Should You Pull? Rose & Copperajah

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TL;DR: Sync Pair Ranking

What Does It Do?

‘Greetings, fellow sync pairs! Macros Cosmos will be expanding its business coverage to the artificial island of Pasio! All you need to offer in return for our services is all knowledge regarding sync stones so I may harness its power to ensure a prosperous future a millennium from now!’ Does that sound like Chairman Rose?

At first glance, Rose & Copperajah may seem very similar to Sygna Suit Giovanni & Nidoking; they both have an arsenal of 4-gauge moves, a passive which ensures accuracy and even the ability to use MAX moves. One crucial difference sets them apart though: while Giovanni hits his targets like a freight train, Rose hits like a truck — three trucks at once, that is. Their signature passive P-Moves & MAX Moves Expansion allows Rose to strike three targets at once, which is extremely effective in Champion Stadiums, since the sides unleash devastating AOE attacks after the central sync pair is defeated.

As for weaknesses, Rose & Copperajah has a glaring one: speed. Although expecting the Copperderm Pokémon to move swiftly is ridiculous, the two-stage reduction from Action, Not Words! did not improve the situation. If constant damage is expected from the Chairman, speed support is essential. Said support cannot be provided by his secretary, unfortunately.

How To Use It?

Sync Grids & Upgrades

Here are the notable tiles available on their Sync Grid:

⅕: Sand Shelter is essential for Sandstorm builds, while the MP Refresh for Rose’s trainer move is redundant.

⅖: The Move Gauge Refreshes and Sync Freebie puts less pressure on gauge management. Superduper Effective 1, Double Down 2 and MAX Super Preparation serve as a transition or substitution until more powerful nodes are unlocked. Sands of Time 2 is effective only under Sandstorms. Interference Immunity is applicable only under specific circumstances.

⅗: Haymaker and Furious Brawn make the most out of pent-up energy. Surging Sand 3 is the final piece for Sandstorm builds. MAX Countdown 1 has its place in maintaining sync cycles but is generally considered niche. Steel DF on Opp: Sync Power ↑ 5 can create a combo with MAX Super Preparation (⅖) for a power surge.

⅘: Defence Crush 9 increases damage potential, but techs are able to fulfil the same duties. G-Max Steelsurge: Power +100 is applicable for higher burst damage.

5/5: Steel DF on Opp & Hit: Free Move Next 9 somewhat eases Rose’s intense gauge consumption. Impervious is niche for a striker.

EX is useful for AoE Sync but not mandatory. Lucky Skill of choice is Critical Strike 2 as always, or Super Powered 3 if planning to use them On-Type with their access to 3 different types.

Team Compositions

Given the Chairman’s self-sufficiency, speed is the only element required to support him. Bede (Champion) & Articuno fits the criteria quite well with a slight damage boost. For the third slot, Marnie (Palentine’s 2022) & Mawille can provide a decent boost with Steel Zone, Flinches and Defence decreases. If speed is an issue, the third slot can be swapped out for Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise or other efficient speed supports.

Is It Worth Pulling?

Rose & Copperajah is a versatile unit that covers two semi-rare types. If proper speed support is not an issue, Rose & Copperajah is recommended under regular circumstances. As the anniversary draws ever closer and Rose’s pool will be open long after the next datamine, further observation is suggested before going for him.

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