Should You Pull #23: Wallace & Milotic

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



A new Technical Sync Pair is now out in the Pokémon Masters Universe. Wallace & Milotic, at first glance, the overview looks amazing, seems like a huge health pool and decent defensive stats, while the offensive department is lacking, indicating Milotic being a defensive Sync Pair. Closer look at moves shows that they are low powered, but with additional effects, combined with passives, it shows Milotic to be a Sync Pair who focuses on trapping and tipping health off enemies, slowly but steady taking them down. Personal opinion of this Sync Pair is that Milotic looks fancy, but feels very lacklusting, especially when you find out that you must use your Sync Move to merely self-regen, which is a big con in my book. 


Can Stall

With how defensive and huge health pool Milotic has, will definitely be a Pokémon who can stall, if this is the idea you wish to go for. In Co-op you can take 2 x hits, and then use sync move to self-regen where the opponent will keep targetting you for additional two attacks. 

Unique Debuff Reflecting Mechanic

Wallace comes with an unique support skill, which allows you to reflect status conditions back to the enemy, the way it works is that the position of your Sync Pairs corresponds to the opponent side's Pokémon, such as  Left Pokémon will reflect to opponent's Left Pokémon, Center for Center, and right for right. This is incredible huge, if you were to face an encounter who loves to constantly debuff. But at the same time, it is also incredible Niche. Wallace Relies on enemy bringing the debuffs to the field to take advantage of them, so it is a great move with an "If" condition. as in Reflect Debuffs, "if" they are applied.


Mechanic has it's flaws

Overall Milotic has a lot of mechanics, but they are all flawed. You need to apply "Trapped" debuff on enemy, just to do mediocore damage, while also having horrible offensive stats, and if someone were to self-regen, it requires you to consume your sync move, so it feels like a lot of Gauge and Sync Moves wasted, just to try to make Milotic work.


If I can describe Milotic with few words, I would call her "High Maintenance Girl" - She just requires a lot of resources to work that I do not feel it's worth it. Another Sync Pair would either disrupt the enemy way more, such as Toxic Crobat, or Alolan Persian / Liepard, or if we were to consume Sync Moves, I would prefer getting a Mega-Evolution. So High Maintenance and Little Work. But if you do have Milotic, I do think it will be a fun experience, can definitely work, I just do not feel the used resources are worth it for the work she does.


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Biggest Bait,- Such a Gold Digger

- Has a lot of Mechanics, but requires a lot of resources to work

- Incredible Defensive, but requires Sync Move just to self heal. 

- She seems fun, and that's it. 

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