Should You Pull? Eusine & Suicune

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?

What Does It Do?

Talk about a dream come true! For those unfamiliar with Eusine, he was an expert in Johto folklore and held a particular fascination for Suicune. After ten years of continuous pursuit, he was finally able to earn its acknowledgement, even teaming up with a shiny variant of the Aurora Pokemon! He and Morty are inspirations to all sync pairs; your dreams can come true if you work hard. But does Eusine’s strength correspond to the inspiration he brings?

The signature move of this sync pair is B Surf, which deals undiluted AOE damage with an additional 20% chance of flinching. The only downside is that it can only be activated once two moves have already been used… so I hope anyone who pulls for Eusine likes buffing up and using Whirlpool or Blizzard. Their trainer move The Chase Continues! completes Eusine’s Special Attack & Critical Hit Rate while providing allies with Condition Nullification. On the other hand, their passives ensure decent gauge recovery, move accuracy and full utilisation of the Trapped effect.

Eusine & Suicune is a straightforward striker; buff up and ram over opponents with a barrage of attacks. His simple yet devastating mechanics is painless to grapple even for new players, while his first passive provides him with pleasant gauge management to the point that speed supports may not be necessary for certain scenarios. The synergistic tiles on his grid with weather conditions make him more lethal, especially under rain. There are no apparent weaknesses within this sync pair, as their major flaw comes from the external environment. Water had long been an over-populated type; with the recent additions of Sygna Suit Lysandre & Volcanion, Serena (Champion) & Greninja and older sync pairs such as Archie & Kyogre, Gloria (Dojo Uniform) & Urshifu or even easier to obtain ones like May & Swampert and Cyrus & Palkia, Eusine needs more than raw power to excel amongst his fellow brethren. Unfortunately, AoE damage and the Trapped effect are all that they can offer, making him less appealing.

How To Use It?

Sync Grid Considerations & Lucky Skills

⅕: Nothing significant.

⅖: Blizzard: Hostile Environment 2 & Blizzard: Superduper Effective 5 boosts the damage of Blizzard (obviously). Atmospheric Acceleration 2 boosts speed when under weather conditions including rain, to which Water types are often associated with. Double Down 2 increases Sync Move Damage, especially after EXing. KO Opp: Allied Field MG → 9 and Super Victory could be useful in Full-Force Battles, but their general usage is rather limited outside 3V9 scenarios.

⅗: The conditions for activating Stationary Target 3, Trap and Sync 5 and Brainpower will be fulfilled anyway. Weathered Warrior 3 is recommended. Soften Up 1, Sync Thinker 9 and Super Sync 9 are all potential choices to synergize with Sync Nuke builds.

⅘: Attack Trap 4 is worthless due to the presence of Whirlpool. Danger Damage Guard can be used during Last Stands, but it mostly delays the inevitable.

5/5: Disarm 9 provides an excellent opportunity to further devastate opponents. Super Freebie 4 is redundant since Eusine has proper gauge management.

As with any Striker that have access to a Sync Nuke, EXing is highly recommended.

For Lucky Skill, Weathered Warrior 3 is optimal since whenever water types appear, rain tends to follow. For players who desire weatherless usage or are on a tight budget, Super Powered 3 or Critical Strike 2 are decent alternatives.

Games Modes

For those attempting to challenge the Champion Stadium, Eusine shines as brightly as his partner does; trapping opponents in place and pummeling them with waves of Water and Ice until they collapse in defeat. The strategies for Legendary Arenas and Gauntlets are similar; just remember to reapply the Trapped effect for every health bar.

Team Compositions

First off is definitely Sygna Suit Kris & Suicune. Despite having the same legendary with a less shimmering appearance, the two Suicune wielders synergize well. With a sprinkle of Physical Defense from Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise, Lana & Araquanid or the like, you’ve got a strong and sustainable team.

For Johto units, Jasmine (Holiday 2022) & Ampharos is a prime choice thanks to her defense and Supereffective Up Next buffs. Finally, Sygna Suit Ethan & Lugia pair very well with Eusine & Suicune due to their ability to apply the trapped condition on all opponents at once, while providing the team even more AoE damage to clear the opposition quickly.

Showcase Video

Is It Worth Pulling?

Overall, Eusine & Suicune is a solid Striker that will not disappoint, but the competition is EXTREMELY intense as mentioned above.

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