Should You Pull? SS Silver & Sneasel

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?

How To Use It?

Sync Grid Considerations & Lucky Skills

⅕: Snow Shelter is useful for Hail builds but obsolete otherwise.

⅖: Considering the innate speed of Silver & Sneasel, Triple Axel: Move Gauge Refresh 3 is not a necessity, but it can provide less stress on the gauge for other less swift-footed teammates. Burst in could ensure the power of B Triple Axel does not go to waste if Silver is to provide himself with Crit buffs. X Speed +: Slippery 1 provides a chance for extending longevity, but the job will be in the better hands of dedicated Supporters. The MP Refresh nodes are redundant at best.

⅗: Invigorating Hail 5 and Heavy Hail 5 are essential in Hail builds. Hunter’s Instinct & Cakewalk synergise well with Silver’s built-in speed reduction mechanics. Pinpoint Entry 2 ensures Triple Axel always hits their mark. Super Command 9 & Mighty Rush 9 could further boost damage output, but the quadrant these tiles are in features not much else of value. For Triple Axel: Restoring Strike 1, healing is best left in hands of more committed supports.

⅘: Evasive Strike 9 is niche due to the innate randomness of Evasion buffs. Triple Axel: Punishing Strike 4 could boost damage output significantly, but adding a dedicated defence reducer to your team is more efficient resource-wise.

5/5: Unfortunate Strike 9 favours allies with passives such as Power Loving or Power Play. Soften Up 1 guarantees critical strike on Sync Nukes.

If the reason for the acquisition is the speed debuffs, EX is optional. But if Sync Nukes are your goal, then EXing will be highly recommended.

As for Lucky Skill, Critical Strike 2 will suffice.

Team Compositions

Given Sygna Suit Silver’s self-sufficiency, Support Sync Pairs offering defense buffs will provide the most synergy. For hail builds, Bea (Palentine’s 2022) & Vaniluxe and Nessa (Holiday 2021) & Eiscue are optimal choices. Irida & Glaceon can provide Ice Zone to boost Silver’s damage and benefit from Speed decreases. For more budget options, the two available versions of Candice will satisfy.

Johto supports provide great synergy for weatherless builds, especially Jasmine (Holiday 2022) & Ampharos; her Defense buffs and Potions provide longevity, while the Supereffective Up Next buffs further increase the power of Silver’s Sync Nukes. Universal supports like Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise and Caitlin (Fall 2021) & Sableye also provide incredible protection, allowing the prince of Team Rocket to unleash the World of Pain on his opponents until they collapse in defeat.

Showcase Video

Is It Worth Pulling?

Being a fantastic Sync Nuker in a sparsely populated type, Sygna Suit Silver & Sneasel could be what most players require to strong-arm through Ice-weak stages.

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