New Dinos Released in the Wild! Allosaurus Gen2 and Nasutoceratops added to JWA

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Explorers! There are 2 new creatures on the loose this weekend! Just days after we reported the Nasutoceratops being added to the game Jurassic World Evolution, it has now been added to Jurassic World Alive along with the Allosaurus Gen2. This is a special event only available this weekend and they will be locked back up behind special events after this. Let's look at the stats on these 2 new dinos. 


The kit on this dino got a re-work from when it was originally released in the code of 1.8. It was originally reported to have a rending counter attack that was going to be very scary. They have scaled that back a bit and gave it stats that are more aligned with its rarity. Although it is dissapointing to only see strike moves. A counter attack (not even a rending one) would have given it a little more edge. 

nasuto stats

Allosaurus Gen2

Allo Gen2 also got a kit change from when it was originally report. And this one looks scary! Cleansing strike means it can't be distracted and it has Rending Takedown that will immediately wipe out HALF of your max HP! 

allo2 stats

Putting them in Sanctuaries

In their original post about the new creatures on the loose, Ludia hinted that we should put them in sanctuaries so we can stock up on DNA. There was an issue with putting them in sanctuaries at first but that seems to be fixed now. Even better, you can feed, interact, and play with both of these dinos to collect DNA even if you don't have them unlocked! So if you don't see many out this weekend, spend some of your sanctuary resources on them and you should be able to get some DNA for them. 


Epic Strike Tower

We also got a surprise epic strike tower. It will be available all weekend and it features 3 lvl 30 hard hitting shield breakers. 

allo2 strike tower

We won't do a whole strike guide on it, but use creatures with distraction and stunning to avoid the big damage these dinos can put out. If you are able to beat it, you will get an Allosaurus Gen2 themed epic incubator that include 200 Allo2 DNA (enough to unlock it!) as well as regular epic incubator contents. According to the forum, you can find these strike towers around restaurants where you would normally find a Tarbosaurus or Gorgosaurus nest. 

Parting Words

We are excited about being able to hunt these 2 new creatures! And make sure you get as much as possible. They won't be available after this weekend and who knows when we'll see them again? We are also patiently (or not so patiently in my case) waiting to see when we are going to get notes for 1.9. This event is a sneak preview before 1.9 hits so we are hoping the next patch is coming soon! Make sure to join our discord for all the discussion and latest information. 

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