Bubblestrat Extensions LEGACY

This page is outdated due to the CP Update and no longer maintained.

Reception to the Gamebreaking Bubblestrat has been overwhelming.  

Within the last twelve hours, the greater PoGo community has already vetted and confirmed that this powerlevel strategy works, and began extending it to other Pokemon options.  Things are shifting quickly, and we are starting to receive reports of Pokemon other than Diglett as viable Bubblestrat gym attackers.  We'll keep this page as current as possible with the latest research.

Found another extension to Bubblestrat?  We'll love to hear from you!  If you would like to help contribute and have some new information to add to site, let us know here!

Documented Test Results

L1 Oddish vs L2 Horsea

Reddit User /u/Ponea notified the GamePress Research Team that he found a particular Level 1 Oddish (CP13, low IVs) capable of Bubblestrat against a Level 2 Horsea CP27 with extremely low IVs.   Video proof:

Assuming it also has a low fail rate, this could greatly extend Bubblestrat's availability to more people, because it implies the Attacker's Initiative was longer than we assumed. Our raw math suggested that the 2 Razor Leaves required to by Oddish to kill the Horsea in question would longer than expected by a small fraction of a second. If, in fact, the second Razor Leaf can hit consistently, it opens up quite a many new Attacker options for the Bubblestrat.

test result: bellsprout cp 14 iv(9/10/13) horsea cp 29 iv(11/7/2) success. battle for 5 min alone, complete 13 times. (13k prestige & 1300exp)
update: my cp11 Magnemite iv(11/6/6) can also beat the cp29 horsea without taking damage. but not consistent. maybe because how fast I tap the screen?
cp10 iv(9/0/14) pound jigglypuff vs cp20 iv(4/6/12) horsea. success.
cp12 bulbasaur vs cp20 horsea above, success . 83xp
cp12 bulbasaur vs cp29 horsea ,fail.
I have 2 cp 12 bulbasaur iv(4/0/0),(0/5/4). both work. did not try poliwag.
just got a cp11 horsea iv(15/15/12) and power up to cp 22. also work for above bulbasaur for 91xp
Credit to freeroad009 for discovering and testing this method.
Diglett vs Krabby - cp15 vs cp30
Credit to Graiden for testing this method.
Bulbasaur w/vinewhip vs Krabby - cp12 vs cp20

Credit to GhostCheese, his reports:

smallest bulbasaur with vinewhip i could get so far is 12cp, but I can confirm it can beat a 20cp bubble krabby using this strat

further tests vs 20CP krabby:

  • dratini w/dragon breath @12cp: yes
  • meowth w/scratch @10cp: no
  • tentacool w/ poison sting @11cp: no
  • weedle w/bug bite @ 10cp: no
  • poison sting nidoran male @ 10cp: no
Lv1 Gastly vs Lv1 Kadabra - Mystic Team Pride

/u/jamesn01 and /u/rollingcode of Mystic Team Pride of Seattle sent GamePress the following tip and video evidence:

Using a lvl 1 Gastly of any IV w/ lick and a lvl 1 Kadabra w/ 10 hp of any IV
(even with a 15 stamina IV Kadabra will only have 10 hp) w/ confusion.

The Gastly will get off 4 licks just as Kadabra uses its first confusion
attack and both will die at the same time, giving the Gastly the win.

Currently we are using a 10cp Gastly and a 15cp Kadabra for 750 prestige
points each time. However, a higher cp lvl 1 Kadabra would also work as the
IVs do not matter at all.

This tactic is not replicable on the other base Psychic Pokemon with
confusion (drowzy and Exeggcute) as their base stamina is high enough to
ensure they always have at least 11 hp.


GamePress immediately understands the significance of the Mystic Team Pride result and went about reproducing it. Intense analysis and simulation follows, which eventually leads to the development of Bubblestrat++.  The importance of MTP's contribution cannot be overstated, as it opened up GamePress Research Team's Bubblestrat research beyond the confines of Bubble defenders.

More User Reports

GamePress member tfoust submitted this report:

I was able to reproduce the bubblestrat with an odd combo but it worked:

  • Defender was a horsea level 2 with bubble and a cp of 29 and hp 10 I caught in the wild.
  • Attacker was a haunter level 1 with lick and a cp of 17 and hp 10 also not powered up.

Each round gave me 852 gym prestige, out of 50 attempts i was hit after the fight ended only 14 times but of course regenerated for the next gym defender with full health.

