Rathilal's MMMs - Archive

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Looking for an archive of all of Rathilal's prior Modern Magus Magazines? You've come to the right place! Find the list below, along with what Servants were covered for each article.

Rathilal's MMM Archive

Rathilal's MMMs Servants Reviewed
MMM - Illusory Insectoid Invoked Invents Industrial Inhuman Instruments In Inspired Implementation (Kashin Koji) Kashin Koji
MMM - Arcade Adonis of Adolescence Auspiciously Appended, Animalistic Anti-Hero Annuls Advantage As We Knew It, Also Apprehensive Alchemist Applies Alarming Antidotes that Aren't Antivenom (FGO Arcade Collab) Sodom's Beast / Draco, Locusta, Setanta
MMM - Monstrous Mommy Marches Matronly, Making Mulch of Moderated Minions Marred in Mall-bound Minigame (FGO Arcade Collab Pre-Campaign) Larva / Tiamat
MMM - Rambunctious Radical Revering Self-Reliance Reverses Reviled Rule, Returning Roll-able (Chaldea Boys Collection 2023) Takasugi Shinsaku
MMM - Papal Philantrope Provides Players Plenty of Puddings from Passionate Paragons of Pan-Human History (Valentines 2023) Pope Johanna
MMM - Matron of Mistrals Mesmerized by Mashu's Master, Must More Maidens be Manic for Master on Main? (LB7 Gacha Part 2) Kukulkan
MMM - Overworked Operatives Of FGO's Otogeny Ostensibly Round Out Obligations with One Hour Outstanding, Oh Boy (LB7 Gacha Part 1) Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc
MMM - Pernicious Pharaoh Perplexes Playerbase, Partying in Pop-up Pickup (Nitocris Alter) Nitocris (Alter)
MMM - Rambunctious Reverend Reveres Rotten Ritual, Realta Nua Residents Repulsed by the Rector's Rigour Grigori Rasputin
MMM - Funky Fae Forms Failing Food-chain For Fighting Festival, and she's the Final Following Fellow for the Future (Chaldea Faerie Knight Cup 2022) Britomart
MMM - Starry Soldiers Sortie in Sordid Strife Started by Shrunken Shrieking Singer (Halloween 2022) Huyan Zhuo, Huang Feihu, Elisabeth Bathory (Kumonryu)
MMM - Teatime Tastes Taught to Timeworn Triggerman, Tracking Threatening Theriothropes (GudaGuda Shin Yamatai-Koku) Sen no Rikyu, Yamanami Keisuke, Iyo
MMM - Frigid Femme Fan of Frozen Frucose Forms Faction with Fatal Fuya, Finally, Flying Fólkvangr-Frequenting Fighters Ferry Firearms in Force (Summer 2022 Gacha Part 3) Scathach-Skadi (Ruler), Assassin of the Nightless City (Caster), Ortlinde (Assassin)
MMM - Lavicious-Looking Ladies Lag in Latter Lineup, Lacking Lowly Lingerie (Summer 2022 Gacha Part 2) Ibuki-Douji (Berserker), Utsumi Erice (Avenger)
MMM - Mysterious Modified Magi-Mari Makes Meeting, Mingling with Mercifully Meager Man-At-Arms-Made-Mutt (Summer 2022 Gacha Part 1) Lady Avalon, Gareth (Saber)
MMM - Titular Terrestrial TYPE Tenders Tremendous Turnout, Tagged by Thaumaturge That's True-blue To Lady Yu (7th Anniversary Gacha) Archetype Earth, Xu Fu
MMM - Many 'Motto' Minamotos Marshal Militarily, Manning Mystifying Mech-suit(?), Minded to Murder Malamutes (Minamoto no Tametomo Gacha) Minamoto no Tametomo
MMM - Dogged Doggo Doyens are Deferred Deep Delves as Decrepit Dramatist Dictates Densetsu no Dissertation (Nanmei Yumihari Hakkenden Gacha) Kyokutei Bakin
MMM - Coalition of Cultured Codgers Converges, Coupled with Companioned Colt and Callow Criminal (Traum Gacha Part 2) James Moriarty (Ruler), Don Quixote, Zhang Jiao
