Pokemon Masters EX Tier List

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Tier List Overview

The GamePress Tier List is now directly inherited from our Sync Grids & Lucky Skills & Tier List document that is constantly updated with the latest Pokemon Masters EX news!

Tier Lists are inherently subjective by nature! This list should NOT be considered as the only source of information, and there are many players who have their own opinions on how to construct a Tier List. We strongly encourage players to discuss their opinions on Tier Lists and gameplay. Check out our Community Lists for more, and feel free to start a Community Discussion or comment on our latest Changelog article if you would like to discuss this Tier List in particular! 

Criteria Overview

The goal is to rank the units on their own merits, regardless of the player's available roster, while still accounting for the overall metagame, therefore these are the main criteria of the list (more or less ordered but we're still trying to balance them together instead of focusing on specific aspects):

  • Team flexibility and versatility
  • Role compression and self-sufficiency
  • Compositional strength and relevancy
  • Peak performance in an optimal environment

Note: All units are considered fully maxed and access to EX and EX Role are also taken into account.

Content Priority

While keeping in mind the criteria above, the in-game content is weighted in the following order:

  1. Challenging End-Game Content (Battle Rally, Extreme & Ultimate Battles, High Score Events, etc...)
    • Somewhat of a mix between Master Mode and Legendary Arena valuable assets
  2. Champion Stadium Master Mode
    • Fast set-up phase and burst potential are very valuable
    • Survivability is helpful to tank high-offense hits
  3. Legendary Arena & Gauntlet
    • Abilities that work around various Boss gimmicks are very valuable
    • Sustainability and team durability are very appreciated


Sync Pairs are split into 3 categories (as opposed to their in-game role) to reflect the potential usage of their kits. Keep in mind the categories do not compare 1:1, everything is ranked within their categories and they are not meant to be compared with other categories. That being said, all Sync Pairs are ranked as whole units and not just regarding their department (ie. all their facets are taken into account when ranking them, regardless of the category they belong in).


Those are essentially “Tiers inside the Tiers”. Although Sync Pairs are already ordered inside of the Tiers individually, some units are close enough to each other so that they can be grouped and even have interchangeable places between themselves. The sub-groups are identified by the background color of their icon (ie. all units with the same background color on the same Tier are on the same sub-group). This is done so that we have an even clearer distinction between the units without being too strict with the individual positions either.

All Tier Lists

Damage Dealer Tier List

Units focused on damage, whether it's from their normal moves, Sync moves, or both. Those are most of the time Strikers, and not so rarely Techs as well. Providing an extra utility aspect (but not enough to warrant a category change) on top of it does play a role in their ranking too, even if it’s at the cost of some damage output, depending on the relevancy/efficiency of said utility (ie. this is NOT a max-damage Tier List).

Damage Dealer Tier List

Hybrid Tier List

Units that provide a mix of offensive and supportive capabilities. Those are most of the time Techs but some Strikers and Supports are joining this category as well. Those Sync Pairs bring a variety of benefits to a team and/or have access to builds with various orientations to fit different roles within a team. Most of the time they'll be closer to one side or the other but generally they're categorized here because they bring more than one aspect in their secondary department and/or have access to legitimate builds on the other side of the spectrum.

Hybrid Tier List

Utility Tier List

Units focusing on buffing teammates and/or disrupting the opposition. Those are most of the time Supports but some Techs also appear there. They often are the backbone of the team by letting your Damage Dealer reach its full potential and/or providing longevity to the team. Some of them also come with potential damage output (but not enough to warrant a category change), which is also accounted for in their ranking when relevant.

Utility Tier List

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