GamePress member zachr submitted this report:

Krabby: 14/5/12 21 CP 10 HP Bubble
Dratini: 15/5/13 13 CP 10 HP Dragon Breath

highly successful 808 prestige

GamePress member traderrig submitted this report:

Bulbasaur (12) with Vine Whip and Magnemite (11) with Spark, both
work against up to Horsea 22 (at least, it was as far as i have gone for now)


GamePress member and.c submitted this report:

I've found a CP 13 Bellsprout with vinewhip that works for the
bubblestrat against a CP 21 Poliwag (that even has 15 defense).

Can also confirm CP 12 Bulbasaur with vinewhip against CP 20 Krabby.

GamePress member billy.q submitted this report:

Bubblestrat Extension:

I wanted to confirm that a level 1.5 Diglett with Mud Slap vs. level 1.5
Krabby with Bubble works.

GamePress member twilz submitted this report:

I have a mudslap diglett cp 15 that can use 2 mudslaps against a 31
cp krabby and able to defeat it with the bubble strat.

GamePress member sulajie submitted this report:

I have lv1 Oddish with 14 cp, and lv1.5 Horsea with 21 cp, they are
both have 10 hp. The trick works good as Oddish can take down Horsea by two
Razor attacks, but I can only get 750 prestige and 75 xp.

GamePress member v3lcon sent to GamePress of a successful field test with L1 Bellsprout and L2 Horsea:

GamePress member cuenca submitted this report:

Defender 1:
Horsea (Bubble)CP: 32 HP:10 Lvl: 2
1. Venusaur (Razor Leaf) CP: 32 HP:15 Lvl: 1
500 Prestige.
2. Bellsprout (Vine Whip) CP: 14 HP:10 Lvl 1
1000 Prestige
Defender 2: Horsea (Bubble) CP: 22 HP:10 Lvl 1.5
1. Oddish (Razor Leaf) CP: 15 HP:10 Lvl 1
2. Oddish (Razor Leaf) CP: 14 HP:10 Lvl:1
3. Bellsprout (Vine Whip) CP: 14 HP:10 Lvl 1

Redditor /u/orangey10 reports a successful field test, pitting a L2 Horsea with Water Gun against a L2 Horsea with Bubble.

Redditor /u/HeineBOB reports:

My CP10 magnemite with spark can kill a CP18 poliwag with 10 hp.

Redditor /u/Skafrenzy5iron reports:

Can confirm it works with my 21 and 22CP krabbys. My 12CP Dratini has 15 attack IVs, and my 22CP Krabby has perfect defense IVs.

Redditor /u/danweber reports:

I did a CP10 Nidoran F against CP11 Krabby, using Poison Sting, and couldn't get it taken out. A CP15 Oddish worked, but not once I leveled up the Krabby and it was CP22.

Redditor /u/Sea_CINSTINCT reports:

I have a 15 CP mud slap Kabuto that can use this strat with a 20CP Horsea. It's pretty ineffective plus my cp 20 horsea has 0 STA IVs so take it as you will.

Redditor /u/Turokk8001 reports: L1 Mud Slap Diglett Confirmed vs. L1.5 CP Horsea

Redditor /u/Mr-boggles reports:

My level 1.5 10CP Mud Shot Diglet (7/7/7) works vs my level 2 21CP Horsea (12/13/11).

Redditor /u/F0olmetwice reports:

CONFIRMED- CP 14 Wine Whip Bellsprout (8,7,11) vs CP 28 Horsea (8,6,0). Works 100% of the time.

Redditor /u/DaddyERIK84 reports:

Searched through comments and didn't see mention of it, but my CP19 Ivysaur I randomly saved with Razor Leaf works just fine against CP20 Horsea, yields around 500 prestige each run through.

Redditor /u/oversized_peg reports:

Just successfully tested a level 1 Bellsprout with Vine Whip against a level 2 Horsea with bubble. The Bellsprout is level 1, CP15, HP10. The silphroad IV calculator says something doesn't seem right with the stats so I can't tell you the IV, appraisal puts it at "Overall, your Bellsprout looks like it can really battle with the best of them!" (>80%) with defense it's best quality and "Its stats are really strong! Impressive!". The Horsea is level 2, CP31, HP10 which silphroad IV rater says makes it Att+Def as 21/30 and Sta 0/15. Appraisal says "Overall, your Horsea is pretty decent!" (50-60%) best stat is attack with "Its stats are the best I've ever seen! No doubt about it!" (So 15/15). Link to album of images of pokemon I haven't recorded a fight but here's a picture of a level 7 gym with only 3 pokemon in it including the horsea. I had to stop because my phone battery died.

