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Helter Skelter

Class Icon Enemy
Helter Skelter - Silver Berserker
Helter Skelter - Silver Rider
Helter Skelter - Silver Saber
Helter Skelter - Bronze Archer
Helter Skelter - Bronze Assassin
Helter Skelter - Bronze Berserker
Helter Skelter - Bronze Lancer
Helter Skelter - Bronze Rider
Helter Skelter - Bronze Saber
Helter Skelter - Gold Archer
Helter Skelter - Gold Berserker
Helter Skelter - Gold Lancer
Helter Skelter - Gold Saber
Helter Skelter - Silver Archer
Helter Skelter - Silver Lancer
Mechanized Infantry - Bronze Archer
Mechanized Infantry - Bronze Berserker
Mechanized Infantry - Bronze Rider
Mechanized Infantry - Bronze Saber
Mechanized Infantry - Gold Archer
Mechanized Infantry - Gold Berserker
Mechanized Infantry - Silver Archer
Mechanized Infantry - Silver Assassin
Mechanized Infantry - Silver Berserker
Mechanized Infantry - Silver Lancer
Mechanized Infantry - Silver Rider
Mechanized Infantry - Silver Saber
Pumpkin Drone - Bronze Rider
Pumpkin Drone - Gold Rider
Pumpkin Drone - Silver Rider


Class Icon Enemy
AlNobu - Silver Saber
Big Nobu - Archer
Big Nobu - Assassin
Big Nobu - Berserker
Big Nobu - Caster
Big Nobu - Lancer
Big Nobu - Rider
Big Nobu - Saber
CúNobu - Silver Lancer
EmiNobu - Silver Archer
God Mecha Nobbu - Bronze Berserker
Gold Big Nobu - Archer
Gold Big Nobu - Assassin
Gold Big Nobu - Berserker
Gold Big Nobu - Caster
Gold Big Nobu - Rider
Gold Big Nobu - Saber
Gold Haniwa Nobbu - Silver Lancer
Gold Haniwa Nobbu - Silver Rider
Golden Mecha Nobbu - Bronze Berserker
Golden Mecha Nobbu - Bronze Lancer
Golden Mini Nobu - Archer
Golden Mini Nobu - Assassin
Golden Mini Nobu - Berserker
Golden Mini Nobu - Caster
Golden Mini Nobu - Lancer
Golden Mini Nobu - Rider
Golden Mini Nobu - Saber
Great Mecha Nobbu - Bronze Berserker
Great Mecha Nobbu - Bronze Lancer
Haniwa Nobbu - Silver Assassin
Haniwa Nobbu - Silver Caster
Haniwa Nobbu - Silver Lancer
HassaNobu - Silver Assassin
HeraNobu - Silver Berserker
Kabuki Nobbu - Silver Berserker
Kabuki Nobbu - Silver Lancer
Kabuki Nobbu Max - Silver Berserker
Kabuki Nobbu Max - Silver Lancer
MedeNobu - Silver Caster
MeduNobu - Silver Rider
Mini Nobu - Archer
Mini Nobu - Assassin
Mini Nobu - Berserker
Mini Nobu - Caster
Mini Nobu - Gold Saber
Mini Nobu - Lancer
Mini Nobu - Rider
Mini Nobu - Saber
Mini Nobu - Silver Saber
Mini Nobu Tank - Bronze Archer
Nobbu UFO - Bronze Caster
Nobbu UFO - Bronze Rider
Nobusengumi - Bronze Assassin
Nobusengumi - Bronze Saber
Silver Big Nobu - Archer
Silver Big Nobu - Berserker
Silver Big Nobu - Bronze Assassin
Silver Big Nobu - Caster
Silver Big Nobu - Rider
Silver Big Nobu - Silver Lancer
Silver Haniwa Nobbu - Silver Archer
Silver Haniwa Nobbu - Silver Saber
Silver Mecha Nobbu - Bronze Assassin
Silver Mecha Nobbu - Bronze Berserker
Silver Mini Nobu - Archer
Silver Mini Nobu - Assassin
Silver Mini Nobu - Berserker
Silver Mini Nobu - Lancer
Silver Mini Nobu - Rider
Silver Mini Nobu - Saber
Super Mecha Nobbu Mk. II - Gold Saber
Super Meka Nobbu Mk. II - Gold Caster


