A Day with Clair


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Chapter Part 0
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Single or Co-op Single-Player
Story Type Sync Pair Stories
Quest Type Story
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Yes! That’s it! Now attack like you mean it!

(Player headed to the caves to meet up with Clair and her Kingdra. When they arrived, [EN:Gen Ref='255' M='he' F='she' ] found them training together.)

Took you long enough, Player.

I don’t have time to wait around for people all day. When I ask you to meet me, I expect you to come immediately. OK?

[Option 1] Are you busy with something?

[Option 1] Me? A Gym Leader on the same level as the Elite Four?! Of course I’m busy!

[Option 2] OK... I’m sorry.

[Option 2] Well, I suppose I could forgive you just this once. I’m feeling nice today.

... ... ...

I heard some good news. Lance is here on Pasio now.

You may have heard of him.

He’s the Champion of the Indigo Plateau Pokémon League...

and he’s also my cousin.

Lance has always treated me like a child, so to be honest, I can’t say I’m his biggest fan.

My Kingdra and his Dragonite have a bit of a history together as well.

Back when Kingdra was still a little Horsea, she fought against Dragonite with all her might.

Look, just hearing Dragonite’s name is getting her all worked up...

Anyway, our confidence took a huge hit after that match with Lance.

I was still a child back then. We didn’t stand a chance against him.

I have dreams about that day every once in a while, even now.

Heh heh... Lance didn’t get the last laugh in the end, though.

We stood our ground and managed to get one good hit in before he beat us. The look of surprise on Lance’s face was priceless!

We gave him a good scare that day, didn’t we, Kingdra? A real Water Gun in the eye!

[Option 1] Wow, how awesome!

[Option 1] I know. The two of us have been a powerful team ever since we were children.

[Option 2] Water Gun, huh? I see what you did there.

[Option 2] What? I assure you, you did not! Silly jokes are beneath me...

Anyway! Horsea continued to give her all for me, eventually evolving into the magnificent Kingdra you see here now.

Kingdra generally live deep below the ocean’s surface and are rarely seen in the wild, you know.

Even Lance hasn’t been able to fully utilize the power of his Kingdra.

I, and I alone, have accomplished that! I should be known as the world’s best dragon master.

To tell you the truth, the thought of being known as the best is a little unnerving... but I won’t complain.

[Option 1] You’re really strong, Clair.

[Option 1] I suppose hearing that from you gives me a little more confidence.

[Option 2] Let’s both do our best.

[Option 2] Hmm... You and I? Train together? I suppose I could get behind that. Thank you. For thinking of me.

You know, I think I feel better now, after talking all of that out with you. I feel like I’ve got my emotions in order now, at least.

I believe I can trust you as a fellow Trainer.

Something tells me the two of us are going to soar to greater heights together, like a pair of Dragon Pokémon.

Can I count on you?

[Option 1] You can count on me as a friend!

[Option 1] Thank you! It’ll be good to have you around.

[Option 2] You can count on me as a partner!

[Option 2] Right, then. Let’s soar to greater heights together!

I think Kingdra is happy about this arrangement as well.

You might still be an up-and-coming Trainer, Player...

but something about being around you mysteriously seems to put my heart at ease.