My 10 HP, 20 CP Bubble Krabby (42%-49% IV, 8-12 stam) works with my 13 CP Vine Whip Bellsprout (20%-49% IV, 8-12 att)

Redditor /u/Albert83BCNBARCELONA reports:

So I have collected a few lvl 1 and 2 mons since I saw the Bubblestrat strategy but only yesterday I took the time to test if any combination would be feasible. I took the calc from /u/dneal and saw that based on estimated IVs that matched the CP, my 2 CP14 Bellsprouts should be able to work with my CP 28 Horsea.

Redditor /u/JonqoraSASKATOON reports:

Confirmed a suboptimal pairing today, built a gym to level 10:

Level 1.5 10cp diglett (mud slap) Level 1.5 18cp poliwag.

900 prestige per round, only needed a revive 2-3 times due to server lag. I could try powering up the poliwag once more, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to KO him anymore... and he's my only low CP bubbler right now. But 90% efficiency is not bad!

Redditor /u/kaldare reports:

I have a Magnemite (level 1 CP 11 /w spark) that I can kill my Horsea (level 2 CP 30) with every time for the full 100 EXP.

I also have a Diglett (Level 2 CP 18 /w Mud Slap) that can kill my other Horsea (Level 2, CP 33) every time for 91 EXP.

Redditor /u/xisamix reports:

I can confirm that my Mud Slap Diglett is able to beat most Horsea, Krabby and Poliwag at 20CP

Redditor /u/DutchDefender reports:

Hello, I just have a data point for you. (I see 825 prestige is added as possibility for krabby vs Dratini now, I have slightly better, as well as a confirmation, more sources the better).
I have a dratini at 12 cp: IV: 15-5-1.
I can kill a Krabby at: 21 cp: IV: 14-8-10.
I have some leeway in that the last Dratini attack overkills by 1-2 stamina.
This gets me a nice 875 prestige. With perfect IV's 1000 prestige might be a possibilty.
Anyways, Good luck.

Redditor /u/ButtRain reports:

I caught a Horsea with bubble at cp 28 and a Bellsprout with vine whip at cp 14.

Redditor /u/joahwSEATTLE reports:

Thanks a lot guys! After saving a 20cp Krabby and 20cp Poliwag with Bubble I still haven't found any digletts to speak of. However, after reading this guide I evolved a 10cp Abra into a 13 cp Kadabra w/ 10 HP that I can successfully attack with a 13cp Bug Bite Venonat. Only 500 prestige per attack but it's a pretty decent starting point!

Successfully bubblestratted with a 19 cp lvl 1.5 krabby with mud shot attacking a 21cp lvl 1.5 krabby with bubble for 552 prestige.

Redditor /u/NoisyGuy reports:

Finally I managed to find an attacker! I have a level 1.5 19cp Horsea and manage to kill it without damage with a 12cp level1 dratini with dragon breath.

Redditor /u/AilurionEASTERN reports:

my Magnemite is a level 1 against two different level 2 Horsea, and two level 2 Krabby, all 20 CP, and gotten 1000 prestige per kill.

Redditor /u/Jagerblue reports:

My level 1, 32 cp, Venasaur with vine whip works against my 32 cp horsea

Redditor /u/KingClam2 reports:

Well dang, haha. I had a cp10 magnemite but I leveled him up to 1.5 so he'd work with my lvl 2 krabby. Gets me 730 prestige per attack. Not too shabby.

GamePress member mfox submitted this report:

Can confirm lvl 1 Venomoth (25cp, 14hp) with bug bite against a lvl 2 horsea (30cp, 10hp). Also, bulbasaur with vine whip can kill it (27cp, 13hp)
Just found a lvl 1 Jolteon (28cp, 15 attack IV) that can handily take down a lvl 2 horsea (30cp, 10hp) for a gain of 535 prestige.

GamePress member zenoncrow submitted this report:

Bubblestrat variant tested.
Defender: Lvl 2 Horsea with Bubble. 10 HP, 29CP, IVs: 0 stam, 0 def.
Attacker: Lvl 1.5 Magnemite with Thunder Shock. 10 HP, 24 CP, IVs: 14 Atk.
604 prestige gained per attack.