Class Icon Enemy
Amazoness - Bronze Archer
Amazoness - Bronze Assassin
Amazoness - Bronze Berserker
Amazoness - Bronze Caster
Amazoness - Bronze Lancer
Amazoness - Bronze Rider
Amazoness - Bronze Saber
Amazoness Leader - Silver Archer
Amazoness Leader - Silver Assassin
Amazoness Leader - Silver Berserker
Amazoness Leader - Silver Lancer
Amazoness Leader - Silver Rider
Amazoness Leader - Silver Saber
Amazoness Queen - Gold Archer
Amazoness Queen - Gold Berserker
Amazoness Queen - Gold Lancer
Amazoness Queen - Gold Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Ancient Ghost - Gold Archer
Ancient Ghost - Gold Assassin
Ancient Ghost - Gold Caster
Ancient Ghost - Gold Saber
Bell Ringer
Christmas Ghost - Silver Archer
Christmas Ghost - Silver Assassin
Christmas Ghost - Silver Caster
Ghost - Bronze Archer
Ghost - Bronze Assassin
Ghost - Bronze Berserker
Ghost - Bronze Caster
Ghost - Bronze Rider
Ghost - Bronze Saber
Giant Court Lady - Gold Assassin
Giant Court Lady - Gold Berserker
Giant Court Lady - Gold Caster
Giant Court Lady - Gold Lancer
Giant Court Lady - Gold Rider
Giant Ghost
Giant Ghost - Gold Ruler
Hassan of Poison Mist
Mansion Ghost
Masked Ghost - Bronze Berserker
Masked Ghost - Bronze Caster
Masque Ghost - Bronze Rider
Masque Ghost - Bronze Saber
Massive Ghost - Beast
Massive Ghost - Gold Archer
Massive Ghost - Gold Assassin
Massive Ghost - Gold Avenger
Massive Ghost - Gold Berserker
Massive Ghost - Gold Caster
Massive Ghost - Gold Lancer
Massive Ghost - Gold Rider
Massive Ghost - Gold Ruler
Massive Ghost - Gold Saber
Metal Scarecrow - Bronze Assassin
Metal Scarecrow - Bronze Caster
Mourning Ghost
Mourning Ghost - Silver Caster
Mourning Ghost - Silver Rider
Mourning Ghost - Silver Saber
Scarecrow - Bronze Assassin
Scarecrow - Bronze Saber
Steam Ghost - Silver Assassin
Steam Ghost - Silver Berserker
Steam Ghost - Silver Caster
Steam Ghost - Silver Rider
Terror Ghost - Silver Archer
Terror Ghost - Silver Assassin
Terror Ghost - Silver Berserker
Terror Ghost - Silver Caster
Terror Ghost - Silver Rider
Terror Ghost - Silver Saber
Vengeful Spirit Xu Fu

Ancient Soldier

Class Icon Enemy
Ancient Zombie Soldier - Bronze Archer
Ancient Zombie Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Ancient Zombie Soldier - Bronze Saber
Choco Roman Coalition Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Invisible Adversary - Silver Berserker
Pict Warrior - Bronze Berserker
Pict Warrior - Bronze Lancer
Roman Coalition Soldier - Bronze Archer
Roman Coalition Soldier - Bronze Berserker
Roman Coalition Soldier - Bronze Caster
Roman Coalition Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Roman Coalition Soldier - Bronze Saber
Soldier - Bronze Archer
Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Soldier - Bronze Saber

Demon God

Class Icon Enemy
Annulment Pit Andromalius - Ruler
Armory Halphas - Berserker
Arsenal Halphas - Beast
Chamber of Life Sabnock
Control Room Barbatos
Demon God Andromalius
Demon God Bael
Demon God Barbatos
Demon God Barbatos
Demon God Coconut Milk
Demon God Flauros
Demon God Forneus
Demon God Hagenti
Demon God Phenex - Gold Caster
Demon God Phenex - Gold Ruler
Demon God Pillar
Demon God Räum
Demon God Sabnock
Gazing Star Amon
Gold Demon Taikou
Great God Amon Ra
Information Center Flauros
Melting Furnace Naberius
Observatory Forneus
Remnants of a Dead Demon God
Trash Heap Andromalius - Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Anti-Personnel Annihilation Device
Antique Automata - Bronze Archer
Antique Automata - Bronze Berserker
Antique Automata - Bronze Caster
Antique Automaton - Bronze Assassin
Antique Automaton - Bronze Rider
Antique Automaton - Bronze Saber
Automata (Altrium) - Bronze Assassin
Automata - Bronze Archer
Automata - Bronze Assassin
Automata - Bronze Berserker
Automata - Bronze Caster
Automata - Bronze Lancer
Automata - Bronze Rider
Automata - Bronze Saber
Killing Doll - Silver Archer
Killing Doll - Silver Assassin
Killing Doll - Silver Berserker
Killing Doll - Silver Lancer
Killing Doll - Silver Rider
Killing Doll - Silver Saber
Masked Automaton - Silver Caster
Masque Automata - Silver Archer
Old Gear - Gold Archer
Old Gear - Gold Assassin
Old Gear - Gold Lancer
Old Gear - Gold Rider
Old Gear - Gold Saber
Class Icon Enemy
Armored Warrior Monk - Silver Archer
Armored Warrior Monk - Silver Caster
Armored Warrior Monk - Silver Rider
Armored Warrior Monk - Silver Saber
Atlantean Defense Troop - Gold Assassin
Atlantean Defense Troop - Gold Berserker
Atlantean Defense Troop - Gold Caster
Atlantean Defense Troop - Gold Saber
Beast of Treasuring
Bhujanga - Gold Archer
Bhujanga - Gold Assassin
Bhujanga - Gold Berserker
Bhujanga - Gold Lancer
Bhujanga - Gold Rider
Bhujanga Marana - Gold Archer
Bhujanga Marana - Gold Berserker
Bhujanga Marana - Gold Caster
Bhujanga Marana - Gold Lancer
Bhujanga Marana - Gold Rider
Bhujanga Marana - Gold Saber
Blessed Stone Statue - Gold Berserker
Cerberus - Gold Rider
Cerberus Prototype - Gold Berserker
Cerberus Prototype - Gold Rider
Demonic Monkey - Bronze Berserker
Demonic Monkey - Bronze Archer
Demonic Monkey - Bronze Assassin
Demonic Monkey - Bronze Caster
Demonic Monkey - Bronze Lancer
Demonic Monkey - Bronze Saber
Furoshiki Demonic Monkey - Silver Archer
Furoshiki Demonic Monkey - Silver Assassin
Furoshiki Demonic Monkey - Silver Berserker
Furoshiki Demonic Monkey - Silver Lancer
Heaven's Feel Mimicry - Gold Archer
Heaven's Feel Mimicry - Gold Assassin
Heaven's Feel Mimicry - Gold Berserker
Heaven's Feel Mimicry - Gold Caster
Heaven's Feel Mimicry - Gold Lancer
Heaven's Feel Mimicry - Gold Rider
Heaven's Feel Mimicry - Gold Ruler
Heaven's Feel Mimicry - Gold Saber
Heavy Armoured Warrior - Silver Archer
Heavy Armoured Warrior - Silver Lancer
Helper Doll - Silver Archer
Helper Doll - Silver Berserker
Helper Doll - Silver Rider
Heroic Spirit Soldier
High Ranked Maidservant - Silver Archer
High Ranked Maidservant - Silver Assassin
High Ranked Maidservant - Silver Berserker
High Ranked Maidservant - Silver Caster
High Ranked Maidservant - Silver Rider
Hostile Ship - Gold Berserker
Hot Springs Demonic Monkey - Silver Archer
Hot Springs Demonic Monkey - Silver Berserker
Hot Springs Demonic Monkey - Silver Saber
Invisible Adversary - Classless
King Vorpal Chicken
King Vorpal Chicken - Gold Assassin
King Vorpal Chicken - Gold Avenger
King Vorpal Chicken - Gold Lancer
King Vorpal Chicken - Gold Rider
Kirschtaria Wodime
New Years Demonic Monkey - Silver Archer
New Years Demonic Monkey - Silver Assassin
New Years Demonic Monkey - Silver Berserker
New Years Demonic Monkey - Silver Caster
New Years Demonic Monkey - Silver Lancer
New Years Demonic Monkey - Silver Saber
Olympian Soldier - Gold Lancer
Ooku Maidservant - Bronze Assassin
Ooku Maidservant - Bronze Berserker
Ooku Maidservant - Bronze Caster
Ooku Maidservant - Bronze Lancer
Ooku Maidservant - Bronze Rider
Ooku Maidservant - Bronze Saber
Origin Chimera - Gold Berserker
Origin Hydra - Gold Archer
Origin Hydra - Gold Caster
Origin Lamia
Poseidon Center Core
Poseidon Head Core
Poseidon Under Core
Shibata Katsuie
Tsuchigumo - Silver Berserker
Vorpal Chicken
Vorpal Chicken - Silver Assassin
Vorpal Chicken - Silver Lancer
Vorpal Chicken - Silver Rider
Wide-Area Annihilation Weapon
Wide-Area Annihilation Weapon - Gold Assassin


