Lostbelt 1: Anastasia - Spoiler-free Walkthrough

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Article by Sizzle
Lostbelt 1: Anastasia - Spoiler-free Walkthrough


The Walkthrough is essentially finished, barring slight errors and/or missing information. Work on the Boss Guides continues.

  • The spoilers in this walkthrough are limited to what enemies you will face in a particular node. 
  • Every major boss and Servant encounter is initially hidden. Hover over unknown icons to see what mob/Servant is hidden via its hyperlink.
  • Press the New Monster Information or Boss Information headers to see specific spoilers, advice and/or tips.
  • Generally, Anastasia is rather story heavy, try not to rush through it.
  • Break Bars are a standard feature once again, Masters who skipped the Epic of Remnant chapters may want to read up.
  • A full Main Story clear requires 878 AP.
  • Spotted an error, have a question, or ideas to improve the guide? Feel free to drop a comment on the Walkthrough forum thread or via the feedback form.
  • Have fun and enjoy the story! 
Filler Easy Moderate Hard Very Hard
Node Enemy Classes Enemies & Difficulty Notes

Pure Story Chapter

St. 1-1
Pure Story Chapter

St. 1-2
Pure Story Chapter

St. 1-3
Silver Lancer A new Monster approaches:
Only Mash can be used for this encounter
The fight ought to end after 3 turns.

New Monster Information

Mob Class Drop Notes
Deadly Poisonous Needle Did anyone say...Lancer Dragons? These Siegfried fodder enemies attack twice, and can potentially boost their attack and defense by 10%, while also applying at poison on their next attack. At full charge they deal a medium-strength charged attack to one target that removes the target's buffs.

St. 2-1
Pure Story Chapter. Read an overview for the New Mystic Code here: .

St. 2-2
Silver Assassin Forced Story Support and lineup.
Say hello to our new best friend.

St. 3-1
Bronze Assassin A new Monster approaches: .
Combat now starts in earnest for this Lostbelt, although this node just consists of 3 waves of weak Yaga enemies.

New Monster Information

Mob Class Drop Notes
Reactive Gunpowder For anyone that rolled/owns some of the Lostbelt 1 Servants, expect to farm these mobs a lot.
These Yaga enemies are fairly weak fortunately, these Assassin variants can attack twice, increase their critical rate by 10% and at full charge they deal a weak attack that reduces Buster Effectiveness by 20% for 3 turns.

St. 3-2
Gold BerserkerBronze Assassin This quest requires a bit of Single Target firepower for the final Berserker wave. The battle ends upon first Break.

St. 4-1
Gold LancerBronze Berserker Bring some Sabers to mop up the Bicorn and Crabs.

New Monster Information

Mob Class Drop Notes
 Shell Reminiscence A new variant of the Demonic Hermit Crab enemy. These crabs are more defensive in nature despite their class: they can act twice, reduce their damage taken by 500 and their charged attack deal medium damage and removes attack buffs.

St. 4-2
Gold BerserkerSilver Berserker Giant Demon Boars rank highly on the annoying-enemy-scale. Bring a strong Single Target Servant for the final wave.

St. 5-1
Pure Story Chapter.

St. 6-1
Silver BerserkerBronze Archer A new Monster approaches:
Nothing special, just don't let the Berserkers overstay their welcome.

New Monster Information

Mob Class Drop Notes
Reactive Gunpowder An Archer variant of the Yaga enemy previously encountered.
These Yaga enemies are also fairly weak, they can act twice, increase their critical damage by 10% and at full charge they deal a weak attack that reduces Arts Effectiveness by 20% for 3 turns.

St. 6-2
Bronze SaberBronze Assassin A new Monster approaches:
More filler Yaga.

New Monster Information

Mob Class Drop Notes
Reactive Gunpowder And the final Yaga variant to try and appease the need for Reactive Gunpowder.
These Yaga remain weak, they act twice, increase their attack by 10% and at full charge they deal a weak attack that reduces Buster Effectiveness by 20% for 3 turns.

