Should You Pull #21: Plumeria & Salazzle

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



A Poisonous Speedy Pokémon Appears in Masters, let's welcome Plumeria & Salazzle to the universe. At first glance they seem to be an interesting Sync Pair whom focuses on poisoning the opponents as well as having access to AoE skills, High Speed Base with Speed Buffs, so Spamming AoE hits will be possible, but sadly at closer glance, the chances of applying Poison is low, and it is not Badly Poison, so even if applied, won't do much but regardless let's look into it.


Self Buffs

Plumeria brings a twist to the gauge-self buffs, instead of using gauge, She buffs accordingly to the Gauge. . Here is a screenshot to show.  

Gauge buffs

Special AoE Poison Move

This is the first time we are getting an AoE Poison Attack Move, sadly it is low chance, and it isn't badly poison. 


Badly Poison isn't there.

Perhaps Sync Grid will change this, I hope so. But Badly Poison. is very important for a Poison user, this means that Koga & Crobat are way better. they are a Technical Sync Pair. Badly Poison stacks up and deals a lot of damage, with how Crobat has access to Evasion, and can stall encounter, the Badly Poison will do way more damage then what Plamuria & Salazzle ever will. 


The AoE aspect is amazing, but as long as Koga & Crobat shadows every poison Sync Pairs, I can't recommend you other Sync Pairs until they release something that beats Koga & Crobat. Therefore save your gems this time around. There is a chance that Plumeria will have a very decent Sync Grid. so in terms of AoE she might shine, but not having Badly Poison is incredible sad.


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Use Koga & Crobat

- Does AoE Damage but low chance of applying Poison

- it's normal Poison not Badly Poison

- Stats are low, and can't stall encounter like Koga & Crobat can.

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