Class Icon Enemy
Arch Daemon
Daemon - Gold Archer
Daemon - Gold Assassin
Daemon - Gold Berserker
Daemon - Gold Lancer
Daemon - Gold Rider
Daemon - Gold Saber
Drunken Citizen - Bronze Archer
Drunken Citizen - Bronze Assassin
Drunken Citizen - Bronze Berserker
Drunken Citizen - Bronze Caster
Drunken Citizen - Bronze Lancer
Drunken Citizen - Bronze Rider
Drunken Citizen - Bronze Saber
Greater Daemon - Gold Assassin
Greater Daemon - Gold Berserker
Greater Daemon - Gold Caster
Greater Daemon - Gold Rider
Oni's Left Arm - Gold Archer
Oni's Left Arm - Gold Assassin
Oni's Left Arm - Gold Berserker
Oni's Left Arm - Gold Caster
Oni's Left Arm - Gold Lancer
Oni's Left Arm - Gold Rider
Oni's Left Arm - Gold Saber
Oni's Right Arm - Gold Archer
Oni's Right Arm - Gold Assassin
Oni's Right Arm - Gold Berserker
Oni's Right Arm - Gold Caster
Oni's Right Arm - Gold Lancer
Oni's Right Arm - Gold Rider
Oni's Right Arm - Gold Saber

Experience Bonus

Class Icon Enemy
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Archer
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Assassin
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Berserker
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Caster
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Lancer
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Rider
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Saber
Christmas Fist - Gold Archer
Christmas Fist - Gold Caster
Christmas Glove - Silver Archer
Christmas Glove - Silver Berserker
Christmas Glove - Silver Caster
Christmas Glove - Silver Lancer
Christmas Hand - Bronze Archer
Christmas Hand - Bronze Caster
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Archer
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Assassin
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Berserker
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Caster
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Lancer
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Rider
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Saber
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Archer
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Assassin
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Berserker
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Caster
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Lancer
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Rider
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Saber
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Archer
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Assassin
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Berserker
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Caster
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Lancer
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Rider
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Saber
Radiant Arm of Dawn - Gold Berserker
Radiant Arm of Dawn - Gold Lancer


Class Icon Enemy
Assassin (Hassan) - Bronze Assassin
Assassin (Hassan) - Silver Assassin
Gozul the Strong - Silver Assassin
Gozul the Strong - Silver Saber
Makule the Quick - Bronze Assassin
Zayed the Base - Bronze Assassin
Zayed the Base - Bronze Saber

Soul Eater

Class Icon Enemy
Astral Critter
Astral Critter - Gold Lancer
Astral Critter - Gold Rider
Astral Critter - Gold Saber
Soul Eater - Gold Assassin
Soul Eater - Gold Berserker
Soul Eater - Gold Caster
Soul Eater - Gold Lancer
Soul Eater - Gold Saber

