Pokemon Masters News #01 - Event Announcement 9/2 + Launch Celebration Campaign!

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Pokémon Masters News #01

Check out the video link to the Official Pokémon Masters Channel's announcement, published on 8/26/2019!

New Story Event: Reach for the Top

  • New event featuring the Sync Pair, Blue & Pidgeot, will be available for a limited time! The Sync Pair can also be scouted presumably on a rate up banner for the Sync Pair during this period.
  • Event Period: 9/2/2019 23:00 ~ 9/29/2019 22:59 PDT (28 days!)
  • In the future, we can expect two types of Events:
    • Training Events
    • Story Events
  • Both will provide a limited opportunity to obtain in-game items!
  • Reach for the Top will be a Story Event. More information on Story Events can be found below!

Launch Celebration

  • Period: 8/28/2019 23:00 ~ 10/16/2019 22:59 PDT (7 weeks!)
  • Apparently via the Launch Celebration campaign, players will obtain enough gems to scout 10 times (up to 3,000 gems), although it is not mentioned in the video how this will be distributed (smaller amounts across days, or as a single bonus).
  • Additional Launch Celebration Missions will be made available, which will provide items that can be used to power up Sync Pairs!


In summary:

  • Reach for the Top Event starts 9/2/19 23:00 PDT and lasts for 28 days.
  • Launch Celebration campaign starts 8/28/19 23:00 PDT and lasts for 7 weeks.
  • The Official Pokémon Masters Channel says this News video is the first in a series of 3 that will be released, and to stay tuned for more announcements!
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