Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom

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Table of Contents

Support Tier 2
Analysis by Svidrigailov


Pokemon Info

Type Electric
Weak Vs Dark
Role Support
Base Potential
Gender Genderless
Max Potential

Pokemon Description

Research continues on this Pokémon, which could be the power source of a unique motor.

Table of Contents


HP 99
DEF 17
Sp. ATK 13
Sp. DEF 17
Speed 14
HP 479
ATK 99
DEF 261
Sp. ATK 204
Sp. DEF 261
Speed 280
Bulk 696

Table of Contents

Pokemon Analysis


Rotom is an immensely bulky Support Pair with a powerful set of tools in its moveset that allow it to be an excellent enabler for most Specially offensive Strikers. Its Passive “Look Alive 9” combines with its titanic bulk to give it some of the best longevity of any Support in the game, making it ideal for Supporting frailer Tech Pairs and Strikers. On top of being one of the game’s premier meat shields, Rotom also packs a pair of incredible buffing Moves in X Sp.Atk and “Breathtaking!”. Not many other pairs can raise Accuracy or lower Sync Move count, let alone while also raising the immensely important Sp.Atk and Critical Hit Chance stats.


Versatile Buffs

While Sp.Atk and Accuracy are extremely useful Buffs, not all Sync Pairs can benefit from them, so buffing them can lower a Support’s versatility. However, Rotom also provides two universal and extremely powerful Stat Boosts on top of those two: Critical Hit Chance and Sync Move Count. 

Great Survivability

Rotom has two major factors contributing to its incredible longevity. Firstly, its Passive “Look Alive 9” quickly adds up to a massive Evasion boost that allows it to dodge attacks more often than not. Past that, just being one of the game’s bulkiest pairs by virtue of its sheer defense stats gives it the ability to easily weather a great deal of damage even before its passive kicks in.


Lack of Gauge Boost/Defense Buffs

Rotom’s buffs are quite versatile, but it is rarely optimal on teams that can already get their Striker to +6 Atk/Sp.Atk and Maximum Critical Chance without it. This is because it has no way to Increase its ally’s Defenses or replenish the move Gauge, and all of its Buffs except the Sync Move wait reduction are lost on those teams.

Team Synergy

Rotom is a great fit for a wide variety of teams built around Special Attacking Strikers. It on its own can provide them with both the Crit Chance and Sp.Atk to deal the damage they need to all by itself, leaving a third slot for another Support on Move Gauge replenishing or Defense Buffing duty.

Table of Contents


Type Electric
17 / 20
Accuracy 100
Target An opponent
Has a very small chance of leaving the target paralyzed.
0 / 0
Accuracy 0
Target All allies
Uses 2
Sharply raises the Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs.
0 / 0
Accuracy 0
Target An ally
Uses 1
Reduces the sync move countdown of an allied sync pair by two and raises the accuracy and critical-hit rate of the sync pair selected. Sharply raises accuracy and critical-hit rate when the user’s team has a sync buff.
Type Electric
124 / 148
Accuracy 70
Target An opponent
Never misses when the weather is rainy. Has a moderate chance of leaving the target paralyzed.

Sync Move

Type Electric
250 / 300
Accuracy -
Target An opponent
Effect Tag -

No additional effect.

Passive Skills

Look Alive 9

Increases the user’s evasiveness when the user is hit by an attack move.

Fast Runner

Evasiveness cannot be lowered.

Team Skills

Electric Support
Form a team with two or more sync pairs that share the same type.
Raises the maximum HP of all allied sync pairs by [Value].
- Lv1: +30
- Lv2: +40
- Lv3: +50
- Lv4: +60
Unova Support
Form a team with two or more sync pairs that share the same theme.
Raises the maximum HP of all allied sync pairs by [Value].
- Lv1: +4
- Lv2: +7
- Lv3: +10
- Lv4: +13

Sync Grid

Sync Grid for Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom