MMM - Cockney Cockreled Cretin Cusses Callously Closely Circuiting Clasically Clad Conjurer, Casualties Continue (Mahoutsukai no Yoru Collab 2)

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Aaaah? Now wot’ve we got over ‘er, then? Looksie here - some overworked magus type left his magazine wide open. Would sure be a shame if an intrepid and handsome bird like m’self went and started typin’ some utter tripe to get ‘im in trouble, eh?

Let’s see…

“Fate Zero’s characterization of Saber was my favourite! I love it when my powerful heroine characters are driven to despair by a single conversation, and revert to a child that can’t even fathom the idea of sacrificing others.”

“Tamamo isn’t in love with any of you losers except the idea of being in love itself.”

“Quit with the fuss over Aoko, there’s only one girl in Mahoyo for me, and it’s the veritable angel in black, love of me life, and mega-cute heart-throb Alice, even Nasu-sensei agrees she’s way too eroti-GEHE!!?

Oi oi, what do ya think you’re doin with that taser, ya nutjob? This here Robin is too handsome to be fried into yakitor-ECK!

Ugh, that smell’s gonna linger for a while. Thankfully I’m used to international shipping, so getting a bird corpse back to Japan should be no issue. Not that the recipient would want it. Speaking of which…

Alice Kuonji Pickup
NA Release Date: 05/2026

Compared to the overwhelming bundle of gameplay and aesthetic flair that was Aoko during this event, Alice has pretty big shoes to fill as her teacher in magecraft and ostensible rival.

Saying that, she certainly got a lot more story focus and mystery than Aoko, what with the whole thing revolving around how…uncontrollable some of her Ploys can be, and ones far more dangerous than Robin. Just be thankful Sweets Hearts didn’t take the stage, or else it’d be one hell of a more chaotic mystery…though it still somehow involved Aoko getting herself killed for very dumb reasons.

Servant Data
Territory Creation A

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 10%.

Item Construction A

Increase your Debuff Chance Rate by 10%.

Folklore Protection B

Apply Damage Cut by 400 to self. (Does not apply to Noble Phantasms)
Additionally apply Damage Cut for Poison, Burn, or Curse by 400 to self.

Yumina C

Apply Guts vs Instant Death to self (5 times, Revives with 1000 HP).
Restore own HP by 2000 when Guts triggers.
[Hidden effect: Starts with 13 [Robin Counter] stacks]


I feel like I’ve said it a lot this even, but Alice is very average so far as SSR Casters go. Her Attack is 8th best of her class and rarity, and her HP is the 3rd best, meaning she’s actually very well statted on the whole, albeit leaning towards durability more than offence.

In fact, Alice’s base parameters are kind of absurd. Even accounting for the fact that being a Servant isn’t the same as being a living magus, she has the same Magic stat as Solomon, surpassing well-known incredibly powerful magi like Medea and Circe in magical capabilities.

That is to say, there’s a reason Alice was Aoko’s teacher. Even to a Magician, she’s a really absurdly strong magus, and worthy of continuing the legacy of Yumina, the first Magician. And that’s the reason her base parameters are very strong.

Naturally, skilled magi need good basic skills, and Alice covers that with her high-ranking Territory Creation and Item Creation, providing a notable boost to her Arts cards and the consistency of her debuffs. She also packs two unique passives. Folklore Protection provides her 400 damage cut passively, reducing the damage she takes from normal attacks significantly, as well as 400 damage reduction to Poison, Burn, or Curse damage ticks she takes. This similarly is very effective at improving her durability, as such effects are more dangerous to players than they are to enemies.

Her other passive is Yumina, a skill embodying the nature of Witches in Nasuverse, where they have an absurd conceptual level defence to death by malice. While that would usually mean they’re essentially immortal in most cases, unfortunately FGO has to nerf it a little to keep Alice balanced, providing her with 5 procs of Guts that only works versus Instant Death effects, as well as passively gaining a 2k HP heal whenever she revives from Guts. As a result, this is mostly flavour, but in practice it’s Instant Death immunity, more or less, which isn’t a bad thing to have around.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Alice, on the whole? On the one hand, she’s the apple of my eye, the pie in the sky, ever-graceful and eloquent, Mai Tenshi!

While Alice’s overall role is very much just an AOE Quick damage dealer with pretty good spam capabilities and offensive ceiling in difficult content, let’s not understate that’s a great baseline to work with. Caster farmers especially have a bit of a hill to climb to prove their worth, both suffering from lesser refund from Assassin enemies, their low base Attacks, and the class’s 0.9x Attack modifier harming their offensive capabilities, while having to prove their worthiness over competing Berserkers and Alter Egos when tackling their class advantage. Alice’s multiple gauge charger skills help make her less dependent on the straight refund of her NP, and while her damage output at its floor is nothing special, her peak once she’s in the right field and hitting Human attribute is spectacular, allowing her to keep up with the competition. Compared to other SSR Casters who might depend on a NP strengthening or higher NP levels to compete (just ask my NP5 Scheherazade, sheesh), Alice can hold her own at the baseline.

In difficult content scenarios, Alice really begins to shine. Her pseudo-immortality from Lost Robin Rondo soaking up countless hits is already a huge perk, but adding in how much more common Human attribute is among Servants and the potency of Terror to simply endlessly lock the enemy in a cycle of risking Stun each turn, she converts solid offence into spectacular defence something that Quick-based teams can lack often. Add in that she also gets a chance to abuse her exceptionally her NP gain on regular cards in such scenarios, and you can be sure she’s going to leave every last boss shaking in their boots.

However, she’s also, quite frankly, terrifying when she’s serious, both in power and mood, so by all means keep me the hell away from her:

In most circumstances Alice’s NP refund and gauge chargers are enough to make her farming consistent, but it is around the point where the negative NP gain modifiers of enemies can mess up her capability to perform consistent loops, especially if she doesn’t net specific Overkill thresholds. Combined with the overall relative weakness of Quick supportive lineups in difficult content compared to Arts or Buster, Alice’s strengths on paper don’t translate exactly 1:1 in practice. I’m saying Quick Servants have more hurdles to jump through, essentially, though it doesn’t detract from Alice’s strengths that much.

Compared to some of the other Servants going around in this event, Alice is relatively plain, without that many unique mechanics or new effects to work around. This doesn’t detract from her actual power at all, however, as she makes for a very capable Quick farmer, even hitting the damage numbers necessary for universal farming in Oberon setups.

Paired with her high capability in difficult content, able to endure far more hits than other damage dealers while plastering the enemy lineup with Stun, it’s no shock she’s a very versatile offensive Caster, and one worth your attention. Her peak of farming performance does require some heavy investment, and similarly she does run into some issues being a Quick Servant in general, but that doesn’t take away her strengths, presenting a very capable option for Caster AOE damage should one desire it. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


With that, Mahoyo time is sadly over, and we will not be able to Mahoyo all over the enemies of Chaldea, as much as Soujuurou and Robin desire it.

It’s gonna be a cold stretch from here on out, as it usually is for the gap between Golden Week and the Summer Event/Anniversary season. While that means fewer Servants to write for me, it equally results in a long time period to uh, farm up for the Class Score I guess? I need to make sure my Aoko is at peak power, after all…

Until then, in uh, honour of a man who should realistically know everything about birds (except, say, a greater sage grouse)…get in the comments!

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