Sygna Suit Red & Mega Charizard X

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Strike (Special) Tier 1
Analysis by Svidrigailov
Other Forms


Pokemon Info

Type Fire
Weak Vs Rock
Role Strike (Special)
Base Potential
Gender Male

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HP 90
ATK 25
DEF 10
Sp. ATK 25
Sp. DEF 10
Speed 15
HP 660
ATK 456
DEF 129
Sp. ATK 456
Sp. DEF 129
Speed 265
Bulk 498

Table of Contents

Pokemon Analysis


Charizard is, quite simply, the ultimate Striker. With the fastest path to Mega Evolution of any Pair in the game, the ability to max its own Critical Chance, Attack, Sp.Attack, and Speed; a versatile yet high Damage set of Attacks and Passives, and some of the highest base Stats of any Striker, it’s harder to come up with reasons not to use Charizard than it is to find reasons to use it. While there are niche situations where using a Tech damage dealer or other specific strikers (e.g Solgaleo against stages with damage reducing effects), and it can only deal Supereffective damage against opponents weak to fire, it hardly matters since its neutral Damage is so high. And outside of those niche situations or absolutely requiring Supereffective damage for something like a Team Strength check, Charizard is pretty much always the optimal pick for a Striker, and when it isn’t it comes close enough that it shouldn’t matter.


Incredible Versatility

Charizard’s extremely quick self-buffing of all the Stats a Striker would ever need, as well as its super fast path to Mega Evolution and varied damage types make it extremely powerful in any situation. It's incredibly strong with literally any Support pair in Single Player, and in Co-Op can be used to great effect during any stage of the game and against any Boss. 

Raw Power

With some of the highest base Attacking Stats in the game, Charizard is already a hugely powerful Striker before its incredible Attacks and downright insane self-buffing potential. After throwing its access to a 178 power move in Blast Burn and Move Gauge Refresh Passive into the equation, you get one of the highest, if not the highest damage output in the game. 

Unique Passives

If some of the best Moves and Stats in the game weren’t enough, Charizard also sports some of the most useful unique Passives. Propulsion is an interesting new Passive that combines with Charizard’s two powerful buffs to give it the single fastest route to its Sync Move (and Mega Evolution) of any pair in the game. Piercing Gaze makes up for the slight accuracy drawbacks of Heat Wave and Blast Burn, and is extremely powerful against a select few bosses that make use of bonuses to Evasiveness. Finally, Move Gauge Refresh allows Charizard to pump out its devastating Blast Burns extremely quickly with its 50% chance to regenerate a Bar of Gauge after every move it uses.



Although there are a small amount of things other Strikers can do that Charizard can’t, the pair itself has everything a Striker would ever need. Things other Strikers have over it include Solgaleo’s ability to ignore damage-reducing effects and Metagross’ ever so slightly higher Attack stat (which is pretty much irrelevant). Additionally, it's worth noting that Charizard can’t reduce opposing Pairs’ stats or apply guaranteed Status Effects like some Damage-Dealing Tech Pairs can, although that shouldn’t be its role on a team anyways. 

Team Synergy

Charizard’s versatility allows it to be a powerhouse with any Support your heart desires, but it particularly appreciates bulkier Pairs who can buy it more time to deal Damage and Pairs like Serperior who can replenish the Move Gauge and allow it to pump out more Blast Burns.

Additional Guides
Sync Workshop: Sygna Suit Red & Charizard

Table of Contents


Type Fire
109 / 130
Accuracy 90
Target All opponents
Has a very small chance of leaving the target burned.
Type Fire
123 / 147
Accuracy 100
Target An opponent
Effect Tag Recoil
Removes the frozen condition from the user. The user also takes 25% of the damage it dealt to the target. Has a very small chance of leaving the target burned.
Type Fire
178 / 213
Accuracy 90
Target An opponent
No additional effect.
0 / 0
Accuracy 0
Target Self
Uses 2
Drastically raises the user’s Sp. Atk and Speed. Lowers the user’s Defense and Sp. Def. If Charizard has Mega Evolved, also drastically raises the user’s Attack.

Sync Move

Type Fire
160 / 192
Accuracy -
Target An opponent
Effect Tag -

Become Mega Charizard X until the end of battle. Raises the user’s critical-hit rate.

Passive Skills

Propulsion 1

Has a small chance of reducing the user’s sync move countdown by one when the user’s move is successful.

Piercing Gaze

Moves never miss.

Move Gauge Refresh 4

Has a good chance of charging the user’s move gauge by one when a move is successful.

Sync Grid

Sync Grid for Sygna Suit Red & Charizard