The Truth Comes to Light

Chapter 7

Story Detail
Chapter Part 1
XP 0
Coins 0
Single or Co-op Single-Player
Story Type Main Story
Quest Type Story
Story Difficulty Normal

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This weather is beautiful! It’s a perfect day for a Pokémon battle.

Hey, Brendan? Didn’t you say you were gonna introduce us to a PML Leader? Who is it? Tell us!

Oh, yeah! I guess I should fill you in.

We’re going to go meet Norman, a Gym Leader from the Hoenn region.

Norman? You mean...THAT Norman?! know this person, too?

Do I know him? He’s another Gym Leader from the same region as me, and he’s Brendan’s dad!

[Option A] Your dad?!

[Option A] Yup. Guess I forgot to mention that part! He’s a really strong Trainer, so we gotta get focused.

[Option A] We sure do!

[Option B] Now this sounds fun!

[Option B] Yeah, I can hardly wait, either!

A man in pursuit of power... It should come as no surprise that someone like him would be chosen to be a PML Leader.

Heh. I gotta admit, it makes me happy to hear you talk about my dad like that.

Come on. I’ll take you guys to him!