Pokemon Masters Sync Grid Guide

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Sync Grid

Sync Grid is the most recent feature in Pokémon Masters, which allows you to further enhance certain Sync Pairs. DeNA has mentioned that they would like to release 4 new Sync Pairs a month.

A Sync Grid can enhance your Sync Pair in five different ways.

The Five Elements


Stat Increase, can increase your Health, Attack, Sp.Atk, Defense, Sp.Def or Speed.


Passives, unlock additional Passives for your Sync Pair.


Enhances abilities. Your Support Skills or Attack Moves can have additional effect, example can gain gauge from attacking.


Powers up moves, they can do additional damage, or some cases increase accuracy.


The final one indication Sync Moves, currently they are fixedly increasing your sync damage by +25, and there are 2 of them. I personally would love to see if Sync Pairs like Leaf & Eevee could get + Accuracy and + Evasion when she doesn’t do any damage.

How to unlock Sync Grid?

One must exchange Sync Orb to unlock talents in the Sync Grid. A Sync Orb is a new currency which can be farmed in two ways at the given time. Both methods requires patience, as the Sync Orb generation can be a little bit tricky as they are not granted every time. Sync Orbs are given to you when you use a Sync Move. Game gives an alert when the chance of obtaining Sync Orbs is possible.

First method

The first method includes single player, when you have a chance of obtaining Sync Orbs then the Specific Sync Pair which uses Sync Move, will receive the Sync Orbs, and the Sync Orbs may only be used by the same Specific Sync Pair that used the Sync Move. It limits it to them.

Second Method

The Second method is the same as the first, but in co-op, the main difference here is that, your Sync Orbs will not be limited to a specific sync pair, but will be General Sync Orbs, although these orbs can’t be used. You must exchange them for a specific Sync Pair and then they will work, in other words, Co-op allows you to choose whom you wish to give the Sync Orbs to, once selected. It can’t be reversed.


In the Sync Grid as you unlock talents, you will quickly realize that there is something called Energy consumption. It is actually very simple. Each 12 Sync Orb Cost requires 1 Energy Consumption. And you can max have 60 Energy usage. Keep in mind if something costs below 12 Synergy Orbs, as in 5 Synergy Orbs, then they will have 0 Energy Cost. Game Rounds down. So the first circle in Sync Grid which all costs 5 Sync Orbs only will result in 0 Energy Cost

Here is a little Table for demonstration
Sync Orb Usage The Math Energy Consumption
120 120 / 12 = 10
60 60 / 12 = 5
5 5 / 12 = 0 (it gets rounded down)

Conclusion of Limitations

Since all Sync Grid comes with 6x 5 Sync Orb Cost there is free energy 30 Sync Orb Investment possible for every single Sync Pair.
Outside of that everyone has a 60 Energy Limit, which means the following.

60 Energy x 12 = 720 Sync Orbs

Now adding the “Free Energy Sync Orbs”

720 Sync Orbs + 30 Free Sync Orbs = 750 Sync Orbs

One may max invest 750 Sync Orbs on any Sync Pair at given time.


Due to the nature of not having the ability to unlock everything, choices must be made, which means different builds can be forged. This article will not cover builds. I also believe that many of you already have different builds. But what I can tell you is that I'm currently working on publishing a tool that will allow people to create their own simulations of Sync Grids, and even share it with others! So stay tuned for that.

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