GamePress member bccouto submitted this report:

Tested 1.5 Horsea 21CP vs 1 Nidorina 17CP. Sucess
Tested the same Horsea vs 1.5 Magnemite 20CP. Sucess

GamePress member maluyen submitted this report:

Level 1 Magikarp with Splash
vs Level 1.5 Weedle with Bug Bite
Prestige 500

/u/jamen01 of Mystic Team Pride submitted this report:

All of the following were used against a lvl. 2 32 CP horsea w/ Bubble:
Lvl. 1 18 CP haunter w/ shadow claw for 888 prestige
Lvl 1 23 CP dragonair w/ dragon breath for 750 prestige
All of the following were used against a lvl 1.5 17 CP Poliwag w/ bubble:
Lvl 1 17 CP haunter w/ lick for 500 prestige
Lvl 1 10 CP Gastly w/ lick for 850 Prestige.

GamePress member jyry submitted this report:

Hi I tested the Gastly vs. Poliwag variant. I have this lvl 1,5 Gastly with Lick: and this lvl 1,5 Poliwag with Bubble: I can confirm that this combination works and gives 500 prestige.

GamePress member GuestUser17 submitted this report:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I confirmed Gastly Level 1 14/1/10 beat Horsea Level 1.5 14/0/8 for 1000 prestige each time with no damage to the Gastly.

GamePress member felipe submitted this report:

Krabby lvl 1.5 21 cp with bubble and Kadabra lvl 1 10 cp with Psycho Cut confirmed, forgot to mention 700 prestige(not 768)

GamePress member DanteraFirma submitted this report:

Message Tested and proven bubblestrat team up! Hi there! I have been using bubblestrat with Horsea at Level 1.5 with Bubble 30CP/10HP (IV 14/1/5) vs Horsea at Level 1.5 with Water Gun 20CP/10HP (IV 12/12/5) and have had excellent results. With this combo I receive 750xp gym prestige, and 75xp trainer points for each battle. I've also found if exiting the following battle quick enough (if there is a higher occupant), I do not need to use any revives or potions.

GamePress member Marcus Oliveria submitted this report:

Level 1 Magikarp with Splash vs. Level 1 Ratata Quick Attack: 500 prestige.

GamePress member Soujah87 submitted this report:

Dratini Lvl 1 13 CP vs. Krabby Lvl 1.5 22CP
I get 846 Prestige for it =)
Dragon Breath against Bubble of course!

GamePress member Maddog7892 submitted this report:

I got a cp10 horsea w/bubble that I powered 1 time to cp20 still hp10 Attack with a cp 14 bellsprout w/ vine whip. Works very well. 714 prestige and 71 xp every battle. lvl 10 gym in less than 20 minutes.
11 cp jigglypuff w/ pound vs. 20 cp horsea get 909 prestige no fails, even if there is a 2nd attacker.

GamePress member victorg submitted this report:

I have a working bubblestrat for a level 3 Krabby with CP 51 with a level 5 Diglett with CP 45 with mud slap.

GamePress member btobin submitted this report:

Confirmed Bubblestrat Horsea Level 2 with Bubble ("Wonder" hp and defense) with Gloom Razor Leaf level 1.

GamePress member szmajdap submitted this report:

Here's my Bubblestrat setup:
CP31, 11HP, lvl 2 Horsea (51-66% IV)
CP14 lvl 1 Wine Whip Bellsprout (appraisal says its best stat is attack, 51-66% IV).
Works 100% of the time, most of the time the health bar stays green.

GamePress member nomothet submitted this report:

I train a Graveler (level 1, 18 cp, rock-throw) with a Bellsprout (l 1, 15 cp, vine-whip) to gain 600 prestige.
It works pretty consistently, though he still gets her every once in a while, i.e. in about one in ten or so fights, probably due to poor touching-skills on my part.

GamePress member bgrusson submitted this report:

I tested spearow (quick attack, hp/cp 10) with magenmite (spark, hp/cp 10).
It was successful about 40% of the time. Needed three hits before spearow attack set and couldn't get it every time. Does work though.
CP 11 Paras with bug bite vs CP 14/HP 10 Kadabra with confusion. Tested it and succeeded 6/6 attempts with no damage taken. 636 prestige gain per battle.

