JWA News Update: PVP Season updates & 1.9 Teaser Recaps

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Hello again Explorers! All is quiet on the Ludia Front as we anxiously await more information about the upcoming 1.9 patch that they have been teasing. They recently released the Nasutoceratops and Allosaurus Gen2 in the wild this past weekend so we hope you stocked up on that DNA! They said it would be event locked once the new patch hits.  

Make sure to check out our weekly event guide to see what creatures are being featured this week and what you should dart. We also have 2 epic strike events. We don't have a themed scent in the store this week, but there is a Crocaylidae scent tower out today. The PVP season is also over, with a new one starting this week. We will also go back through the teasers we have seen so far to try and guess when we are going to get those highly anticipated patch notes! 

PVP Seasons Update

The anky PVP season ended today and we would like to congratulate all the winners! We hope everyone was able to reach their personal goal this season. They usually start a new season almost immediately after the end of the first season, but we haven't seen an official announcement on it yet. The only "official statement" we have seen so far comes in the form of a comment on the forum:

forum comment

So we know the season is starting this week but we don't know when and we don't know what the rewards will be. There has been some speculation on our Discord that the next rewards will be a new creature so they will have to wait until patch notes before revealing the rewards. Hopefully we'll hear something soon about it. 

1.9 Teasers

As always before a new patch, we have started to see some teasers on what to expect once it goes live. We have had 2 so far:

New Adventure

The first teaser came on August 26th and referenced a new adventure that will be coming to the game

new adventure teaser.

There has been a lot of speculation on the forum and our Discord about what this could mean, but we still don't know exactly what we have coming. 

New Creature

The next teaser came this weekend and showcased what we are assuming is a new creature in a sanctuary. 

turtle teaser

So we know Cenozoic creatures will be able to be placed in sanctuaries and we are assuming the turtle in the picture is one of those creatures. We haven't heard anything about birds in sanctuaries but we still have high hopes about that! Not long after that picture was released we found and reported on a possible leaked hybrid that included the turtle. See our full coverage below

Additional Teasers?

Normally we see at least 3 teasers before patch notes come out and one of those usually include what hybrids we can expect (so we can start collecting DNA). We haven't seen a hybrid teaser yet so we are hoping that is the next one we see. The comment about the new season starting this week also makes us think the patch might come sooner than expected. All in all we are really excited to see what is coming and hope to hear more soon! 

Wrap Up

This week seems quiet compared to the last couple of weeks we have had. We are hoping they are hard at work finalizing everything with the 1.9 patch so it will roll out smoothlessly. We will have strike guides for the epic strikes later this week and we are hoping to see some teaser or information on 1.9 soon so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information!  Make sure to join our discord for all the latest information and discussion as well! 

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