A Day with Roxanne


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Chapter Part 0
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Single or Co-op Single-Player
Story Type Sync Pair Stories
Quest Type Story
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(Player had been called to a cave by Roxanne.)
(Roxanne said she had something to discuss with Player.)

My sincerest apologies for summoning you here so suddenly.

The truth is, Player, I would like to borrow some of your wisdom, if I may.

[Option 1] Sure, ask me anything!

[Option 1] Thank you so much!

[Option 1] I had a feeling you would say that.

[Option 2] Can I be of use to you?

[Option 2] Why, of course you can!

[Option 2] You can be an immense help to me, Player.

As for why I’ve asked you here, it’s about the Trainers’ School in Rustboro City.

I’ve been given the opportunity to instruct some more junior Trainers.

I’m having trouble thinking of what sort of problems I could give them that would make for an enjoyable, educational experience.

I’m thinking of doing a hands-on lesson.

I thought that escaping a cave such as this one would be a good start, but I haven’t thought of what should come next.

I’ve asked Nosepass for advice, but she just stays quiet and faces north.

[Option 1] Why north?

[Option 1] Nosepass is magnetic, so that’s typical behavior.

[Option 2] Maybe she’s worried.

[Option 2] That could be, but facing north is also typical Nosepass behavior.

Her magnetic nose is always facing north, and she can also control magnetism.

If you lose your way, as long as Nosepass is with you, you’ll know roughly which direction you’re headed.

When you’re on a journey, her behavior can be quite useful!

[Option 1] If the lesson were on escaping from a cave...

[Option 1] Yes, that’s it!

[Option 2] Maybe it could be useful not just when you’re traveling?

[Option 2] When we’re not traveling? Is there some other way Nosepass’s compass could prove useful?

[Option 2] ...

[Option 2] Of course! A lesson on escaping from a cave!

Nosepass’s habit of facing north and her capacity to control magnetism...

Both are perfect for a lesson on how to escape from a cave!

[Option 1] I think her facing north is good.

[Option 1] If students use her habit of facing north...

[Option 1] I think I could make a maze that requires them to use Nosepass as a compass!

[Option 2] I think her controlling magnetism is good.

[Option 2] If the students use her power to control magnetism...

[Option 2] I could design a maze that makes them use Nosepass to escape from a cave tinged with magnetism!

Thank you so much, Player!

With such an exciting lesson, I’m sure the students will enjoy it!

I knew consulting you was the right answer!

[Option 1] It’s all thanks to Nosepass.

[Option 1] Thank you, too, Nosepass.

[Option 2] I’m glad you solved your problem!

[Option 2] Thank you, too, Nosepass.

Thanks to you, I was able to find the correct answer to my problem.

I was only thinking about what sort of lesson to give some junior Trainers.

Now I realized I’ve learned quite a bit myself!

There’s still so much for me to learn from you and Nosepass, Player!