Should You Pull #9: Siebold & Octillery

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



Siebold & Octillery is a Technical Sync Pair that really does a lot of work and should be praised for it. They focus entirely on lowering enemy's accuracy as well as apply the status condition burn. While they are focusing on debuffing their targets they do also come with a bulky-kit which allows them to remain on the field for a good amount of time wear down any foes that you might have an issue with.


High Stats

Octillery comes with a great bulkiness, while also having access to several buffs which makes the Sync Pair even more bulky.

Siebold comes with two supportive skills "X Sp.Def" Sharply Raises Octillery's Special Defence, and  "Only the Best!" where it sharply raises both Defence and Sp.Attack

Endless Buffs

Octillery passive "Fortuitous 4!" allows Octillery to get a random buff up after each attack, as you do wish to burn several targets and reduce their overall accuracy, this will mean various buffs already applied making Octillery strong Sync Pair. 

Additional Amazing Passives

"Hostile Environment 1" allows the offensive move "Scald" to easier land the status condition burn on targets. 

"Piercing Gaze" is another passive which prevents Octillery to never miss an offensive move.


Some encounters are immune

The perks of bringing Siebold & Octillery is to wear down then enemy, if they are immune, then the efficiency of this Sync Pair will significantly drop. 

Offensive moves requires gauge

While Siebold & Octillery can dish out a lot of work, they require a lot of gauge, Octillery's offensive moves either cost two or three gauge, so this can become a lot as we do not have any means of refilling our gauge, unless an ally helps us out. Randomly increasing our speed would help us but it is unreliable and requires luck. 

Team Synergy

Siebold & Octillery fills the roles of debuffing the targets extremely well, if we take our recent Mewtwo event as an example, In the event after the very first enemy sync, Mewtwo would buff up and start one shotting everyone. Octillery's Accuracy down could make Mewtwo miss one or two moves, as they are all one shots, it can be game changing dodging just one move. So when it comes to team synergy, Siebold & Octillery should be looked as a Sync Pair who might save your team from harm. To enhance the playstyle of Siebold & Octillery it is recommended that you use allies who either can help on refilling the gauge or increase Speed to allow faster gauge recovery.


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Yes you should pull.

- Limited Sync Pair, for those who likes to collect don't miss out!

- Amazing Technical Bulky Sync Pair

- Hit or miss, guess they never miss huh? - They do now!

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