Automatic Defense System

Class Icon Enemy
Automatic Defense System - Bronze Assassin
Automatic Defense System - Bronze Berserker
Automatic Defense System - Bronze Caster
Automatic Defense System - Bronze Lancer
Automatic Defense System - Bronze Moon Cancer
Automatic Defense System - Bronze Rider
Automatic Defense System - Bronze Saber
Automatic Defense System Type-2 - Silver Assassin
Automatic Defense System Type-2 - Silver Caster
Automatic Defense System Type-2 - Silver Lancer
Automatic Defense System Type-2 - Silver Moon Cancer
Automatic Defense System Type-2 - Silver Saber
Automatic Defense Unit - Bronze Archer
Automatic Defense Unit Mk-2 - Silver Archer
Dancing Coin - Gold Archer
Dancing Coin - Gold Caster
Dancing Coin - Gold Lancer
Dancing Coin - Gold Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Avarice Dragon
Bašmu - Gold Assassin
Bašmu - Gold Lancer
Bašmu - Gold Rider
Dragon - Gold Assassin
Dragon - Gold Berserker
Dragon - Gold Caster
Dragon - Gold Lancer
Dragon - Gold Saber
Elder Dragon
Fafnir - Gold Lancer
Golden Dragon
Great Dragon - Gold Assassin
Great Dragon - Gold Lancer
Great Dragon - Gold Rider
Karma Fire Dragon
Mad Dragon
Primeval Dragon
Space Dragon


Class Icon Enemy
Avicebron's Golem - Gold Archer
Avicebron's Golem - Gold Assassin
Avicebron's Golem - Gold Berserker
Avicebron's Golem - Gold Caster
Avicebron's Golem - Gold Lancer
Avicebron's Golem - Gold Saber
Biscuit Golem
Cookie Golem
Crystal Golem - Gold Assassin
Crystal Golem - Gold Berserker
Crystal Golem - Gold Lancer
Crystal Golem - Gold Rider
Crystal Golem - Gold Saber
Giant Snowman - Gold Archer
Giant Snowman - Gold Berserker
Giant Snowman - Gold Lancer
Giant Snowman - Gold Rider
Golem - Bronze Assassin
Golem - Bronze Berserker
Golem - Bronze Caster
Golem - Bronze Rider
Golem - Bronze Saber
Golem - Silver Berserker
Iron Golem - Silver Berserker
Iron Golem - Silver Caster
Iron Golem - Silver Saber
Ruby Golem - Bronze Berserker
Ruby Golem - Bronze Caster
Ruby Golem - Bronze Rider
Snowman - Silver Archer
Snowman - Silver Berserker
Snowman - Silver Lancer
Snowman - Silver Rider
Stone Golem - Bronze Assassin
Stone Golem - Bronze Berserker
Stone Golem - Bronze Caster
Stone Golem - Bronze Lancer
Stone Golem - Bronze Rider
Twin Steel Golem - Gold Assassin
Twin Steel Golem - Gold Berserker
Twin Steel Golem - Gold Rider


Class Icon Enemy
Basilisk - Silver Archer
Basilisk - Silver Assassin
Basilisk - Silver Berserker
Basilisk - Silver Caster
Basilisk - Silver Rider
Basilisk - Silver Saber
Bel Laḫmu - Gold Saber
Bel Laḫmu - Beast
Ereshkigal (Massive Ghost) - Gold Lancer
Gugalana Mark II
Imitation Giant Komodo Lizard - Silver Berserker
Imitation Giant Komodo Lizard - Silver Lancer
Imitation Giant Komodo Lizard - Silver Saber
Laḫmu - Gold Archer
Laḫmu - Gold Lancer
Manticore - Gold Archer
Manticore - Gold Assassin
Manticore - Gold Berserker
Manticore - Gold Caster
Manticore - Gold Lancer
Manticore - Gold Rider
Manticore - Gold Saber
Mušḫuššu - Silver Lancer
Mušḫuššu - Silver Rider
Tiamat (Dragonoid)
Tiamat (Femme Fatale)


Class Icon Enemy
Beast III/R (Devilish Bodhisattva)
Eater TYPE I
Eater TYPE I - Gold Berserker
Eater TYPE II - Gold Berserker
Eater TYPE X
Sakura Bot
Sakura Hand
Sakura Worm
Shapeshifter TYPE I
Shapeshifter TYPE II
Shapeshifter TYPE III


Class Icon Enemy
Beastman - Bronze Archer
Beastman - Bronze Assassin
Beastman - Bronze Berserker
Beastman - Bronze Caster
Beastman - Bronze Lancer
Beastman - Bronze Saber
Hungry Wolf - Bronze Assassin
Hungry Wolf - Bronze Lancer
Hungry Wolf - Bronze Saber
Werewolf - Silver Archer
Werewolf - Silver Assassin
Werewolf - Silver Caster
Werewolf - Silver Lancer
Werewolf - Silver Rider
Werewolf - Silver Saber

Lostbelt 2 - Goetterdaemmerung

Class Icon Enemy
Bergrisi - Gold Berserker
Bergrisi - Gold Lancer
Bergrisi - Gold Saber
Íss Garmr - Gold Assassin
Íss Garmr - Gold Caster
Íss Garmr - Gold Lancer
Íss Úlfr - Silver Assassin
Íss Úlfr - Silver Rider
Jötunn - Silver Berserker
Jötunn - Silver Lancer
Jötunn - Silver Saber
Jötunn - Silver Saber
Muspel - Gold Berserker
Muspel - Gold Rider
Scandinavian Tree of Emptiness
Surtr Fenrir
Tree of Emptiness Seed
Valkyrie - Gold Archer
Valkyrie - Gold Caster
Valkyrie - Gold Rider


