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With the advent of the Villain Arc’s conclusion, Pokemon Masters EX has graciously (or ungraciously) provided the opportunity to get a random Rocket Admin  from a variety scout amongst a new Giovanni and his fellow admins for a new Variety scout, the first since Courtney’s release almost a year ago. In this article, we’ll briefly talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each pair, and talk about what it means based on what random admin you pick up from the ticket.

Giovanni & Rhydon

Proton & Golbat

Archer & Houndoom

Petrel & Weezing

Ariana & Arbok


So, what happens based on what I get from the free ticket? While all four units are likely to be good additions to your team, here’s a general idea on what to expect when you get each?

Proton is likely the best pair of the four when uninvested as a Support, and he also has justifiable uses even over the more Gauntlet savvy units in Petrel and Ariana due to access to stat drops and interference, notably the ever-reliable Aggravation 1 flinch. His base kit also already compresses most of what he wants to do from reliable Special Attack increments, good speed, and base status options. 

After Proton, it can be difficult to justify Petrel and Ariana if you have access to Oleana or Emma (who is rerunning in a Fair select scout), but they are also fine choices nevertheless, especially if a reliable response to the Legendary Gauntlet is needed; Petrel tends to be less replicable for his role as second fiddle only to Emma as an offensive Poison-type, and is a valuable grab for most newer players where the best poison types tend to be limited; meanwhile,  while Ariana faces much stiffer competition as a debuffer from even free units such as Lucian and the Masked Royal, Ariana’s access to Strike EX role also means her powerful distributed nuke is incredibly potent despite lacking in DPS as opposed to Petrel’s Support EX role. Nevertheless, Ariana’s reduced reliance on dupes relative to Petrel for the reward means that Ariana is arguably the better pair of the two. 

Finally, Archer is arguably the worst of the four despite being the leading admin for several reasons: as a Sprint, Archer’s reliance on specific, heavily unavailable candies and being the most dupe reliant for his full utilities makes him the least desirable both uninvested and even if one has the resources to commit to him. As the only unit that lacks sufficiency relative to his peers, he is less independent despite having a more powerful sync nuke than Ariana by virtue of his Tech EX role alongside his Sprint, and how the synergies and uses one can get from his stat dropping utilities are needed, and how there are better alternative sources of sync countdown acceleration out there. Nevertheless, Archer’s ability to compress burn, flinch, ramp and speed drops when invested still makes him equally potent as his fellow admins in the Legendary Gauntlet. 

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