Upcoming Content Report 10/1/2020: New Main Story Chapter, Egg Pairs And Events, Seasonal Gachas, And Sync Grids!

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New Sync Pairs

Data for three new Gacha units (of which the first, Volkner, is already available for scouting) as well as Molayne, the reward pair for the newly added main story chapter, has been released!
* Note data on this page, if not yet released, is not 100% confirmed and is subject to change.

Six New Sync Grids

Three old Sync Pairs (Glacia & Glalie, Fantina & Mismagius, and Elesa & Zebstrika)) have been blessed with Sync Grids on top of the three new Gachas each coming with one out of the box. For more details on what those grids contain, head over to our handy Sync Grid Planner Tool!

New Egg Event And Partner Pokemon (As Well As An Expansion To The General Egg Pool)

The addition of Kangashkan and the non-shiny Rock and Bug type eggmons to the general pool will go a long way towards making the mechanic more worthwhile through Event dry periods, although this one won't be lasting for much longer with the upcoming Ice/Fighting Egg Event and accompanying Sync Pairs!

The shiny eggs this time around will be Lapras and Primeape as well as the first general pool shiny since the mechanic's inception, Strike Kangashkan!

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