GamePress member chrisd submitted this report:

Confirmed Bubblestrat variant:
Lvl 1 quick attack ratatta defends vs lvl 1.5 bug bite weedle. Yields 500 xp, no revives needed. 100% success rate. Does require 1x20-hp potion per round.
Confirmed Bubblestrat++: Level 1 18CP Bite Ratticate attacks Level 1.5 21 CP Bubble Horsea. Only 3 trials, but 100% success rate so far, with zero potions necessary. +583 prestige though - not 656.

Trainer Kewlan submitted this report:

L1 Oddish razor leaf vs L1.5 krabby bubble. On Level 1.5 Krabby it says 786 Prestige for Oddish with Razor Leaf. I got 785.

GamePress member Kevin C submitted this report:

I found success using a level 1 Tentacool defender with 11CP and 10HP against a level 1 Diglett attacker 10CP/10HP. It gives 550 prestige to gym and 55xp.

GamePress member gyarados11 submitted this report:

Level 1 Bellsprout (vine whip) 14 CP vs Level 2 Krabby 31 CP 1000 prestige

GamePress member kme submitted this report:

I have a level 1 Kadabra, CP14, 10 hp with Confusion that can consistently beat my 1.5 poliwag bubbler, CP20, 11 hp for seven hundred something prestige.

GamePress member westly submitted this report:

Defender: 30 cp Krabby w bubble
Attacker: 20 cp Ivysaur w vine whip
Gives a reliable +750 prestige gain

GamePress member TheEmptyBanana submitted this report:

Confirmed working for 1000 prestige gain, did not fail once leveling gym to 10.
Defender - 22 CP horsea with bubble (10HP, 82.2% - 100% overall IV rating, 15 Attack IV rating)
Attacker - 11 CP Bulbasaur with vinewhip (10HP, 0% - 48.9% overall IV rating. 0-7 HP, Attack, Def Rating)

GamePress member geoffh submitted this report:

I tested a 2/4/11 pidgey (defender) with quick attack vs a 14/8/5 voltorb (attacker) with spark both lvl 1 both cp 10.
I'll say it worked "sometimes". basically right before go would disappear my voltorb would attack. If he did I would get it without taking damage. If he attacked after go then I would take damage but still win.

GamePress member CreativiTimothy submitted this report:

About the Bubblestrat, I tested a lvl 1 Magnemite against a lvl 2 Horsea and it worked just barely, 1000 prestige. You have to tap somewhat fast. CP 11 8/12/15 IV Magnemite vs CP 30 14/1/5 IV Horsea. Don't have video proof because it's hard to record on an iPhone, but it should be reproducible.

GamePress member crisbball submitted this report:

I have a CP 14 Kadabra w/ Confusion that I was going to use for defense in bubblestrat, but still haven't found a good attacker for him.
HOWEVER, I ran into a gym this morning with a CP 20 Horsea with bubble and tried the Kadabra. It works 95% of the time with a Prestige gain of +731.
Again this is a CP 14 Kadabra w/ CONFUSION against a CP 20 Horsea w/ Bubble.
Hope this helps! Keep up the good work!

GamePress member thepau submitted this report:

Tested with a Level 1, 10CP Spearow with Quick Attack as the defender against a Horsea Level 1, 10CP (15 Attack IV) with Water Gun as attacker. Was very successful, only failing 2 or 3 times out of the dozens to take my gym from Level 2 to 10. 500 Prestige.

Also tried a Level 1.5, 22CP Krabby with bubble against a variety of defenders. It didn't work against most because of its defense IV being too high (perfect 15, but it was the only one I've caught at a level 1 with bubble to try it with, so I gave it a shot.) Two worked pretty well - Level 1.5, 20 CP Ghastly with Lick worked maybe 75% of the tries. The champ was a Level 1, 14CP (13 or 14 Attack IV) Oddish, which only did not work 1 time. 667 Prestige, which I assume would have been more if it the Krabby had 2x the CP of the Oddish. Not bad, considering.

GamePress member RoadRudner submitted this report

While none of my 10 CP/level 1.5/bug bite Weedles proved successful (i.e. with zero damage taken) against the level 1, "quick attack" Rattata I placed in a defeated gym, I discovered two other perfect attackers in my lineup, both at (and kept at) level 1:
- Paras with Bug Bite (10CP)
- Abra with Zen Headbutt (10CP)
I should note that in both of these match-ups the attacker did SHOW damage taken just as the Rattata fainted, however they proved to have their full HPs intact in the end. I brought an empty gym to level 7 in minutes without using a single potion!

