Should You Pull #24: Burgh & Leavanny

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?


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Hello everyone, Emma Nielsen here, been a while since last time. I just wanted to steal this spotlight here to let you know that I managed to pull through my finals and it looks like i'm about to graduate, only awaiting results from my final written, and with that, I can return to what I love to do. So I wanted to give you an update and then let's proceed with the SYP's, I missed you all, but have you missed me !


Back to the topic, The Pokémon Masters Universe is now about to introduce their newest installment,  Burgh & Leavanny, at first glance, they look like a super striker with lots of fancy tools, but closer look, you realize that they do not feel like actual strikers, but more technical, is this a bad thing, or a good thing, that will show us, but what it is worth, for what it does at current time, Burgh & Leavanny is definitely an useful Sync Pair, so the question here is just how good are they?


Technical Mechanism

The first thing that comes to mind is that how "Silver Wind" raises all your overall stats, it only costs 2 gauge, but also merely 47 (56) power move. The drawback is that it's very small chance. The good part is that we have a passive. "Swag Bag 1" which gives us a better chance on buffing ourselves. 

Burgh has a support skill "Scurry Ahead!" which raises Leavanny's Defence by +1 and Speed Drastically as in +3,  using it twice will lead to maxed Speed +6, so Leavanny can definitely be very fast and spam "Silver Wind" in hopes to get all their stats raised, when I say All, I mean Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defence and Speed.

To add additional mechanics to this combination of spam attack,  Leavanny has a 2nd Passive "Speeding Sun 2" which increases the gauge rate during sunny weather, so it really feels like Leavanny just wants to go "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" with Silver Wind. 

Now when it comes to offense, Leavanny has "X Sp.Atk" to raise Sp.Atk by +4 and can use "bug buzz" which is a 99 (118)  Power move, that has a chance of reducing opponent's special defence, just like our self buffing Passive, Leavanny comes with a 3rd Passive.  "On a Roll 1" which helps Leavanny reduce opponent's special def easier, as in the it procs more frequent.

So all in all, Leavanny feels like a fast mechanic where you via Burgh's support skills reach +2 defence,  +4 Sp.Atk and +6 Speed, where you then can spam Silver Wind to get that Sp.Atk up to max, and then focus on doing some high damage with bug buzz spam, which deals more dmg as you hurt more each time opponents Sp.Def goes down. 


Silver Wind is weird. 

Okey so. Imagine you are a Special Striker. Now if we look at our moves, we already get Max Speed, then we get +4 Special Attack.  So technically Silver Wind's job here is only to raise our Sp.Atk from +4 to +6.   Like it doesn't make any sense to get +6 Attack, You can get +6 Sp.Def / Defence, but for what when you are a squishy striker to begin with. Iti s a possibility, but it just feels odd. So a person shouldn't really spam Silver Wind that much, if it was an aoe team buff, then Will & Xatu would do very great with tons of buffs.  I really feel like Leavanny should had been a Technical Sync Pair, rather than a Striker. Would be great pals with Will. 


Honestly, Leavanny sounds fun, if you get spooked by Leavanny, then have fun with Burgh.  But yeah in terms of whether you should Pull or not, I highly recommend Againts it - They are not worth your Gems if you are F2P.  Hold onto your gems.  Pinsir and Beedrill in my honest opinion way more useful as a striker than Leavanny ever will be.  I feel like Leavanny would be decent, if it had more team orientated buffs and took the role as Technical more than Striker.


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Buggy Bait,- Such 

- Acts like a Striker, but is more Technical.

- Amazing Self Buffs, but are they really needed, where is Crit?

- Definitely has uses, it's just that other Sync Pairs are more useful !

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