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Tier List Overview

This is the Tier List for Hybrid units. Here, you'll find Sync Pairs that provide a mix of supportive and striking capabilities for the team, with both their damage and the utility they provide for the team being key components of what defines their niche. Sync Pairs here are often Techs (by their in-game role), although we also include other roles as they fit the description. Also, while pairs here offer both striking capabilities and supportive ones in a relatively balanced manner, it does not mean they can't be more geared to one side or another - for example, Dawn & Torterra are a Hybrid unit that are closer to the supportive end of the spectrum, while Lysandre & Yveltal are a hybrid unit that have more offensive aspects. This classification is not black and white, so some pairs from other lists also can have valid arguments to be moved to Hybrids.

Tier List Rules & Criteria
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Tier 1

Maxie & Groudon
Sharing similarities with Kyogre, Groudon also is another Pokémon that excels both at offensives and supportive capabilities. Although not the offensive behemoth that Kyogre is with its better Trainer Move and stronger move in rain-boosted Origin Pulse, Groudon ends up being even more versatile in terms of helping other units, with its Master Passive helping a multitude of physical attacker, like Spring May, Anniversary Steven, and Zinnia, and the sun summon on entry and extension being perfect for Fire and multiple Grass units, like Sygna Suit Red and Brendan. Groudon's Solar Beam also is an excellent move at 3/5, not only giving Groudon a good damaging single target option that's gauge efficient, but additionally debuffing the enemy's Special Defense with Mind Games 9, further boosting not only its own, but also the damage for its partners.
Anniversary N & Reshiram is a interesting and powerful pair in the game with high versatility. While a first look at its stats and lack of multipliers may make one think that its damage output is low, this doesn't tell whole story: Even if Blue Flare does not get close to the likes of Blast Burn or Inferno against a single opponent, its high BP, access to a field boost in Sun, and unique to him, the passive Extend Range means that Reshiram has the strongest AoE move in the game, surpassing even Kyogre's Origin Pulse. On top of that, N has high self sufficiency with fast buffs, innate Mind Games 9 for a guaranteed AoE Sp. Def debuffs against the opponent, can work as a gauge support to the team with Move Gauge Acceleration and Pep Rally on the grid, and has one of the strongest Sync Nukes in the game, surpassing even the likes of Champion Iris. Although less used, N can also debuff the opponent offensively via Noble Roar, which can be useful to improve the team's less longevity alongside his Master Passive, with his unimpressive damage output against a single target and the need of less than ideal supports for maxing out his Sync Nuke being his only weakness, creates this top tier Sync Pair.

Tier 2

The unit with the most compression in the game, Bianca & Musharna has the ability to tank, give regeneration to allies, deal good damage, support the gauge, and set a Terrain all at once. With units like Lear & Hoopa and Giovanni & Mewtwo, Bianca’s supportive capabilities truly shine, as she gives a free 1.5x damage boost to their Psychic moves while dishing out powerful Stored Power of her own. Between all of those qualities and the lack of any true weakness except for maybe lack of critical hit buffs, Bianca & Musharna is one the main reasons for Psychic Terrain's ascension to the top and forms another of the game's finest pairs.
Bede & Hatterene
Serena & Delphox

Tier 4

Amongst an ever-increasing pool of tech sync pairs that lower Attack, Totally Not Kukui sticks out from the rest due to its unique ability to debuff Defense in addition to Attack, which makes him more compressible in compositions beyond his Attack drops. Moreover, his Trainer Move’s ability to buff the speed of the entire team in two turns without MPRs further solidifies his placement in teams as a debuffer over traditional, more self-serving counterparts. Kukui’s sync nuke is also particularly strong in proportion to its cost, allowing him to back up teams as another source of offensive pressure if needed despite his disappointing DPS with Darkest Lariat.
Ghetsis & Kyurem
Ghetsis & Kyurem are a pair that can do quite a few things, but not exactly everything at once. First, he provides a valuable Ice-type that doesn't have many strong accessible options, with the main one, Pryce, only achieving his highest potential when paired with Ghetsis himself. Starting on the offensive part, Ghetsis has a 4 gauge AoE Ice move in Glaciate, which also guarantees a Speed drop for the opponent. Due to it being a 4 gauge move on a slow Pokémon, this means that Ghetsis tends to want strong gauge support, but it also means that his DPS will reach a decent number, as it also has multipliers such as Hunter's Intinct and Paralysis Synergy. Ghetsis can also Sync Nuke with his innate Sync multiplier and Pecking Order - while Speed drops doesn't tend to be a good condition to have, Ghetsis dropping it in area while using it as a best move and having partners that also can drop Speed makes him an exception. Cold Snap 2 also allows Glaciate to freeze all opponents at the same time with a decent rate, working as a pseudo-Go Viral Hypnosis that does damage but with less accuracy. Finally, Ghetsis' Double Drop Noble Roar makes him the premier support for units that have both Devastation and Pecking Order, such as Anniversary N and Champion Iris, and can also be useful to take on end-game contents that might hit hard, such as Extreme Battles. Although Ghetsis can't do everything at once, those multiple niches with their own utility makes him a valuable unit to have.

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