Class Icon Enemy
Bicorn - Gold Archer
Bicorn - Gold Berserker
Bicorn - Gold Caster
Bicorn - Gold Lancer
Bicorn - Gold Rider
Bicorn - Gold Saber
Emperorcorn - Gold Archer
Emperorcorn - Gold Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Black Titan - Gold Archer
Black Titan - Gold Caster
Maxwell's Demon - Gold Archer

Modern Soldier

Class Icon Enemy
Blackbeard Elite Force
Pirate - Bronze Archer
Pirate - Bronze Berserker
Pirate - Bronze Caster
Pirate - Bronze Lancer
Pirate - Bronze Rider
Pirate - Bronze Saber
Pirate Captain - Bronze Archer
Pirate Captain - Bronze Berserker
Pirate Captain - Bronze Saber
Pirate Zombie - Bronze Archer
Pirate Zombie - Bronze Assassin
Pirate Zombie - Bronze Berserker
Pirate Zombie - Bronze Caster
Pirate Zombie - Bronze Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Blue Anthology Book - Silver Archer
Blue Anthology Book - Silver Assassin
Blue Anthology Book - Silver Berserker
Blue Anthology Book - Silver Caster
Fire Book - Bronze Rider
Fire Book - Silver Archer
Fire Book - Silver Archer
Fire Book - Silver Caster
Fire Book - Silver Saber
Greater Grimoire - Silver Caster
Green Anthology Book - Silver Archer
Green Anthology Book - Silver Assassin
Green Anthology Book - Silver Berserker
Green Anthology Book - Silver Caster
Grimoire - Gold Archer
Grimoire - Gold Assassin
Grimoire - Gold Caster
Grimoire - Gold Rider
Grimoire - Gold Saber
Ice Book - Silver Archer
Ice Book - Silver Caster
Ice Book - Silver Rider
Ice Book - Silver Saber
Primeval Accursed Book - Gold Caster
Red Anthology Book - Silver Assassin
Red Anthology Book - Silver Berserker
Red Anthology Book - Silver Caster
Red Anthology Book - Silver Lancer
Spellbook - Bronze Archer
Spellbook - Bronze Caster
Spellbook - Bronze Rider
Spellbook - Bronze Saber
Thunder Book - Silver Archer
Thunder Book - Silver Caster
Thunder Book - Silver Lancer
Thunder Book - Silver Saber
Wind Book - Silver Archer
Wind Book - Silver Caster


Class Icon Enemy
Blue Pumpkinmaru - Gold Caster
Blue Pumpkinmaru - Gold Saber
Blue Thunder Stone
Chocolate Stone?
Gorikimaru - Gold Lancer
Gorikimaru - Gold Saber
Green Pumpkinmaru - Gold Caster
Green Pumpkinmaru - Gold Saber
Green Thunder Stone
Kazakoemaru - Gold Archer
Kazakoemaru - Gold Berserker
Kazakoemaru - Gold Lancer
Lesser Oni - Bronze Assassin
Lesser Oni - Bronze Berserker
Lesser Oni - Bronze Caster
Lesser Oni - Bronze Lancer
Lesser Oni - Bronze Rider
Lesser Oni - Bronze Saber
Pumpkin Ogre J - Bronze Archer
Pumpkin Ogre J - Bronze Berserker
Red Pumpkinmaru - Gold Rider
Vile Oni - Silver Assassin
Vile Oni - Silver Berserker
Vile Oni - Silver Caster
Vile Oni - Silver Lancer
Vile Oni - Silver Rider
Vile Oni - Silver Saber
Wazahamimaru - Gold Berserker


Class Icon Enemy
Bronze Spriggan - Gold Berserker
Bronze Spriggan - Gold Caster
Bronze Spriggan - Gold Saber
Spriggan - Gold Archer
Spriggan - Gold Assassin
Spriggan - Gold Berserker
Spriggan - Gold Caster
Spriggan - Gold Lancer
Spriggan - Gold Rider
Spriggan - Gold Saber

Celtic Soldier

Class Icon Enemy
Celtic Soldier - Bronze Archer
Celtic Soldier - Bronze Assassin
Celtic Soldier - Bronze Berserker
Celtic Soldier - Bronze Caster
Celtic Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Celtic Soldier - Bronze Rider
Celtic Soldier - Bronze Saber
Druid - Bronze Assassin
Druid - Bronze Berserker
Druid - Bronze Caster
Druid - Bronze Lancer
Druid - Bronze Saber
Jailer - Bronze Archer
Jailer - Bronze Assassin
Jailer - Bronze Lancer
Jailer - Bronze Rider


Class Icon Enemy
Centaur (Altrium) - Bronze Rider
Centaur - Bronze Archer
Centaur - Bronze Assassin
Centaur - Bronze Berserker
Centaur - Bronze Lancer
Centaur - Bronze Rider
Centaur - Bronze Saber
Centaur Knight (Altrium) - Silver Rider
Centaur Knight - Silver Archer
Centaur Knight - Silver Assassin
Centaur Knight - Silver Berserker
Centaur Knight - Silver Caster
Centaur Knight - Silver Lancer
Centaur Knight - Silver Rider
Centaur Knight - Silver Saber
Centaur Paladin (Altrium) - Gold Rider
Centaur Paladin - Gold Archer
Centaur Paladin - Gold Assassin
Centaur Paladin - Gold Berserker
Centaur Paladin - Gold Lancer
Centaur Paladin - Gold Rider
Centaur Paladin - Gold Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Chimera - Gold Archer
Chimera - Gold Assassin
Chimera - Gold Caster
Chimera - Gold Lancer
Chimera - Gold Rider
Chimera - Gold Saber
Tormenting Beast of Hell
White Chimera
White Chimera - Gold Archer
White Chimera - Gold Rider
White Chimera - Gold Ruler


