Rathilal's MMMs - Archive

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Looking for an archive of all of Rathilal's prior Modern Magus Magazines? You've come to the right place! Find the list below, along with what Servants were covered for each article.

Rathilal's MMM Archive

Rathilal's MMMs Servants Reviewed
MMM - Feudal Flunkies Flop Final Fight, Fraternal Failure Finishes Self Fruitlessly (GudaGuda 2020) Himiko, Saito Hajime, Oda Nobukatsu
MMM - Temperate Temptress Turns Away Tempering Tincture, Tianshui Thaumaturge Typically Turbulent (Summer 2020 Part 2) Yu Miaoyi (Lancer), Abigail Williams (Summer), Archer of Inferno (Saber), Murasaki Shikibu (Rider)
MMM - Bikini'd Buddhavista Busts Breakage Boundaries, Bonus Beneficient Bride and Bubbly Brat (Summer 2020 Part 1) Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer), Illyasviel von Einzbern (Archer), Brynhild (Berserker)
MMM - Merlin-Mentored Magus Musters Mindbreaking Meta, Mofu-Mofu Mikooon in Misery (5th Anniversary Gacha) Altria (Caster)
MMM Miniature - Little Lady Lacks Leading Litany No Longer (Elice Utsumi) Elice Utsumi
MMM - Cosmic Crusaders and Canadian-Characteristic Creatures Collab Cross Counter-Centric Competition (Fate/ Requiem Collab Gacha) Voyager, Kijyo Koyo
MMM - Motorized Immortals Muster Mechanized Military, Mashu Mounts Monochrome Match (LB 5.5 - Olympus) Dioscuri, Caenis, Romulus=Quirinus
MMM - Mystified Mare Mounts Mythological Mail, Must it be More Mecha, Nasu? (White Day 2020 Gacha) Odysseus
MMM - Technicolour Tele-Tuber Transcribes Tales of Travel, Trimming Times of Terrible Technicalities (Valentines 2020 Gacha) Sei Shonagon
MMM - A Banal Blessing Bestowed Before Burning Bygone Beings! (New Years Gacha 2020) Yang Guifei
MMM - Crushed Cuddly Cub Curbs Criticism, Crunches Core, Converts in Chiselled Chad (Lostbelt 5 Gacha Part 1) Superhuman Orion, Mandricardo, Europa
MMM - Must Make-Believe Maidens March Across The Moon Making Merry Madness? Mend Me, My Medic! Astolfo (Saber), Nightingale (Santa)
MMM - Bootylicious Bounty Hunters Bounce Beyond Celestial Bodies, Bopping Baddies (Saber Wars II Gacha) Space Ishtar, Calamity Jane
MMM - Must Magnificent Maidens Melt Away Most Morosely? Mite Morbid, Mate (JP Summer 2019 Gacha Part 2) Altria Pendragon (Ruler), Mysterious Alter Ego Λ, Okita J Souji
MMM - Blooming Bladeswomen Brandish Bastardous Blades Beligerently, Bitter Deadbeat Braces Bullpup... (Summer 2019 Part 1 Gacha) Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker), Osakabehime (Archer), Carmilla (Rider), Katsushika Hokusai (Saber)