Elite TM Movelist

Article by Brian Tein

Elite Moves make up a unique set of moves that fall into one of three unique categories:

  • Moves that were once available on a Pokemon but no longer are. Note that not all previous legacy moves are considered Elite Moves. Our list of moves that remain Legacy is maintained here.
  • Moves that were once available via special events such as limited raid events or limited move availability
  • Moves that were once available via Community Day events

While the first two categories will generally not be available for existing Pokemon again, the third is unique as Community Day moves tend to return every December. Due to this fact, we do not recommend using Elite TMs on Community Day Pokemon in general. While exceptions exist and this choice is obviously at the player's discretion, it's generally better to wait to evolve a Community Day Pokemon until December in order to save an Elite TM, which are currently considered one of the rarest resources in the entire game.

In order to make it clear which Pokemon fall into this category, we've compiled a list of Community Day Pokemon.

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