Class Icon Enemy
Choco Dragonbone Warrior - Bronze Archer
Choco Dragonbone Warrior - Bronze Assassin
Choco Skeleton - Bronze Archer
Choco Skeleton - Bronze Lancer
Choco Skeleton - Bronze Saber
Dragonbone Warrior - Bronze Archer
Dragonbone Warrior - Bronze Assassin
Dragonbone Warrior - Bronze Caster
Dragonbone Warrior - Bronze Lancer
Dragonbone Warrior - Bronze Rider
Dragonbone Warrior - Bronze Saber
Metal Pumpkin Skeleton - Bronze Archer
Metal Pumpkin Skeleton - Bronze Berserker
Metal Pumpkin Skeleton - Bronze Lancer
Metal Pumpkin Skeleton - Bronze Rider
Metal Pumpkin Skeleton - Bronze Saber
Pumpkin Head - Bronze Archer
Pumpkin Head - Bronze Berserker
Pumpkin Head - Bronze Caster
Pumpkin Head - Bronze Lancer
Pumpkin Head - Bronze Rider
Pumpkin Head - Bronze Saber
Pumpkin Leader - Bronze Archer
Pumpkin Leader - Bronze Lancer
Pumpkin Leader - Bronze Saber
Skeleton - Bronze Archer
Skeleton - Bronze Assassin
Skeleton - Bronze Berserker
Skeleton - Bronze Caster
Skeleton - Bronze Lancer
Skeleton - Bronze Rider
Skeleton - Bronze Saber
Skeleton King - Gold Archer
Skeleton King - Gold Assassin
Skeleton King - Gold Lancer
Skeleton King - Gold Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Choco Female Pirate - Bronze Archer
Female Pirate - Bronze Archer
Female Pirate - Bronze Lancer
Female Pirate - Bronze Rider
Hydra - Gold Archer
Hydra - Gold Assassin
Hydra - Gold Lancer
Hydra - Gold Rider
Hydra - Gold Saber
Torturer - Silver Assassin
Torturer - Silver Berserker
Torturer - Silver Rider
Torturer - Silver Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Coloratura - Silver Assassin
Hornet - Bronze Archer
Hornet - Bronze Berserker
Hornet - Bronze Rider
Hornet - Bronze Saber
King Lear - Gold Berserker
King Lear - Gold Lancer
King Lear - Gold Saber
Romeo and Juliet
Ruffian - Bronze Archer
Ruffian - Bronze Assassin
Ruffian - Bronze Berserker
Ruffian - Bronze Caster
Ruffian - Bronze Rider
Ruffian - Bronze Saber
Super Chimera
Yakuza - Bronze Assassin
Yakuza - Bronze Berserker
Yakuza - Bronze Lancer
Yakuza - Bronze Rider
Yakuza - Bronze Saber
Yellow Hornet
Yellow Hornet - Bronze Rider


Class Icon Enemy
Corrupted God - Gold Assassin
Corrupted God - Gold Berserker
Corrupted God - Gold Caster
Corrupted God - Gold Rider
Corrupted God - Gold Saber
Cursing Oni - Gold Assassin
Cursing Oni - Gold Berserker
Dark Sengumi Warrior - Silver Saber
Dark Warrior - Gold Archer
Dark Warrior - Gold Assassin
Dark Warrior - Gold Berserker
Dark Warrior - Gold Caster
Dark Warrior - Gold Lancer
Dark Warrior - Gold Rider
Dark Warrior - Gold Saber
Great Ghost of Limbo - Gold Alter Ego
Great Ghost of Limbo - Gold Assassin
Great Ghost of Limbo - Gold Caster
Nue (Masked) - Gold Lancer
Nue - Gold Assassin
Orochi - Gold Archer
Orochi - Gold Assassin
Orochi - Gold Berserker
Orochi - Gold Caster
Orochi - Gold Lancer
Orochi - Gold Rider
Orochi - Gold Saber
Sinful Boar
Sinful Boar - Silver Berserker
Sinful Boar - Silver Caster
Sinful Boar - Silver Saber

Mindless Slaves

Class Icon Enemy
Cutthroat - Silver Berserker
Mindless Corpse - Bronze Assassin
Mindless One - Bronze Berserker
Mindless One - Bronze Saber
Soulless Damned - Bronze Berserker
Soulless Damned - Bronze Rider
Soulless Man - Bronze Archer
Soulless Man - Bronze Assassin
Soulless Man - Bronze Rider

Lostbelt 1 - Anastasia

Class Icon Enemy
D'yavol Tron - Gold Assassin
Krichat' - Silver Assassin
Krichat' - Silver Berserker
Krichat' - Silver Caster
Krichat' - Silver Lancer
Razrushat - Bronze Archer
Razrushat - Bronze Saber
Razrushat' - Bronze Berserker
Slaughter Hunter - Silver Assassin
Tree of Emptiness Orochi
Yaga - Bronze Archer
Yaga - Bronze Assassin
Yaga - Bronze Saber

Lostbelt 4: Yuga Ksetra

Class Icon Enemy
Dawon - Gold Berserker
Dawon - Gold Rider
Dead Soul - Bronze Berserker
Garuda - Gold Berserker
Garuda - Gold Caster
Garuda - Gold Rider
Kali - Bronze Berserker
Kali Sangha - Gold Berserker
Maha Naga - Gold Lancer
Mahanaga - Gold Archer
Mahanaga - Gold Berserker
Mahanaga - Gold Caster
Saramā - Gold Assassin
Sarama - Gold Berserker
Sarama - Gold Caster
Tree of Emptiness Spiral
Uchchaihshravas - Gold Berserker
Uchchaihshravas - Gold Lancer