MMM - "Kakkoi" King and Killer Konsort to Kalamitous Knight Konfer Khaos (Traum Gacha Part 1) Charlemagne, Roland, Kriemhild
MMM - Crowned Commander in Constantinople Coordinates Critical Call for Crystal Consumption (Constantine Gacha) Constantine XI
MMM - Plus-sized Patriot Pursues Paleontologist Piloting Pirate Patroller, Plundering Prizes Passingly (2022 Manga De Wakaru Collab) Super Bunyan, Daikokuten, Mary Anning
MMM - Mandated Magazine, Mirrored Measureless Master of Macrocosmos Makes Meeting (Taisui Xingjun) Taisui Xingjun
MMM - Eastern Empresses of Equal Extraction Exact Elephant Entropy Endlessly (Trung Sisters Gacha) Trung Sisters
MMM - Classily Costumed Celt Causes Confusion and Chaos, Cause? Countering Catastrophe (Valentines 2022) Manannan mac Lir (Bazett)
MMM - Pellan Pretender Proliferates Peers, Pulling Plenty of Powerful Presents to Professor's Partners (Lord El-Melloi Rerun Gacha) Hephaestion
MMM - Lascivious лисица Leads Latest Earth-Loop in Light-Lacking Look (New Years 2022) Koyanskaya of Darkness
MMM - Vicious and Vivacious Vixen Vitrifies Vodka-land in Violence, Valiant Vassal and Vana'dielian Visage Venture Victory (Tunguska Gacha) Jiang Ziya, Dobrynya Nikitich
MMM - Solitary Sister Serves Scrumptious Seasonal Snacks, Simultaneously Scathach-Skadi Scores Supportive Strengthening (Christmas 2021) Saint Martha (Santa)
MMM - Calculable Comeuppance of Courteous Courtier Calls Calamity to Chaldean Chap Craze (GudaGuda 2021 Gacha 2) Sakamoto Ryouma (Lancer)
MMM - Kabuki Kanojo Kicks Off Klamour, Komrade Knight Keenly Keeping Keel, Konversely, Koppuri's Killer Kinsmen Kowtows to Kill Kludge (GudaGuda 2021) Izumo no Okuni, Mysterious Ranmaru X
MMM - Wicked Witches Wallow in Walpurgis, While Whimsical Woman Works Over Wardrobe for Worth (Halloween 2021) Jacques de Molay, Zenobia, Elisabeth Bathory (Cinderella)
MMM - Callous Cupid Coerces Captivated Compliments, Conversely Crossgendered Cadet and Ceaselessly Cheery Calligropher Check In (Summer 2021 Gacha Part 2) Leonardo da Vinci (Ruler), Kama (Avenger), Caenis (Rider), Sei Shounagon (Berserker)
MMM - Intrepid Treasure-Trouvers Traverse Trecherous Tropics, Tailed by Tarrasque and Thaumaturgic Tag-Alongs (Summer 2021 Part 1 Gacha) Okita Souji (Saber Alter), Anastasia & Viy (Archer), Charlotte Corday (Caster)
MMM - Prancing Ponce Presents as Premium Pretender, Provides Perfect Patronage. Plus Publisher Pulls Back Postulation (Oberon Gacha + Fairy Knight Lancelot Re-Examination) Oberon, Melusine
MMM Miniature - Have you got what's hot to take your shot and close up shop using Habetrot? (Habetrot analysis) Habetrot
MMM - Foxy Fusilier From Future Forms Firearms Festival Featuring Formidable Float (Anniversary 2021 Gacha) Koyanskaya of the Light
MMM - Diminutive Draconic Dame Dances Dirks, Doubly-Dressed Dragoon Delivers Divine Demitasse (LB6 Gacha Part 2) Melusine, Percival
MMM - Fanciful Fae Form Fantastical Fens Filled Frivilously Full of Falsified Fighters (LB6 Part 1 Gacha) Morgan, Barghest, Baobhan Sith
MMM - Avian Ally Assembles Atop Ampitheatre, Awe-inspiring Artists Acquire Attire (MOONLIGHT / LOSTROOM Collab) Miss Crane, Mysterious Idol X (Alter)