GamePress member l33tmeatwad submitted this report:

I tested the Bubble Strat++ with Magikarp in the gym and attacking with Pikachu as listed on the page, it worked as described. . When doing Magikarp vs Pikachu, it works well, but Pikachu does take some damage each time so it needs healing every 5 or 6th time.
I also tested Squirtle vs Pikachu and this was much more close to actual BubbleStrat as they both feint and Pikachu takes no damage (unless the timing is wrong and you actually lose).

GamePress member josiah submitted this report:

Level 1 CP 28 Jolteon with Thunder Shock works vs Level 2 CP 30 Horsea with Bubble for 535 prestige per battle.

GamePress member OopSan submitted this report:

Addition to Level 1.5 Poliwag with Bubble in BubbleStrat++: Dratini lvl 1 with 12 cp and atk 15 consistently kills Poliwag lvl 1.5 with 19 cp and 11 hp for 790 prestige.

Redditor /u/joazito sent in this confirmation:

> Defender: Level 1 Pidgey
Attacker: Level 1 Abra with Zen Headbutt
I can confirm this works, for 500 XP.

GamePress member patrickb submitted this report:

Confirmation of the following
Defender : polliwag lvl 1,5 : cp 21 / hp 11 Moves : bubble and bubble beam
Attacker 1: Dratini : lvl 1 : 12 cp 10 hp Dragon breath 870 prestige points 87 xp points

Attacker 2: Dratini : lvl 1 : 11 cp 10 hp Dragon breath 950 prestige points 95 xp points

GamePress member ldougherty submitted this report:

I have a 100% successful bubble strat. The defender is a Horsea 20cp (9-3-12) and the attacker is Ghastly 10cp with Lick. Hope this helps.

GamePress member bielgio submitted this report:

Ratatta lvl 1 CP 10with nice iv as defender, horsea lv1 cp10 with water gun iv 15 attack, the animation of the pokemon getting hit happens but it didnt attack didn't count

GamePress member magicaltrap submitted this report:

Graveler CP 18 (Rock Throw) and Staryu CP 11 (Water Gun) work perfectly. 818 Prestige every time.

GamePress member demike submitted this report:

defender poliwag CP 10 with Bubble
attacker Nidoran (female) CP 10 with Bite
100% reliable
500 Prestige gain

GamePress member den_hbr submitted this report:

I can beat my lvl 1.5 Tentacool ( CP21/HP10/bubble) with my lvl 1.5 Diglett (CP10/HP10/Mud Slap) for a 1000 prestige.
tested it about 20 times and only needed 1 revive+potion because I ran away to slowly from the next defender.

GamePress member SmartiePants133 submitted this report:

Cp21 Poliwag with bubble (level 1.5) HP:12
Attacker: Cp12 Dratini (wild) Attack stat 8-12 Dragon breath
Need to spam hit (very high success rate)
875 pretige 87 xp

GamePress member paulk submitted this report:

D: Horsea, Bubble, 51 CP, 13a, 1d, 7s, 14 HP
A: Diglett, Mud Slap, 50 CP, 1a, 2d, 3s, 10 HP
+510 XP D: Horsea, Bubble, 51 CP, 13a, 1d, 7s, 14 HP
A: Bellsprout, Vine Whip, 42 CP, 2a, 12d, 2s, 16 HP
+607 XP

GamePress member henlihai submitted this report:

Attacker: CP 13 Bulbasaur 
IV range: 0% to 48.9%
Best Stat: Defence (8-12)
Hp: 10

Defender: CP 21 Poliwag (level once from CP 10)
IV range: 51.1% to 64.4%
Best Stat: HP (15)
Hp: 12

Result: +800 Prestige and +80xp
Near 100% reliable, the only few times my bulbasaur got hit was
1) Failure to spam hit attack
2) Failure to leave gym before got hit by 2nd defender due to not spam hit leave
Note: The hits are all super effective. That must have helped a lot.

GamePress member LJK submitted this report

Tested Tentacool vs. Magnemite with success.

