Datamined Pokemon GO Info Reveals New Ticketing System, World Tourism Event, and Lock-On

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New Revealed Information: Ticketing System

On September 17th, 2019, new information released by Pokemon GO dataminer @Chrales revealed code references related to avatar items, a new special event system, a new named event, and new references to a Pokemon move, Lock-On.

The new text found in this datamined information could refer to any event with less than a 24 hour duration. This could mean new rules in relation to Research Days or Community Days!

Also, references to a calendar could refer to an external app such as Apple Calendar or Google Calendar, or even an in-game map that's yet to be deployed. 

New Event: World Tourism Day

A new research task has been added as well, in reference to an event that has yet to happen in-game: World Tourism Day. This celebratory calendar event is set to take place this year on September 27th, 2019. 

In preparation for trading Pokemon that are over 10,000 KM away, be sure to hold onto your hatched Alolan Pokemon from far away lands!

New Pokemon Move: Lock-On

New references to a move named Lock-On were also discovered. 

Lock-On was a non-damaging move in the main series games that made your Pokemon's next attack impossible to miss. This move is not learnable on many Pokemon. If this move were to be a Community Day-featured move, the likely candidate for it would be Porygon.

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