Demon Boar

Class Icon Enemy
Demon Boar - Silver Archer
Demon Boar - Silver Assassin
Demon Boar - Silver Berserker
Demon Boar - Silver Caster
Demon Boar - Silver Lancer
Demon Boar - Silver Rider
Demon Boar - Silver Saber
Forgotten Demonic Shadow
Giant Demon Boar - Gold Archer
Giant Demon Boar - Gold Assassin
Giant Demon Boar - Gold Avenger
Giant Demon Boar - Gold Berserker
Giant Demon Boar - Gold Caster
Giant Demon Boar - Gold Lancer
Giant Demon Boar - Gold Rider
Giant Demon Boar - Gold Saber
Twrch Trwyth - Gold Archer
Twrch Trwyth - Gold Berserker
Twrch Trwyth - Gold Moon Cancer
Twrch Trwyth - Gold Rider
Twrch Trwyth - Gold Ruler

Money Bonus

Class Icon Enemy
Door of Champions - Gold Berserker
Door of Champions - Gold Caster
Door of Champions - Gold Lancer
Door of Champions - Gold Saber
Door of Heroes - Bronze Berserker
Door of Heroes - Bronze Caster
Door of Heroes - Bronze Lancer
Door of Saints - Silver Caster
Door of Saints - Silver Lancer
Door of Saints - Silver Rider
Door of Saints - Silver Saber
Door of the Dead - Bronze Caster
Money of Heart

Lostbelt 3 - SIN

Class Icon Enemy
Duō Duō Yì Shàn Tank - Gold Archer
Duō Duō Yì Shàn Tank - Gold Assassin
Duō Duō Yì Shàn Tank - Gold Saber
Imperial Guard - Bronze Assassin
Imperial Soldier - Bronze Archer
Imperial Soldier - Bronze Rider
Puppet Soldier - Bronze Assassin
Puppet Soldier - Bronze Rider
Puppet Soldier - Bronze Saber
Rural Expat - Bronze Berserker
Rural Expat - Bronze Saber
Tree of Emptiness Mayall


Class Icon Enemy
Earth Iri
Fire Iri
First Lady
King of Demon Gods - Goetia
King of Men - Goetia
Mass Production Mk.II - Gold Archer
Mass Production Mk.II - Gold Assassin
Mass Production Mk.II - Gold Berserker
Mass Production Mk.II - Gold Lancer
Mass Production Mk.II - Gold Rider
Mass Production Mk.II - Gold Rider
Mass Production Mk.II - Gold Saber
Servant - Saber
The Black Grail (Irisviel) - Gold Avenger
Ushi Gozen
Water Iri
Wind Iri


Class Icon Enemy
Elder Ghoul - Gold Assassin
Elder Ghoul - Gold Berserker
Envious Ghoul - Bronze Assassin
Envious Ghoul - Bronze Berserker
Envious Ghoul - Bronze Caster
Envious Ghoul - Bronze Lancer
Envious Ghoul - Bronze Rider
Envious Ghoul - Bronze Saber
Ghoul - Bronze Assassin
Ghoul - Bronze Berserker
Ghoul - Bronze Lancer
Ghoul - Bronze Rider
Ghoul - Bronze Saber
Gluttonous Ghoul - Bronze Assassin
Gluttonous Ghoul - Bronze Berserker
Gluttonous Ghoul - Bronze Caster
Gluttonous Ghoul - Bronze Lancer
Gluttonous Ghoul - Bronze Rider
Gluttonous Ghoul - Bronze Saber
Grey Wolf - Bronze Archer
Grey Wolf - Bronze Assassin
Grey Wolf - Bronze Berserker
Grey Wolf - Bronze Caster
Grey Wolf - Bronze Lancer
Grey Wolf - Bronze Rider
Grey Wolf - Bronze Saber
Shantak - Gold Archer
Shantak - Gold Assassin
Shantak - Gold Caster
Shantak - Gold Lancer
Shantak - Gold Rider

Anor Londo Knights

Class Icon Enemy
Enforcement Knight - Gold Archer
Enforcement Knight - Gold Assassin
Enforcement Knight - Gold Berserker
Enforcement Knight - Gold Lancer
Enforcement Knight - Gold Rider
Enforcement Knight - Gold Saber
Enforcement Knight - Ruler
Hound of Agravaine
Metal Pumpkin Knight - Gold Archer
Metal Pumpkin Knight - Gold Assassin
Metal Pumpkin Knight - Gold Berserker
Metal Pumpkin Knight - Gold Lancer
Metal Pumpkin Knight - Gold Saber
Pumpkin Knight - Gold Archer
Pumpkin Knight - Gold Lancer
Pumpkin Knight - Gold Rider
Pumpkin Knight - Gold Saber

Blade-Wing Insects

Class Icon Enemy
Flying Chocolate - Bronze Rider
Wing Bladed Insect
Wing Bladed Insect - Bronze Archer
Wing Bladed Insect - Bronze Assassin
Wing Bladed Insect - Bronze Berserker
Wing Bladed Swarm
Wing Bladed Swarm - Silver Archer
Wing Bladed Swarm - Silver Assassin
Wing Bladed Swarm - Silver Berserker