GamePress member markjl submitted this report:

I have a bubblestrat combo to add. I have a level 2 horsea defender with bubble. CP 32 and HP 12. I attack with a level 1.5 Gastly using Lick for 800 prestige. The Gastly has HP 10 and CP 20.

GamePress member tomiro submitted this report:

1.5 Krabby with bubble (21 CP)

1 Pikachu with Spark (10 CP)

GamePress member lucadi submitted this report:

I tested this bubblestrat variant worth 1000 prestige: defender lev 1.5 20 CP horsea with bubble, attacker lev 1 10 CP Abra with zen headbutt. It works perfectly

GamePress member gruberc submitted this report:

Defender: Shellder - Lvl 2 with Ice Shard IV 11 Attack - 6 Def - 1 Stam
Attacker: Bellsprout - lvl 1.5 with Vine Whip IV 14 attack - 9 def - 2 stam

Win - 517 Prestige - 51 XP gain

GamePress member eric submitted this report:

Message I tested a level 1 paras 10cp/10hp low IV with bug bite against a level 1 magikarp and it was able to win without registering damage. I did it repeatedly with no need to heal for 500 prestige.

GamePress member jim788e submitted this report:

Horsea 19CP Lvl 1.5 iVs 35,6% (1,5,10) Vs Diglett 14CP Lvl 2 iVs 48.9%(7,15,0) with Scratch 678 prestige & 67XP and Diglett 15CP Lvl2 48,9%(5,11,6) with Mud Slap 633 prestige & 33XP
Multi bubblestrat with 3 defenders

Defenders :
Level 2 Krabby 27CP 1A 3D 2S
Level 2 Krabby 27CP 1A 3D 2S
Level 2 Krabby 29CP 12A 0D 3S
Level 2 Diglett 13CP 7A 5D 0S 
with Scratch move

GamePress member thunderbird submitted this report:

Attacker Level 1 CP10 Meowth IV 51-64 with Scratch
Gym Defender Level 1 CP10 Rattata:
*IV 51-64 with Quick Attack Max Prestige 500
*IV 02-42 with Tackle Max Prestige 500

GamePress member bluepoketest submitted this report:

Defender: Horse lvl 1.5; 21CP/10HP, Bubble
Atacker: Magnemite lvl 1; 11CP/10HP; ThunderShock
Gym Pres: 954

GamePress member felixA submitted this report:

Krabby as defender with 29 cp level 2 and bubble works when using a weedle with 23 cp level 2,5 (I guess?) with poison sting. Works 100 % for me.

GamePress member Alczor submitted this report:

Hi GamePress team,
I've successfully run another Bubblestraat version with a level 1 Pidgey (quick attack) and a level 1 Meowth (scratch).

GamePress member adrianw submitted this report:

I have a cp 12 dratini with dragon breath that kills a cp 19 poliwag with bubble everytime. It always shows them die at the same time but always my dratini is full health when the next defender loads in.

GamePress member TheDougie3 submitted this report:

I know it is just another recombination of the above, but I finally found pairs that "worked" once I got a suitable defender on the last day on 0.39 before I was upgraded to the new version
-- Level 1.5 Krabby with Bubble, 19 CP, 10 HP, "room for improvement", 8-12 attack is best stat:
Attackers that worked:
About 90% of the time - Level 1.5 Abra with Zen Headbutt!, 15 CP, 10 HP, "really strong", 15 HP is best stat = 633 Prestige.
By my calculations, my margin of error should be 200 ms, so it should be 100% for a better trainer. if I evolve this Abra once more, it will be guaranteed, but only about 201 prestige because its CP will be too high.
About 75% of the time - Level 2 Weedle with Bug Bite, 16 CP, 14 HP, "room for improvement", 8-12 attack is best stat = 594 Prestige.
I calculate this as a 500 ms margin of error.
About 20% of the time - Level 2 Weedle with Bug Bite, 17 CP, 15 HP, "really strong", 13-14 HP is best stat = 559 Prestige.
I suspect this Weedle actually has a lower Attack stat than the one with 16 CP, because the 4th hit doesn't quite kill the Krabby. And based on that, the margin of error is would only be 50 ms.

GamePress member Jerry submitted this report:

Hi. Today I was able to beat a CP 21 bubble Poliwag with my 10 CP scratch diglett. So the max prestige should be 1000 instead of the 714 you have listed. My diglett has an attack IV or either 13 or 14. Not sure about the Poliwag, I need to ask my friend who put it in. Thanks
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