MMM - Alabaster Adolescent Accompanies Akihabara Appointment, Annihilates Adversaries (Akihabara Explosion) Galatea
MMM - Contrarian Cupid Called Caren Carouses Cascade of Chocolates, Callously Cold-Shouldering Caliginous Chap (Valentines 2021) Amor (Caren)
MMM - Tengu-Taught, Tall-Toed Tactical Tensai Tumbles into Trap, Transforms into Tempting Turncoat (Little Big Tengu) Taira-no-Kagekiyo, Kiichi Hogen
MMM - Saliciously Shirtless Swordsman Spectically Suspected, Suddenly Surfaces Spectacularly, Swordsmith Senji (New Year 2021) Senji Muramasa
MMM - Wintertime Writer Weathered With Well of Warriors Anew, Wishing Wellness (Christmas 2020) Vritra, Karna (Santa)
MMM - Gregarious Grace-Gifted Goddess Glamours Gargantuan Gaff (Mandala Gacha 2) Ibuki-Douji
MMM - Sinister Sorcerer Schemes Salacious Setups, Swordsman of Sealing Sears Satanic Savages (Mandala Story Gacha) Ashiya Douman, Watanabe-no-Tsuna
MMM - Naval Ne'er-do-wells Nominates Near-Nude Infantry, Neglecting Nation's NNN (Illusory Scramble Gacha) Van Gogh, Nemo
MMM - Feudal Flunkies Flop Final Fight, Fraternal Failure Finishes Self Fruitlessly (GudaGuda 2020) Himiko, Saito Hajime, Oda Nobukatsu
MMM - Temperate Temptress Turns Away Tempering Tincture, Tianshui Thaumaturge Typically Turbulent (Summer 2020 Part 2) Yu Mei-ren (Lancer), Abigail Williams (Summer), Archer of Inferno (Saber), Murasaki Shikibu (Rider)
MMM - Bikini'd Buddhavista Busts Breakage Boundaries, Bonus Beneficient Bride and Bubbly Brat (Summer 2020 Part 1) Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer), Illyasviel von Einzbern (Archer), Brynhild (Berserker)
MMM - Merlin-Mentored Magus Musters Mindbreaking Meta, Mofu-Mofu Mikooon in Misery (5th Anniversary Gacha) Altria Caster
MMM Miniature - Little Lady Lacks Leading Litany No Longer (Elice Utsumi) Utsumi Erice
MMM - Cosmic Crusaders and Canadian-Characteristic Creatures Collab Cross Counter-Centric Competition (Fate/ Requiem Collab Gacha) Voyager, Kijyo Koyo
MMM - Motorized Immortals Muster Mechanized Military, Mashu Mounts Monochrome Match (LB 5.5 - Olympus) Dioscuri, Caenis, Romulus=Quirinus
MMM - Mystified Mare Mounts Mythological Mail, Must it be More Mecha, Nasu? (White Day 2020 Gacha) Odysseus
MMM - Technicolour Tele-Tuber Transcribes Tales of Travel, Trimming Times of Terrible Technicalities (Valentines 2020 Gacha) Sei Shounagon
MMM - A Banal Blessing Bestowed Before Burning Bygone Beings! (New Years Gacha 2020) Yang Guifei
MMM - Crushed Cuddly Cub Curbs Criticism, Crunches Core, Converts in Chiselled Chad (Lostbelt 5 Gacha Part 1) Super Orion, Mandricardo, Europa
MMM - Must Make-Believe Maidens March Across The Moon Making Merry Madness? Mend Me, My Medic! Astolfo (Saber), Nightingale (Santa)
MMM - Bootylicious Bounty Hunters Bounce Beyond Celestial Bodies, Bopping Baddies (Saber Wars II Gacha) Space Ishtar, Calamity Jane
MMM - Must Magnificent Maidens Melt Away Most Morosely? Mite Morbid, Mate (JP Summer 2019 Gacha Part 2) Altria Pendragon (Ruler), Mysterious Alter Ego Λ, Okita J Souji
MMM - Blooming Bladeswomen Brandish Bastardous Blades Beligerently, Bitter Deadbeat Braces Bullpup... (Summer 2019 Part 1 Gacha) Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker), Osakabehime (Archer), Carmilla (Rider), Katsushika Hokusai (Saber)