St. 6-3
Pure Story Chapter.

St. 7-1
Pure Story Chapter, except Masters need to make a Choice here.
Choosing to avoid attention leads to path A.
Choosing to fight leads to path B.
Naturally path B is a lot harder, and 9 out of 10 Sizzles agree you should pick path B.

St. 8-A
Silver Lancer One large wave of Dragon lancer enemies with reinforcements. Nothing truly challenging with some Saber AoE damage.
Make sure to read the mob info for the other path regardless, you'll meet those mobs soon enough.

St. 8-B
Gold Assassin A new Monster approaches:
Now this is much more of a challenge. This hydra variant packs 468k HP, and needs to be fought with either Casters or Berserkers.
Bring some heavy Single Target firepower, or with a bit of bad luck this can turn ugly rather quickly.

New Monster Information

Mob Class Drop Notes
Mysterious Divine Wine Masters who cleared the Epic of Remnant chapters will love yet another variant of the fan-favorite Hydra enemy (/s). Like their counterparts, their attacks are severe and their 30% chance to critical means their teamwide attack will be seen a lot. Skills-wise, their single skill is capable of skill sealing your team for 1 turn, and buff their own attack by a drastic 30% for 3 turns. Their charged attack deals heavy teamwide damage, inflicts NP Seal for 1 turn, a 500 Curse for 10 turns, and decreases debuff Resistance by 50% for 3 turns.
They have some traits that can be exploited though, as they count as Beasts, Demonic and Large enemies.

St. 9-1
Gold LancerSilver Berserker Bring a Saber to dispose of the Bicorn.

St. 9-2
Silver Archer Battle ends after first Break. Beware of this Servant's short NP Bar and NP Charge capability.
Note: NP has Sure Hit.

St. 9-3
Gold BerserkerSilver Archer Mini Boss encounter.
Click the Mini Boss Information below for specifics.

Mini Boss Information

Boss Class Notes
Gold BerserkerSilver Archer Yeeees, now we're talking. That previous Hydra was a good warm up!
This fight isn't particularly dangerous, as long as Billy is kept on a short leash.
Billy acts twice while Beowulf acts once while they are both alive. Beowulf hits pretty hard.
On Break Billy gains his Evasion skill for 1 turn, while Beowulf gets his Guts on Break (2000 HP).
AoE Lancers are especially effective here, and ideally both die at roughly the same time.
Billy will probably launch his NP before he falls, but try to kill Beowulf at least before his launches.

St. 9-4
Pure Story Chapter.

St. 10-1
Pure Story Chapter.

St. 10-2
Silver LancerBronze Berserker Bring some Saber AoE for these filler mobs.

St. 11-1
Gold AssassinSilver LancerBronze Berserker This is a pretty interesting node with two waves of massive reinforcements - but until the spooky Hydra appears, the mobs have extremely low HP.
The best defense is a continuous offense here, but make sure to bring a strong Caster/Berserker/Alter Ego for the Hydra-type mob.

St. 12-1
Silver AssassinBronze AssassinBronze Saber A new Monster approaches:
Make sure to counter the Assassins in this node to speed things up.

New Monster Information

Mob Class Drop Notes
Eternal Frost It's time for some payback for what happened in the prologue. These male, Evil, Humanoid Werebeasts act twice per turn, can increase their next attack's critical rate by 100%, and their charged attack deals medium damage while reducing Debuff Resistance by 100%.
These mobs drop the other Lostbelt 1 material.

St. 12-2
Silver Assassin An unending wave of Hunters! The battle ends upon breaking the leader's HP Bar once.

St. 12-3
Silver Assassin Some beneficial effects will happen each turn, make short work of this quest.

St. 13-1
Pure story chapter.

St. 13-2
Silver Berserker Bring some AoE to move on quickly.

St. 13-3
Silver AvengerBronze Assassin Mini Boss encounter.
Click the Mini Boss Information below for specifics.

