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Upcoming Sync Pairs 11/28/2022: Kalos Master Fairs & Winter Seasonals
Upcoming Sync Pairs 10/27/2022: Unova Villain Arc
Tier List Change Log: October 2022
Upcoming Sync Pairs 9/26/2022: Fall Seasonals & More!
Tier List Change Log: 3-Year Anniversary
Upcoming Sync Pairs 8/25/2022: 3-Year Anniversary
Tier List Change Log: August 2022
Upcoming Sync Pairs 8/8/2022: Hoenn Villain Arc Part 2
Upcoming Sync Pairs 7/27/2022: Hoenn Villain Arc Part 1
Tier List Change Log: May to July 2022
Upcoming Sync Pairs 6/28/2022: Summer 2022 Seasonals
Upcoming Sync Pairs 5/26/2022: Johto Villain Arc Part 2
Upcoming Sync Pairs 4/27/2022: Johto Villain Arc & Sinnoh Champion Stadium
Tier List Change Log: April 2022
Upcoming Sync Pairs 3/29/2022: New Special Costume Event
Tier List Change Log: 2.5 Year Anniversary Update
Upcoming Sync Pairs 3/15/2022: 2.5 Year Anniversary Part II
Upcoming Sync Pairs 2/24/2022: 2.5 Year Anniversary Part I
Tier List Change Log: Pre-Anniversary Update
Upcoming Sync Pairs 1/27/2022: Palentines Seasonal & New Sygna Suits!
Tier List Change Log: Mid-January
Tier List Change Log - New Year Update
Upcoming Sync Pairs 12/21/2021: New Year Seasonals & More!
Tier List Change Log - 12/01/2021
Upcoming Sync Pairs 11/24/2021: Christmas Seasonals & More!
Tier List Change Log - 11/19/2021 (Full Revamp)
Upcoming Sync Pairs 10/27/2021: Special Costume Event Seasonals
Upcoming Sync Pairs 09/28/2021: More Sygna Suits and Halloween Seasonals
Upcoming Content Report 08/14/2021: Red & Snorlax, Blue & Aerodactyl
Upcoming Content Report 08/26/2021: Anniversary Sync Pairs
Upcoming Content Report 07/28/2021: New Legendaries, Max Move, Poké Fair Banners
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