Medieval Soldier

Class Icon Enemy
French Soldier - Bronze Lancer
French Soldier - Bronze Saber
Medieval Zombie Soldier - Bronze Assassin
Medieval Zombie Soldier - Bronze Berserker
Medieval Zombie Soldier - Bronze Caster
Medieval Zombie Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Medieval Zombie Soldier - Bronze Saber
Soldier - Bronze Berserker
Soldier - Bronze Rider


Class Icon Enemy
Gazer - Gold Assassin
Gazer - Gold Berserker
Gazer - Gold Caster
Gazer - Gold Lancer
Gazer - Gold Rider
Gazer - Gold Saber
Pumpkin Gazer - Gold Archer
Pumpkin Gazer - Gold Rider
Spotter - Gold Berserker
Spotter - Gold Caster

Hermit Crab

Class Icon Enemy
Giant Hermit Crab - Bronze Archer
Giant Hermit Crab - Bronze Assassin
Giant Hermit Crab - Bronze Berserker
Giant Hermit Crab - Bronze Caster
Giant Hermit Crab - Bronze Lancer
Giant Hermit Crab - Bronze Rider
Giant Hermit Crab - Bronze Saber
Millenium Hermit Crab - Gold Berserker
Millenium Hermit Crab - Gold Caster
Millenium Hermit Crab - Gold Lancer
Millenium Hermit Crab - Gold Saber
Poisonous Hermit Crab - Silver Archer
Poisonous Hermit Crab - Silver Assassin
Poisonous Hermit Crab - Silver Berserker
Poisonous Hermit Crab - Silver Caster
Poisonous Hermit Crab - Silver Lancer
Poisonous Hermit Crab - Silver Rider
Poisonous Hermit Crab - Silver Saber
Snow Crab - Bronze Lancer

Sea Devil

Class Icon Enemy
Gluttonous Sea Demon - Gold Archer
Gluttonous Sea Demon - Gold Rider
Gluttonous Sea Demon - Silver Archer
Gluttonous Sea Demon - Silver Berserker
Gluttonous Sea Demon - Silver Caster
Gluttonous Sea Demon - Silver Lancer
Gluttonous Sea Demon - Silver Saber
Sea Demon - Bronze Archer
Sea Demon - Bronze Assassin
Sea Demon - Bronze Berserker
Sea Demon - Bronze Caster
Sea Demon - Bronze Lancer
Sea Demon - Bronze Rider
Sea Demon - Bronze Saber
Sea Demon - Silver Archer
Sea Demon - Silver Rider
Small Sea Demon - Bronze Archer
Small Sea Demon - Bronze Assassin
Small Sea Demon - Bronze Berserker
Small Sea Demon - Bronze Caster
Small Sea Demon - Bronze Lancer
Small Sea Demon - Bronze Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Goblin - Bronze Saber
Goblin - Silver Assassin
Goblin - Silver Berserker
Goblin - Silver Caster
Goblin - Silver Lancer
Goblin - Silver Rider
Goblin - Silver Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Great Oni Vermilion Dragon
Pumpkin Knight・J - Gold Saber

Reindeer Man

Class Icon Enemy
Great Reindeer Man - Silver Assassin
Great Reindeer Man - Silver Berserker
Great Reindeer Man - Silver Caster
Great Reindeer Man - Silver Lancer
Great Reindeer Man - Silver Rider
Great Reindeer Man - Silver Saber
Reindeer Man - Bronze Assassin
Reindeer Man - Bronze Berserker
Reindeer Man - Bronze Caster
Reindeer Man - Bronze Lancer
Reindeer Man - Bronze Rider
Reindeer Man - Bronze Saber
Super Reindeer Man - Gold Assassin
Super Reindeer Man - Gold Berserker
Super Reindeer Man - Gold Caster
Super Reindeer Man - Gold Lancer
Super Reindeer Man - Gold Rider
Super Reindeer Man - Gold Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Homunculus (Altrium) - Bronze Lancer
Homunculus - Bronze Assassin
Homunculus - Bronze Berserker
Homunculus - Bronze Caster
Homunculus - Bronze Lancer
Homunculus - Bronze Rider
Homunculus - Bronze Saber
Homunculus - Silver Lancer
Proto Homunculus - Gold Assassin
Proto Homunculus - Gold Berserker
Proto Homunculus - Gold Caster
Proto Homunculus - Gold Lancer
Proto Homunculus - Gold Rider
Proto Homunculus - Gold Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Ifreeta - Gold Archer
Ifreeta - Gold Assassin
Ifreeta - Gold Berserker
Ifreeta - Gold Caster
Ifreeta - Gold Lancer
Ifreeta - Gold Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Khafra Sphinx - Gold Caster
Khafre Sphinx - Gold Berserker
Malikah Sphinx - Gold Archer
Malikah Sphinx - Gold Assassin
Malikah Sphinx - Gold Berserker
Malikah Sphinx - Gold Caster
Malikah Sphinx - Gold Lancer
Malikah Sphinx - Gold Rider
Malikah Sphinx - Gold Saber
Sphinx - Gold Archer
Sphinx - Gold Assassin
Sphinx - Gold Berserker
Sphinx - Gold Caster
Sphinx - Gold Lancer
Sphinx - Gold Rider
Sphinx - Gold Saber


Class Icon Enemy
Lamia - Silver Archer
Lamia - Silver Assassin
Lamia - Silver Berserker
Lamia - Silver Caster
Lamia - Silver Lancer
Lamia - Silver Rider
Lamia - Silver Saber
Lamia Queen - Gold Caster
Naga - Gold Archer