Mini Boss Information

Boss Class Notes
Silver AvengerBronze Assassin Masters have the opportunity to charge their NP bar before wave 3. I highly suggest you do so.
In addition, bring some Berserkers or perhaps a Moon Cancer, should you have one.
Basically, once the boss arrives, he will sacrifice one ghost each turn and permanently buff his Attack by 20% and his Defense by 10%.
On Break, he will buff his Critical Hit Rate and his Critical Damage, which if you are a slowpoke, can be rather dangerous.
Either kill the ghosts or burst him down, either strategy works.
It's not a hard node, but no need to poke an angry man.

St. 14-1
Silver Assassin Bring some AoE Casters/Berserkers to speed things up.

St. 14-2
Gold CasterSilver Assassin Mini Boss encounter.
Click the Mini Boss Information below for specifics.

Mini Boss Information

Boss Class Notes
Gold CasterSilver Assassin This fight has some new mechanics; namely Kadoc tries to level the playing field by using his Mystic Code skills.
He will buff Anastasia on turn 1 (unremovable) NP Gain buff for 2 enemy turns, causing her to NP by turn 4. In addition, he can buff her NP Defense by 50% or cleanse her debuffs + grants Debuff Resistance for 3 turns.
Regardless though, the first wave of enemies are Assassins, which is annoying as an ST Rider is the best option to dispose of Anastasia quickly.
Try to charge on wave 1, and burn down Anastasia quickly before she gets to NP.

St. 15-1
Gold AssassinSilver Lancer This hydra flunkie is rather weak, bring something to blast it on the final wave and move on.

St. 16-1
Silver BerserkerBronze Berserker 2 waves of medium HP Berserkers, dispose of them quickly.

St. 16-2A
Gold Assassin Masters end up with this quest if they choose Option 1: Cutting the trees. Masters with a strong offensive Caster can go this route, but frankly neither of the two options are simple this time around.

St. 16-2B
Gold Berserker Masters end up with this quest if they choose Option 2: Digging a Tunnel. Masters with good AoE (spam) ought to go with this one. The quest consists of a large reinforcing wave of Giant Demon Boars, although none of the Giant Boars have very high HP.

St. 17-1
Silver AssassinSilver Lancer Filler node, all the mobs have medium-level HP.

St. 17-2
Silver LancerSilver BerserkerSilver Assassin More of the same.

St. 17-3
Silver LancerSilver BerserkerSilver Assassin And more medium HP mobs.

St. 17-4
Gold BerserkerSilver Assassin Break the enemy's Berserker HP Bar once on wave 3 to end the fight. The boss starts with their NP Bar charged, but it is a non-damaging NP debuffing NP that isn't too worisome. They hit pretty hard though, but Masters can just have their NPs prepared for wave 3.

St. 18-1
Silver Assassin Bring some decent AoE Caster Servants to speed things up.

St. 18-2
Silver Assassin More of the same, clean 'em up quickly.

St. 19-1
Gold AssassinSilver LancerBronze Berserker The Soul Eater at the end is fairly beefy, so bring a strong single target Servant to blow it up before it starts Evading.

St. 19-2
Pure Story Chapter.

St. 20-1
Pure Story Chapter.

St. 20-2
Gold BerserkerSilver Assassin The battle ends upon Break once more. Fortunately, Masters can again charge their NPs on wave 1. Since only a single HP Bar needs to be broken a wave of NPs from strong Single Target ought to do.

St. 20-3
Gold BerserkerSilver Assassin Boss encounter.
Click the Boss Information below for specifics.

Boss Information

Boss Class Notes
Gold BerserkerSilver Assassin Frankly, this boss probably isn't worth a full guide, but we wrote one anyway if you follow the banner link above.
There is time to charge NPs on wave 1, and the boss gains an extra NP charge per turn until Break.
Thing is, the Minotaur hits exceedingly hard, acts 3 times despite being a Berserker, and his crits can just straight up one-shot a lower rarity Servant.
The safest strategy is to just blow him up with Anti-Male Servants or those with exceedingly high single target damage.

