Learn with GamePress! GUDAGUDA Honnouji Q&A!

It’s time for a collab, monkeys!

Mobile games are all about collabs!

According to Blue Saber, since we’re in the game we must have reached 100 Million registrations!

Eh? Wasn’t it 500K instead?

Ahaha! Don’t worry about the small details! We finally get our time in the spotlight!

What are we even doing for this event?

Well, looking at the items, it looks like we need to farm for all kinds of tea set pieces! There are three kinds - the Tsukumo-nasu (Gourd), the Yohen-tenmoku-chawan (Bowl), and the Hira-gumo (Pot).

Say, doesn’t the Hira-gumo look a bit like a landmine?

Of course! It’s the bomb!

Nobbu, you can’t make these kinds of jokes in North America! What if the pot actually exploded! ...Wait, is it ticking?

It’s licking! Finger-licking good!


NOBBU?!? Not again! Don’t worry, given the popularity of my figures, I’m sure the event will still be a smash hit without you!

Not so fast! Back from the depths of hell, it is I, the Demon King of the--

Damn-- I mean great! Now that you mention it, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet!

Kofu Sorry, my Weak Constitution is showing. Somehow in FGO they made it a star-draw buff. Fortunately I can combine it with my Mind’s Eye for more crit damage!

Weak! As Demon King, I have a crit buff AND star-draw combined, lol. Get on my level, saberface. What makes you so special?

I have a Quick version of Prana Burst (Shukuchi), and also a single target NP! I can also generate lots of stars.

Well, I can help my team gain NP with Strategy! Can you do that?

N-no, but I’m the best quick servant for a long time!

But I’m an archer! In FGO, I beat you! My NP also does extra damage to enemies with the “Riding” trait, so I doubly beat you!

...Did I mention I’m free? For the mere price of 100,000 Honnouji Points, I will permanently join your team! For 1,000,000 Honnouji Points, you can unlock my true potential at NP5!

Aw, that’s a lot of Honnouji Points! I don’t think I have the Golden Fruit for that.

Of course, by putting me in your team you earn 60% more Honnouji Points per battle! That Red Archer, Cycling Girl, Dog, and Benkei also provide bonus Honnouji points!

Aren’t you forgetting someone?

Right! If you equip the GUDA-O CE, you get 30% more Honnouji points, too! Make sure to get as many as possible! You want it? It’s yours, my friend. The four in-store copies will run you 600 Pots, 300 Bowls, and 300 Gourds total.

Yeah… It’s not like I have the highest Honnouji Point multiplier or anything. Not only are all the copies of Gudao expensive, but your ascension materials, too! We’re going to be 400 Pots, 200 Bowls, and 200 Gourds in debt! What’s your plan to fix this scam of a tea-set economy?

By rolling the gacha!

Wouldn’t that put us more in debt?

It’s a long term investment! Let’s look at the CE’s, shall we? First off we have Fate GUDAGUDA Order! This useful CE gives you a boost to practically everything -- by one percent! It also boosts Gourd drops by one!

That sounds pretty shit, lol.

Well, you might like this next CE, After-Party Order! Not only does it feature us truly, but also grants a 10% boost to both Quick and Buster cards, as well as +1 to Bowl drops!

We look so happy in this picture! I bet I can also use this CE pretty well.

Here’s the last CE, GUDAGUDA Poster Girl-- eh? It’s not a picture of me? This must mean this CE is shit. A measly 60% attack boost and taunt for 3 turns. Wait, Rider, come back! This CE is slightly less shit from the +1 to Pot drops!

Rider was here? I didn’t see her at all in our dialogue!

You gotta pay more attention to the details!

Well, this CE could be strategic. I’m sure someone like Hijikata could use it well, but not on himself… Still, farming Honnouji Points seems to be kind of repetitive...

Time to pull an Oprah Winfrey! I have heard your sad struggles for Honnouji points, so I have come up with a solution: GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven! Every day, a new quest will be available for 24 hours, offering large amounts of Honnouji Points. You get Honnouji Points, you get Honnouji Points, everyone gets Honnouji Points! (Only doable once per day, quest expires the next day).

I never knew you were so generous, Nobu. What else can Honnouji Points get you?

Only the most valuable treasures! Big ticket items include Dragon’s Reverse Scale, Gold Fruit, Saint Quartz, and even special CE EXP!

Are you equally generous with the Free Quests?

Well, we start off with fodder quests, and unlock a new farmable quest every two days! I’d recommend doing the hardest quest you can manage. Personally I would recommend the Pratapana quest, which consists of only archers, including yours truly at 250k HP. Better feed your dog! However, all the 40 AP quests will be mono-class, so that shouldn’t be too bad.

How about newer players, or JP Players who just play NA for shits and giggles and haven’t really levelled their servants? Can they at least beat the main story?

I have made the story easy so everyone can enjoy it - the recommended level is 24, and the final boss only has 100K HP!

So how did you get the budget for all this?

Easy! I spent the Shinsengumi budget! But don’t worry, I’ll make it back in my new career as a Rock Star!

Ah! This might be worse than the time Hijikata bought all that takuwan! trauma intensifies

Anyways, maintenance will save me! Nobu, out!

Eh? She actually disappeared! Well, at least you can check out the handy guide we have here!