JWA 2.13 Datamine Info: What we might expect in patch 2.14

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Explorers! We know Patch 2.14 will be released next week with the patch notes this Friday. We also know about some of the changes that are coming in the next update. In the latest data mine, however, we get even more information on what we might expect with the new patch. So let's get into what we found. Thanks to our dataminers Jimbohi and Colomtn for finding this information. 

Disclaimer: Everything listed here is not guaranteed to come into the game. Ludia can scrap any of this at any given moment.

2.14 Main Body

It seems that part of the patch notes might have made their way into the code. This is what we found

Update 2.14 brings updates to several creatures. In each case, these changes were made based on analysis of each creature’s performance in Battle and their overall value to players. In some cases, these updates meant changes to starter creatures like Iguanodon or Haast Eagle GEN 2 in order to keep them relevant for early-game players in our ever-diversifying Battle system. In other cases, like that of the Apex creatures, this update brought slight adjustments throughout the rarity to make sure they stayed competitive with each other and with Boosted creatures of lower tiers. Finally, some creatures were notably overperforming in their Battle bracket and becoming too dominant. They needed to be adjusted downward in order to give players more opportunities to apply their skills and counter them! Read on below for the specific changes made to each creature.

The Epic Anurognathus has become an Event exclusive creature.

Find the rare Preondactylus on the Map.

Collect hybrid component DNA to fuse 2.14’s Legendary and Unique creatures, Ankylodactylus and Ardontognathus!

Recruiting friends just got friendlier!. We’ve added new rewards and Achievements for both Recruits and Mentors. We’ve also made the links sent to Recruits usable by multiple players, not just one!. Visit the Recruit Menu in your Social Tab to start reaping all the new benefits!

Reward collection for Alliance Championships has been improved! Now, in order to collect Championship rewards within an Alliance, you must be a member of that Alliance at the time the reward is made available. This will make sure that everyone who receives the reward helped the Alliance achieve it!

The biggest thing to take away from the above has to be the Alliance Championship Incubators. We are sure how and when this will be implemented but this is a pretty big, and honestly, much-needed change. We think this means if you leave your alliance before you collect your Alliance Championship incubator, you won't be able to collect it anywhere else. 

We also found a Strike Event for the new Anurognathus! This is what it mentions.

  • A Cunning flock of silent-winged Anurognathus stand between you and this Strike Event reward! Use precise creatures to counter their evasion. Remember, high damage attacks will be no use against Alert abilities: use group attacks instead!

New Raids

We already know we have 2 new raids coming in 2.14 as per the teaser, but we know what they are and when to expect them. 

Brachiosaurus thuds into Raids on March 18th

Imperatosuchus Death Rolls into Raids March 16th! The Imperatosuchus is wreaking havoc as a Raid Boss! Can you and your team bring down this crocodilian menace?

It looks like Impertosuchus will be a raid creature and Brachi will be joining the epic raids. We are pretty sure this makes Imperto an Apex, but we don't know if it's replacing another Apex or if it will be in addition to Morty on Wednesdays. 

Stat Boost Tokens

We already have a little bit of information about these, but this was the exact text found in the code about them. 

Stat Boost Refund Tokens are here for a limited time! Spend a Token on a single creature and retrieve all Health, Attack or Speed Stat Boosts placed on that creature with no refund penalty!

In this update, Tokens will be distributed as Alliance Championship rewards (starting from a specific Tier).Collect them now, because these Tokens will not be made available with each Championship.

Once collected, Tokens will be stored in your Inventory. There is room in your Inventory for up to 1 of each Token type. If you collect another Token on top of the 1 stored in your Inventory of that same type, it will be sent to your Mailbox instead. Head to the Lab and spend the Token you have before you can add the second to your inventory!

Whether you’re preparing for the next Raid Boss or heading into PVP, Tokens will help you boost the right creatures for battle!

We aren't sure why they say "for a limited time" and it looks like they won't be made available in all future Championships. It also gives more information about the limited inventory. Hopefully there will be other ways to earn this precious resource and we hope we all start with some in our inventory at the beginning of the patch as well so we don't have to wait until the end of the AC for them, 


We don't actually expect these are coming in 2.14, but we are excited about the possibility in future updates! Skins are something the community has been asking for, for quite a while now. This is all we were able to find on it, but we'll make sure to keep an eye on the code for future information. 

Create this creature to use this Skin.

Create {0} to use this Skin.

You have not discovered this Skin yet!

This Skin is already in your Collection.


We found some changes to abilities as well as information on some possible new abilities. 

Slowly steal your opponent's HP with Devour abilities!

Group Decelerating Impact now has a Cooldown of 1 instead of 2.

Counter Heal now heals 12% of maximum HP instead of 6%.

Critical Sidestep now has a Cooldown of 1 instead of 0.

Group Distracting Impact now has a Cooldown of 1 instead of 2.

Roar now has Priority.

Removed Group attack from Hostile Glow

Priority Target highest damage: remove Dodge. 25% chance to Stun.  DoT 0.25x of target's max HP, lasting 2 turns. Reduce damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Target all opponents: attack Reduce damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn.

Some of these changes are HUGE. Note on Hostile Glow: It never actually hit as a group attack in-game. The language now reflects that isn't a group move at all. It looks like Phorurex might be getting a change with Critical Sidestep, Skoona's Distracting Impact now only has a cooldown of 1, and Counter Heal got a buff again.

We want to put a special note on the following piece we found:

  • This update introduces two playable abilities with a new mechanic. Alert Frenzy and Definite Alert Frenzy are able to target the opponent with direct damage twice within the same turn. What’s that mean? If the target has a damage resistance lasting only one more attack, your first hit from direct damage will be reduced, but not the second!

We want to take a moment to point out that these changes found in the code do not take into consideration other nerfs and buffs to stats and abilities. We won't know the full scope of all the changes until the notes are actually released on Friday. 


So this was a LOT of information. We want to reiterate that it might not all come in the game in Patch 2.14 and it might not ever come in the game at all. It's fun to speculate about it however and I'm sure our discord is going to be busy with conversations. Make sure to join and let us know what you think! 

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