A Day with Hilbert


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Chapter Part 0
XP 0
Coins 0
Single or Co-op Single-Player
Story Type Sync Pair Stories
Quest Type Story
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(One day, Player saw Hilbert while walking through the city.)
(Hilbert was surrounded by all sorts of Pokémon, including his partner, Oshawott.)

[Option 1] What’s going on?

[Option 1] Whoa! Player! I didn’t see you there!

[Option 2] That’s a lot of Pokémon!

[Option 2] Whoa! Player! I didn’t see you there!

Ha ha, yeah. I was wondering what I was going to do with all these.

Before I realized it, these Pokémon were following me.

There aren’t any wild Pokémon on Pasio, right?

If that’s true, there must be a lot of Trainers out there looking for their Pokémon right now.

Do you think you could help me find all of their Trainers, Player?

[Option 1] Sure!

[Option 1] Great! Thank you so much!

[Option 2] No way! That’s way too much trouble!

[Option 2] Whoa, Oshawott! Calm down! Sorry, I guess he wants you to help us out.

You’ll help me? Really? Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

Let’s first ask around to every Trainer we come across.

Maybe we can find some clues that way!

I can’t thank you enough! We were able to get all those Pokémon back to their Trainers, thanks to you!

But I wonder why they got separated to begin with? They all mentioned seeing some suspicious Trainers going around.

[Option 1] It might be those knuckleheads with the masks.

[Option 2] Maybe there are bad Trainers about?

Oh, you may be right. I didn’t think of that possibility.

If that’s the case, maybe it was for the best that those Pokémon gathered around me.

I’ve been to all sorts of regions, training my Pokémon and testing my abilities.

Oshawott looks like he wants to get stronger, as well.

I’ve had Oshawott since he was an Egg.

I found that Egg a while back, after I had left a Samurott I had at a Pokémon Day Care.

I think he wants to be like my Samurott. I can’t blame him. Samurott is really strong.

I want to help Oshawott and make his dream to become a strong Samurott come true.

Seeing those Pokémon and Trainers separated from each other got me thinking.

Trainers and Pokémon don’t really do well on their own, do they?

Ah, sorry. Guess I’m just starting to ramble now.

You’re such a good listener that I got carried away.

That reminds me. You want to be stronger, right?

[Option 1] Yup!

[Option 1] Then it might be a good thing that we teamed up!

[Option 2] No no, not stronger. Strongest!

[Option 2] Then it might be a good thing that we teamed up!

I think we’re on the same wavelength!

I’m sure we’ll be tagging along at least until Oshawott reaches his full potential.

I’m with you not only as your teammate but also as a friend and rival!

So here’s to us!