuit dino was announced in-game, and the 1.10 tier list id officially done! So let's get to it. 

Birds in Sanctuaries

Ever since sanctuaries were announced we have been asking for pterosaurs to be able to be placed in them. And it looks like we will be getting that in Patch 1.11! In a surprise tweet on Wednesday, Ludia confirmed that birds will be coming to sanctuaries next patch. 

bird tweet

Right after the announcment our Discord was abuzz with excitement and plans to add Quetzalcoatlus, Aramborgiana, and Dsungeripterus to their sanctuary lists once they know when Patch 1.11 will go live.

Speaking of Patch 1.11, this is the first time they have references the next update so is the the beginning of teasers for it? Can we expect patch notes soon? We can't wait to find out! 

Next Hybrid Pursuit - Indoraptor Gen 2

In other exciting news, it looks like the next hybrid pursuit dino has been announced and it will be Indoraptor Gen 2! You can see the image in the news tab in game:

Indo2 Pursuit

We are stoked about this pursuit because Indoraptor Gen 2 is an incredibly strong dino and probably one of the best creatures in the game right now. And since Blue is an event only dino this will be one of the few times we will get a chance to target it in the wild. Pursuit dinos CAN be drawn to scents so you'll want to save your epic scents for that Blue week! We should get Rex Gen 2 or Echo the first week, and then the other rare dino the next week, and then we'll have Blue the 3rd week of the pursuit. 

This also means you will probably start seeing a huge increase in Indoraptor Gen 2 in the arena. Make sure to check out the profile in the Dinodex to see what are good counters to it! 

Tier List 1.10 is Complete!

We are so excited to announce the completion of the 1.10 tier list. Although it was a small patch and we didn't have any new dinos, there were some changes to the list. Make sure to check out the article below and we will be doing follow up articles as well as soon as we are able. Although if the tweet above means in anything we might be back at the discussions soon with patch 1.11!

Wrap Up

We've had another exciting week and will make sure to update you on Sunday as soon as next week's event dinos are announced. Make sure to get out and dart Blue this weekend and stay tuned for the 1.10 tier list to be released this week!  As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information, and join our discussion on discord. 

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