Upcoming Content Report 4/5/2021: New Seasonal Banners, Gen 7 Starters, and More!

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New Sync Pairs

Data for a host of new sync pairs releasing in March has been made available, including all two of gen 7's beloved Alola starters and the highly anticipated Spring Seasonal duo!
* Note data on this page, if not yet released, is not 100% confirmed and is subject to change.

Six New Sync Grids

Along with Sync Grids for each of the newly introduced pairs, April will bring with it long-awaited expansions for powercrept veterans Rayquaza and Eevee! Details can be found in our Sync Grid Planning Tool above.

Water/Electric Egg Event and Tornadus Legendary Arena

Beyond the expansions to our meta's roster and Grid pool, April will also come with a new Egg Event focusing on Water and Electric type Sync Pairs and the introduction of Tornadus to the Legendary Arena (both to go live on the 22nd of the month). Below can be found a handy list of the Eggmons featured in this Event , with Seaking being the newly introduced Shiny!

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