Detective Hat Pikachu Available Today, Suicune Raid Day on August 17th and More

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Final New Hat Pikachu

August 12th, 2019 marks the final day of Yokohama GO Fest 2019. This means the final hat Pikachu, Detective Hat Pikachu, will be available today!

There is no shiny and no Pichu form available for this Pikachu. 

This event has been extended slightly to 6 PM CST on August 12th. 

Suicune Raid Day 2019

Over the weekend Suicune raids were confirmed to be happening next Saturday, August 17th, at 4 PM in everybody's local time zone. 

During this three-hour event, players will have the chance to encounter Shiny Suicune as well. 

Stay tuned later today for the arrival of Blanche's Global Challenge reward, featuring huge Stardust bonuses!

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