A Day with Rosa


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Chapter Part 0
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Single or Co-op Single-Player
Story Type Sync Pair Stories
Quest Type Story
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(Player entered a clearing in the forest and heard Rosa’s voice nearby.)

“All right! I’ll show you how it’s done!”

“Why? ’Cause I’m the most powerful Trainer in the world! That’s why!”

[Option 1] You sound just like Blue!

[Option 1] Oh! Hi, Player! Was my imitation pretty close? Tee-hee!

[Option 1] You guessed correctly! I was trying to do Blue’s voice.

[Option 2] You’re a little off.

[Option 2] Oh! Hi, Player! Tee-hee! Guess I’ve been discovered.

[Option 2] I was trying to imitate Blue’s voice, but it’s pretty hard!

See, Snivy and I have been practicing our acting skills!

Not many people know this, but I actually did some movie acting for a little while back in the Unova region.

[Option 1] You’re a movie star?!

[Option 1] Oh, no! Nothing like that!

[Option 2] Are you an actress?

[Option 2] Oh, no! Nothing like that!

In Unova, there’s this awesome place called Pokéstar Studios where movies are made.

And Snivy and I acted together in some of the movies produced there.

[Option 1] Tee-hee! Thank you!

[Option 2] I’d love to watch them!

[Option 2] Tee-hee! Maybe someday!

If you ever visit the Unova region...

I’ll definitely give you a tour!

Anyway, Snivy and I have been keeping on top of our acting skills so that we can star in another movie someday.

But recently I realized something.

When you break it all down, acting is a lot like imitating other people. You just do whatever they would do!

In other words, if I try to act just like the Trainers I battle against...

or just imitate lots of other Trainers in general...

maybe I can learn to do all sorts of new things, too! Just like them! The possibilities are endless!

After all, if you want to act like someone else, you have to put yourself in their shoes. You learn how they think and how they battle.

[Option 1] That totally makes sense!

[Option 1] Yeah! We could try it out together if you want, Player.

[Option 2] Sounds like fun!

[Option 2] Yeah! We could try it out together if you want, Player.

It’s OK if you’ve never acted before! Snivy will be keeping an eye on you!

[Option 1] Snivy?

[Option 1] Snivy’s got a great eye! She can tell if you’re totally in character or not.

[Option 2] What do you mean?

[Option 2] Snivy’s got a great eye! She can tell if you’re totally in character or not.

See, your aura kinda changes when you take on a role and you really embody that character.

And little Snivy here is ultra sensitive to that sort of thing!

I think it’s, of those things that only a Pokémon can truly sense, you know?

Snivy’s always on the lookout—even during Pokémon battles! She watches her opponents really carefully.

[Option 1] What a good partner!

[Option 1] I know, right?! I think so, too!

[Option 2] She’s like a director.

[Option 2] I know, right?! I think so, too!

The next time we battle against you...

Snivy and I will have to study the way you do things, too, Player! So that we can imitate you someday!

I’ll always be me in the end, though! That’s never gonna change!

I’ll study a bunch of Trainers and learn what I can from imitating them, but I’m not just gonna copy whatever they do.

I’m gonna take all that new knowledge and experience and use it to flavor my OWN battle style! And I’m gonna win!