Tier List Change Log: August 2022

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August Update

Welcome to the August update for our Tier Lists! This time, we got quite a handful of changes, as August got not one, but two updates, including one unit that needed to be ranked four times! So, let’s just not lose any more time for the last update before the 3rd Anniversary!

Update by Ropalme1914#4339 with contributions from Spark#8888, Raven8#5530, Runner#7562, Mr.Smee#6764, Darkshark#0128, Droid#2145, Zoopy3000#0001, joek#1069, Berga#5180, Racer#4752, and Thegkhst (Help)#1395.

Category Changes

Reconsidering some Sync Pairs, we've changed the category that they’re ranked in - with Dojo Gloria, Kahili, Noland, and Karen (Houndoom) moving from Damage Dealer to Hybrid, Clemont moving from Utility to Hybrid, and Caitlin moving from Hybrid to Damage Dealer.

Damage Dealer
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