Dataminers Discover Shadow Mewtwo

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Article by Brian Tien

This is... potentially game-breaking news, everyone. Our friends at Pokeminers, who are always on-the-ball when it comes to discovering the newest data hidden away in Pokemon Go by Niantic have discovered something that can be seen as either amazing or frightening..

That's right, Shadow Mewtwo has been found in the game's data.

This is amazing, as Mewtwo's current status as a power-house Pokemon stands to become even more staggering as a result of the Shadow boost. It's frightening because....

....shadow Mewtwo stands to potentially bend the entire metagame around itself. It virtually bypasses and exceeds the 9% nerf set in place in order to help balance this titan of a Pokemon, and has the potential to become a must-have Pokemon that can take the place of many super effective options on raids in particular. What's even scarier in this regard is the potential for a Shadow Forme Mega Mewtwo Y.

Frankly, this news is the latest bid in a recent game of power-creep that Niantic has been introducing, and could very well be the lynch-pin to set Pokemon Go off into an entirely new direction. While it's generally our hope that this does not see the light of day unless Niantic fixed the power wielded by Shadow Pokemon, we genuinely hope that Niantic thinks long and hard about this before unleashing such a powerful monster on the world....

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