New EX Challenge: Barry Added!

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EX Challenge: Barry Added!

  • Starting on 9/17/2019 6:00AM UTC, all players can now challenge Barry in the Co-op Training Area!
  • Defeat Barry for a chance to receive Grass-type gear, including first time clear rewards below.
EX Barry (Hard) 1st Clear
EX Barry (Very Hard) 1st Clear
Enemies & Drop Info: EX Challenge: Barry (Hard)Enemies & Drop Info: EX Challenge: Barry (Very Hard)

Community Links

  • If you are in need of help clearing this EX Challenge, consider joining our Discord! We have many players who would be happy to group with you to help clear the encounter. By most accounts, Barry is somewhat easier than the other existing EX Challenges, and it can technically be cleared with only 2 strong players.
  • See the unaffiliated video below for an example of a Very Hard difficulty clear with 2 players: