Necrozma Confirmed for Pokemon Go Fest 2024

Article by Brian Tein

Appropriately announced not long after the recent Solar Eclipse, Pokemon Go is about to get the beginnings of one of the greater Pokemon in the main series; Necrozma. This Legendary Pokemon from Alola is connected to the Ultra Beasts, and often seen as the master of this group of powerful, interdimensional Pokemon.

Necrozma's entire theme revolves around Light, and as a part of this theming it has the Kyurem-esque ability to absorb Lunala and Solgaleo to become more powerful, leading to something far greater in the process. However, we're going to save our review of the Prism Pokemon for the near future....

Necrozma will debut at Pokemon Go Fest 2024. While in-person events will come first, the global portion is coming July 13 and July 14. 

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