Sync Spotlight/Should You Pull?: Volkner & Luxray

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?

What Does It Do?

Luxray is a highly unique pair in that it single-handedly enables the powerful but niche mono Electric archetype. Decent status spreading abilities and the defensive bonuses granted by its grid make it a usable (if mediocre) generic tank, but the pair’s real selling point is that sweet Terrain damage boost. On a team built around this mechanic, Pokemon Masters’ generally subpar Electric Strikers finally get a chance to shine with their very own “weather boost” as well as the genuinely impressive dps Luxray is able to contribute. Beyond this, Luxray remains a solid enough tech in its own right who, while still outclassed offensively by Koga and defensively by Mew on other teams, is much more than a one trick pony Terrain setter. Any tech sporting this level of utility (Accuracy boosts, damage reduction, healing, Paralysis, and Flinch) on top of at least passable stats is always going to be usable, and Luxray is no exception.

How Do I Use It? (Grid, Lucky Skills, And Comps):

Beyond the core of universally incredible nodes every Luxray set borderline requires, the pair can be further specialized in two directions: offensive and defensive. While neither build is quite fit to act as a competitive main Striker/Tank, both of them greatly amplify Luxray’s abilities as a supportive sideman which can cater to any variety of Terrain team. 

Firstly, the skeleton of must-have nodes on Luxray’s grid include Turbocharge, Terrain Mp Refresh, and Electrorepulsion, all of which are positioned conveniently near to one another for minimum energy wastage. From here, the build splits between the offensively oriented Wild Charge sets and the general use Thunder Fang tanks. Because of the high energy costs Luxray’s best nodes come with, neither build is able to unlock everything it wants to, so you’ll have to choose which skills are most useful to your team comp. Wild Charge sets are built from a combination of Standfast 5, Power Induction 3, Charge Gauge Refresh, Catalytic Cure, and Superdupereffective, sometimes foregoing even Electrorepulsion in order to pack as many of these in as possible. Just as that build focuses on picking up anything that increases dps, the more generally applicable but significantly less enjoyable Thunder Fang tank wants any node that helps keep it and its Striker alive. That means Shock Recovery as well as either First Aid 4 for maximum survivability or Thunder Fang Gauge Refresh for improved supportive utility. 

As boosting Electric type’s dps is the gimmick Luxray was designed around, it should invariably be used with a powerful Electric type Striker like Zebstrika or Alolan Raichu who can take advantage of Terrain. Beyond this, Rotom is an excellent choice for maximizing type skills, while aoe offensive Supports like Clefairy and Blastoise can supplement Luxray’s subpar self buffs without compromising their primary roles. 

Is It Worth Pulling?

No: Although Luxray’s niche isn’t necessarily a weak one, and the pair is certainly excellent at its role, the complete irrelevance of teams built around Electric types to the meta makes pulling it difficult to justify. When supereffective Electric damage is required, players will generally be just as well off with a solid defensive core like Mew-Swanna or Blastoise-Venusaur as they would with a Luxray focused team.

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