Sync Workshop: Flannery & Torkoal

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Flannery and Torkoal exemplify the strategy of death by a thousand cuts, with a rapid and cost-efficient damage model that is accentuated by her Sync Grid. The two key Sync Grid nodes are: Burn Synergy 5 and Critical Strike 5. When combined, each critical hit landed on a burned target does 2.25x more damage, assuming ceteris paribus. The Ember Power +4 nodes are the building blocks of Torkoal’s heightened damage output, owing to Ember’s low starting power. Each unlocked node increases Torkoal’s base damage output by about 20 to 25 percent, which would scale drastically after factoring in the percentage boosts from the aforementioned nodes.

Sync Grid Build 1: 2/5 Budget Build

Because Flannery is a Campaign Sync Pair, her Sync Grid can only reach Level 2 as of writing time. This was improved in the Steel Type Training Event, which released the 3* Tech Candy, though its limited availability means players might be better off saving it for other Tech Sync Pairs. The sample Grid listed above applies the aforementioned key ingredients of her Sync Grid in practice.

Players who look at the full Sync Grid may notice a second Burn Synergy 5 and get enticed by it. However, this is not recommended simply because of the opportunity cost. 2 Burn Synergy 5 provides less power than the aforementioned combo, and costs quite a bit of Sync Grid Energy.

Most of the remaining Energy is spent on the Ember Power +4 nodes in the top right arm of the Sync Grid so as to maximize Torkoal’s damage output. This layout leaves 10 Energy for the player to distribute as he/she sees fit. Players can save up for the top Sync Power +25 node (5 Energy), Fortuitous 4 node (10 Energy), or Solar Shield node (7 Energy) when they get unlocked at Level 3; or go for one more Ember Power +4 and a Move Point Refresh node.

Sync Grid Build 2: Burn Spam Striker

The sample Grid listed, meant for a 3/5 or higher Torkoal, focuses mainly on unlocking both Sync Power +25 nodes while still retaining access to the two key nodes in Burn Synergy 5 and Critical Strike 5. This variant trades Ember Power +4 for Will O Wisp accuracy and a Too Hot to Handle! MP Refresh 3. The former basically eliminates the chance of missing a Will O Wisp, while the latter allows Torkoal to maximize its Critical Hit rate when successful, which reduces Torkoal’s reliance on Support Sync Pairs.

Players who aren’t particularly interested in MP Refresh can drop it and the bottom Sync Power +25 node for the Ember Power +4 nodes discarded by the previous build. This provides Torkoal with a more balanced power boost across both Ember and its Sync Move.

Sync Grid Build 3: Co-Op Support

The sample given above aims to turn Torkoal into a Dusknoir-esque passer, picking up a Sync Power +25 on the way to unlocking the Fortuitous 4 node. This would help increase the number of boosts that Torkoal may pass to its incoming teammate when it is KOed. However, this would mean sacrificing the Burn Synergy 5 node in favor of maximizing Torkoal’s regular damage output.

Lucky Skills

Passive Skill
Passive Skill
Passive Skill
Passive Skill

Critical Strike 2 serves as a basic Lucky Skill that works well with the Too Hot to Handle! MP Refresh 3 node to increase Torkoal’s damage output. The next two skills, Power Flux and Fast-Track, make use of Torkoal's low Gauge usage to great effect. Power Flux 3 works well off of Torkoal’s Ember, since players are often able to remain at near full Move Gauge. Players can opt to pick up the Ember Move Gauge Refresh node to fully exploit this mechanic. Fast-Track 2, on the other hand, makes use of Ember’s high repeatability to increase Torkoal’s Speed, which can either increase the number of hits an offensive ally can make, allow Torkoal to pass Speed boosts through Pass It On, or both. Finally, Superdupereffective 1 is useful on stages where the boss is completely immune to Critical Hits, which would render Critical Strike 2 useless.

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