Should You Pull #3: Hilda & Tepig

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?

Sync Pair Analysis


Hilda is finally here, completing the BW Squad. Hilda comes with her partner Tepig, who can evolve twice for the final evolution of Emboar. Tepig can evolve at 30 and then again at 45.  

Hilda  & Emboar are an amazing Physical Fire Striker Sync Pair--one of the best. They come with high Physical Attack and Health. Fire Blitz’s Recoil means Hilda is similar to Brendan and Olivia, in that she’s a strong Striker who does very well for quick burst / early encounters but tends to fall off in a prolonged battle (unlike Lycanroc who still can keep going). 


Strong Start

Right off the bat, Emboar can use Flare Blitz which has 123-147 Power. This amazing Damage output comes with the drawback of Recoil, but luckily the rest of their toolkit covers the drawbacks. 

Healing and Health

“Potion” can Restore Emboar’s Health twice, and “First Aid 4” Restores a little more Health when in a pinch.

Hilda & Emboar are one of the healthiest Pairs in the game with 758 HP. If one were to 20/20 Golden Ticket them, this would go up to 858 HP. 



Hilda & Emboars toolkit is it’s own weakness because there is a limit on what they can do. In so a prolonged battle they will end up giving up in the end, so they shouldn’t be used if a specific encounter is very long.

Team Synergy

Stat Buffers

With “Try and Stop Us!”, if the user’s Speed has been raised, this Move will increase Attack by double the amount. This means that Hilda can use “Flame Charge” to Speed up, but this is not recommended unless Emboar needs to be Unfrozen since the Damage output is low.

Support Pairs “X Speed All” are good Teammate options, but Lyra & Meganium are even better because they Buff Attack, Speed and Critical Hit Rate.


Hilda & Emboar can be compared to Roark and Phoebe due to the Recoil, so everyone should know beforehand what they are getting themselves into. Phoebe is definitely one of the strongest Support Pairs so while Recoil might have its drawbacks, it’s still a lot of Damage. 


You should pull Hilda & Emboar. It’s currently the strongest Fire Pair, so what are you waiting for? Pull her soon and by soon, I mean now! 

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