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Content Director at GamePress. Passionate about fighting games, virtual/augmented reality technology, neuroengineering, and video games in general. Classical Piano Performance, Sprite Art, and Under Night In-Birth enthusiast.

Articles Worked On

Upcoming Content Report 5/25/2020: 3 New June Sync Pairs! Sygna Suit Grimsley, Dawn, and Burgh!
Upcoming Content Report 4/27/2020: 4 New May Sync Pairs! Jasmine, Wallace, Wally, and Silver (Plus x3 Gen 1 Starter Pokemon for Player character)
Upcoming Content Report 3/23/2020: Three New April Sync Pairs! Team Skull's Guzma & Plumeria + Gym Leader Clemont
Upcoming Content Report 2/21/2020: March New Sync Pairs + Evolutions - 21 New Pairs Total!
Sync Grid Tool Test [noair]
Sync Grid Planner Tool
Upcoming Content Report 12/25/2019: January New Sync Pairs & Scout Banner Schedule
Tier List Change Log - 12/23/2019 (Support List Re-tiering)
Legendary Event: Lurking Shadow Event Guide (Giovanni Event)
Tier List Change Log - 10/17/2019 (Elesa & Zebstrika, Tier List Rehaul)
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Pryce (Very Hard)
New EX Challenge: Pryce Added!
Evolution Rally
Pokemon Masters Producer Letter #2 - Upcoming Schedule, Improved Rewards
Upcoming Content Report 10/10/2019: Mission List Changes
Co-op Battle Rally
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Korrina (Very Hard)
The Girl in Black and White Event Guide (Hilda Event)
Pokemon Masters App Update Ver 1.2.0 - 9/25/2019
Upcoming Content Report 9/25/2019: October Sync Pairs and Banner Schedule!
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Flannery (Very Hard)
Upcoming Content Report 9/23/2019: Moves with HP/Move Gauge-dependent Stat Boosts
Minor Game Design Update - 9/19/2019
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Barry (Very Hard)
App Update 9/13 - Sync Pairs affected by Changes to Dire Hit
Water-Type Training Event Guide
Grass-Type Training Event Guide
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Erika (Very Hard)
Rock-Type Training Event Guide
Pokemon Masters App Update Ver 1.1.1 - 9/6/2019
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Brock (Very Hard)
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Rosa (Very Hard)
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Skyla (Very Hard)
Guide: Preparing for Co-op
Reach for the Top (Blue Event) Guide - 9/2/2019 (Updated)
Global Launch Celebration Campaign Guide and Mission List - 8/29/2019
Pokemon Masters News #01 - Event Announcement 9/2 + Launch Celebration Campaign!
Tier List Change Log (v0.0010) - 8/16/2019
Tier List Change Log - 8/14/2019
Tier List Change Log - 8/7/2019
Tier List Change Log - 7/29/2019