Should You Pull #25: Serena & Delphox

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



Serena is finally here! My waifu rocks yours is trash (Cynthia). Back to topic. Serena finally makes an entry to the universe of Pokémon Masters at first sight, she feels a bit lack luster which gives you an idea of how strong her flames really can be, we already have several fire Sync Pairs, so it's not that she is a must have, but upon further looking up, her skills and passives comes with a great combination, so if you are not set with a decent Fire Striker now, then Serena should be the one to receive.  


A constant self-buffing offensive Fire Striker

Just like Brendan and his partner's leaf storm, a great damaging ability often comes with a great cost, which is -2 Sp.Atk each use, to counter this one can use "Dauntless" from Cookies, or unlock "Impervious" I try not to involve Sync Grids in SYP's as it's meant to be initial though process from before pulling.  But this time it is important to note that she has access to spam her offensive move by ignoring the cost.  Her passive "Stat Leech 4" gives her a chance of reducing opponents stats, meanwhile doing so Delphox will gain similarly stat boost back, making her an excellent power house over time as the battles gets dragged out. 

AoE Sleep

Many of you might not have known this, but eairly stages of Pokémon Masters the japanese Meta was dominated by Mega-Gengar, as they would put targets to sleep and just end the encounters, since a sleeping enemy can't use moves thus they can't use their Sync Moves, Delphos comes with a new passive "Go Viral 9", the "9" indicates the skill level as in it's max profficiency, so it applies 100% status conditions to rest of the enemies, now whether they miss/resist requires testing, but it will 100% always attempt to apply sleep on all targets, so it's not a question of chance.  Delphox can lock entire enemy team from using any moves, which meakes this passive one of the strongest technical skills in the entire game.


Doesn't have burn.

at first glance, one could say "it doesn't matter if she has burn or not" but technically speaking, it actually would helped her greatly with her damage output if she could AoE burn targets too.  The Fire department of Pokémon Masters is already full with decent Fire Sync Pairs, so it is very saddening to realize that we do not have access to AoE burn. 

Not the best offensive stats

In terms of Sync Pairs Serena currently has 42 highest Sp.Atk. 269 Sp.Atk at lv 120. This is decent but not that great. So while I'm still recommending Serena. do make note that you might already have decent Fire Sync Pairs. 


The most important thing about this sync pair is AoE Sleep. It was Meta in JP eairly stages of Pokémon Masters, will this Meta return?  Serena isn't needed as a Fire Striker, so you can hold onto your gems, but if AoE sleep really turns out well, it can be abused in so many scenarious, that I have to give it a seal of approval. 


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:


-  Waifu

- Great Offensive Fire Striker

- AoE Sleep is huge.

- Do note that you might already have Decent Fire Strikers, which means pulling is not a MUST. 

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