St. 21-1
Gold Rider The active Mystic Code has been replaced with some new very awesome skills. This fight ends after 3 turns, but use those turns to get familiar with what each of the skills do, as they will be of great help soon.

New Story Mystic Code Skills

Mystic Code Skills will be replaced with Golem Skills:
  • Skill 1: Golem Punch: Deal 10,000 HP Damage to a single enemy. Remove buffs from targeted enemy. [CD 3 turns]
  • Skill 2: Golem Guard: Increase DEF for all allies by 50% (1 turn). [CD 5 turns]
  • Skill 3: Golem Charge: Restore 5,000 HP to all allies. Increase NP Gauge for all allies by 20%. [CD 5 turns]

St. 21-2
Gold Rider Boss encounter.
Click the Boss Information below for specifics.

Boss Information

Boss Class Notes

St. 21-2
Gold Rider This fight seems a lot more difficult than it actually is, mainly by virtue of your new Golem toy.
Ivan though is very likely to strip your team of buffs or charge his own NP if you debuff him too often.
Try to use the Golem's skills to counteract his NP turns and use defensive skills to protect the team while the Golem's healing is on cooldown.
Also try to punch Ivan whenever he tries to make himself Invincible.
For a full list of skills and strategies follow this banner to the Boss Guide above.

St. 21-3
Pure Story Chapter.

St. 22-1
Gold Rider Mini Boss encounter.
Click the Mini Boss Information below for specifics.

Mini Boss Information

Boss Class Notes
Gold Rider Ivan's skills on foot are actually fairly similar to the previous boss.
Now, the sheer size of his HP bar might be worrying but Ivan uses his Extra Attack on full charge instead of his NP.
On 50% and lower he will remove all buffs on your time, so try to anticipate it and not waste buffs.
A good borrowed Assassin should clear the fight eventually if Masters don't have a strong one of their own.

St. 22-2
Gold BerserkerBronze AssassinBronze Saber Boss encounter.
Click the Boss Information below for specifics.

Boss Information

Boss Class Notes
Gold BerserkerBronze AssassinBronze Saber Straddling the line between Mini Boss and Boss fight, this fight's difficulty really depends on how quickly a Master can take out Atalante's 2 HP Bars.
The danger here revolves around Atalante's entry where she charges her NP to full and has reduced defense for 1 turn and upon Break where she gains a 100% crit rate for 3 attacks.
Masters should have plenty of time to charge NPs, and disables like NP Seal or Stuns are great way to prevent Atalante from launching her NP or critical hits while she is barraged by NPs.
Nonetheless, if some help is needed, view the boss guide above.

St. 22-3
Gold Caster Boss encounter.
Click the Boss Information below for specifics.

Boss Information

Boss Class Notes
Gold Caster A full showdown between Masters is at hand, and the amount of spells and effects thrown around massively increase.
Due to the sheer amount of additional buffs thrown around, I recommend visiting either the quest or the boss guide page.
Because of Anastasia's Caster class and the many, many strong Single Target Riders, Master should be able to handle this fight well despite the threat of Anastasia's AoE NP.
Since Anastasia's HP needs to be depleted multiple times, make sure to rely on more sustained offense Servants and good supports.

St. 22-4
Gold Rider Boss encounter.
Click the Boss Information below for specifics.

Boss Information

Boss Class Notes
Gold Rider ah look it's a Demonic Pillar, quick farm it!
Ahem, this boss fight can be pretty dangerous if Masters go in blind.
The Tree's damage output is high, and as it loses HP Bars becomes increasingly prone to critically hit for loads of damage.
In addition, its NPs have Ignore Invincibility while the Tree can also buff itself with Ignore Defense for 3 turns.
All in all, Masters should lean on offense, except the Tree also enters the encounter with a massive 50% Defense buff on top a 50% Buster Effectiveness Reduction.
Therefore, save strong Buster Servants for the final HP Bar, as the Tree gradually trades its defense and Buster protection for critical offense as each HP Bar is broken.
For more advice and all the exact skills, see the Boss Guide.
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